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Transfer Chair w/Sliding, Swiveling Seat – Small Bathroom

Limited Floor Space

Chair Features
Entry side mounts on tub rim
Two legs sit on tub floor
Seat swivels
Optional back

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General Instructions
Bright towel on seat if needed
Slide/swivel seat
Explain step by step when
Lifting legs
Sliding seat
Move gently
Use proper body techniques
Reverse process to exit

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Consumer Guide

Full Narration:
If the person's bathroom has limited floor space, consider a transfer chair with a swivel seat that sits inside the tub. Sometimes referred to as tub-mounted transfer bench or seat, this product has two legs that sit on the tub floor and the other side, the entry side, mounts on the rim of the tub. The seat swivels so the person doesn't have to turn their body to get into the tub. The chair comes with an optional back if the person needs back support.

In this video, we demonstrate how to use a transfer bath chair with a sliding and swiveling seat, with my husband playing the role of a caregiver and I play the role of a person with Alzheimer's or other types of dementia.

First, he places a towel on the seat for extra comfort. Then he slides the seat and swivels it so I can easily get into the bathtub. Once seated, he helps me place my hands on the side handles for support. He tells me what is going to happen, each step of the way. Swiveling the seat, he then gently lifts my legs over the tub, letting me know beforehand so I am not taken by surprise. Not every person will respond the way I respond in this video, but it's important to always tell the person what you're doing, even if you think they don't understand. Making eye contact and smiling can be enormously helpful.

Then to exit, just reverse the process. Keep in mind that you still need to use proper body techniques so you do not injure your back.

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