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Reduces falls
Aids grooming

No exposed bulbs
Dimmer switches
Night lighting
Motion lights
Heat lamp

Shower Recessed Light

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Good lighting can reduce falls, make it safer to get around, and help with grooming. So make sure there's adequate lighting for both walking around and for activities like shaving or brushing teeth.

Cover all light bulbs because glare from exposed bulbs is very hard on older eyes. Consider installing a dimmer switch, which allows you to change the light levels for daytime and nighttime lighting. This allows you to leave the lights on very low for nighttime bathroom trips – or install night lights. A motion light, one that turns on when a person's presence is detected, can be very helpful, but make sure the bulb isn't too bright for nighttime use.

A heat lamp is a great addition to the bathroom since many older adults become agitated during bathing when cold and wet. Heat lamps are available in combination with regular lights and with exhaust fans.

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