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Automatic Stove Turn-Off Devices

These electric stove turn-off products can increase cooking safety for those with dementia who still have good stove skills and judgment but are liable to forget occasionally. These devices come with a timer, a motion sensor, and an automatic stove shut-off. Gas stove shut off devices are in development; we currently know of only one manufacturer that offers this product but we have not reviewed it yet. Below you will find three reviews of devices for electric stoves. All three turn off the stove top and the oven, but each one works a little differently. Some features may be safer or more convenient for your needs and/or the person you care for. Here are 4 things to consider.
  • Timer. Some units allow you to set how many minutes you want the food to be left cooking unattended and others come with a preset time (eight minutes) that cannot be changed.

  • Turning Stove Back On. Once the stove has been automatically turned off, some units only require the person to return to the kitchen for the stove to come back on, whereas others must be manually turned off and back on again.

  • Stove Plug. Some units can only be used with modern, 4-prong stove plugs and outlets.

  • Sensor Placement. Depending on the manufacturer's instructions, the sensor must be placed either to the SIDE of the stove (e.g., under an upper cabinet or on the wall) or ABOVE the stove (e.g., on the rangehood, wall, or under the cabinet). The sensor must have an unobstructed view of the user.
Check with each manufacturer if you're interested in a turn off unit for a cooktop.

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