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Step 2. Get the Person Ready    2 of 2

Lack of Privacy
Causes embarrassment
Increases bathing resistance

Provide for Privacy
Use a large towel
Use a bathing outfit

If He/She Won't Remove Clothing

For many individuals, being naked is a major cause of embarrassment – and a main reason for resisting bathing. If needed, hand the person a large towel to wrap around or hold in front of him or herself. This can also keep the person warm.

Or you can use a special waterproofed bathing outfit – garments that have a Velcro wrap around for the person's bottom and a bib-like top. Such garments help maintain the person's privacy while bathing and still provide both you and the person easy access for washing. This garment remains on the entire time as you and the person wash around and under it. Some people enjoy a towel wrapped around their shoulders even with the bathing outfit on, until you wash their shoulders and back.

For privacy, it's best to wrap the outfit or towel around the person before you help remove the person's clothing.

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