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Bed - Mattresses & Bed Height

Medium-Firm Mattress
For sleep comfort
For transfer safety
Person has a stable surface from which to push off
Person won't sink into when getting up

Right Bed Height
To reduce falls
To ease transfers
Shift upper body over feet
Use leg muscles to stand
Consider an 18-inch height; adjust if person
Is tall
Is short

Buying a New Mattress

Bed Too High or Low?

A mattress at the appropriate degree of firmness will be comfortable for the person to sleep on. It will also help the individual to easily push off from when getting out of bed. Consider a medium-firm mattress – a mattress that is too hard may intensify any aches and pain; a mattress that is too soft may make it difficult to get out of.

In general, when the person sits at the edge of the bed, his/her feet should be flat on the floor and knees should be in a straight line with the hips. This allows the person to shift his/her weight forward over the feet, making it easier for the leg muscles to help lift the person to the standing position.

For many people, the most suitable bed height is 18 inches (same height as a chair seat). If the person is quite short or tall, the bed height should be adjusted accordingly.

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