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Grab Bars - The Basics

Locations Depend on
Bathroom space
Person's needs

General Recommendations
Tub entrance: Vertical bar
Long wall: Angled bar

Color & Finish
Visual contrast
Non-slip finish

Into wall studs (screws)
Into tile/drywall (special anchors)
Into plywood backing (new construction)

Grab Bar Types Not Recommended

Consumer Guide

Grab bars may be installed in various locations, depending on the bathroom space and the person's needs. If the person is able to step into the tub or shower from a standing position, we recommend a grab bar at the tub entrance so the person has a safe support to hold onto while climbing over the tub wall. A vertical bar is frequently preferred over a horizontal bar because it is easier for arthritic hands to grip.

On the long tub wall, a grab bar on an angle is generally recommended for help when getting up from the tub floor or from a bath chair; make sure it slopes up in the direction of the showerhead from the person's seated position.

Read our Consumer Guide for more helpful tips on choosing and installing grab bars, along with a list of manufacturers and vendors.

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