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Recliner Chair Beds

Most Recliner Chairs Only Partially Recline
Hard to maintain a healthy sleeping position
May cause problems, like stiff & painful joints

Some Recliner Chairs Fully Recline
Recline to flat sleeping position
Check if there's enough room for chair to recline

When a Person Refuses to Sleep in Bed

Consumer Guide

If the chair is used as a bed, it's best to get one that reclines to a horizontal position. Most recliner chairs only partially recline, making it hard for the body to maintain a healthy sleeping position. The person could wind up having problems, like stiff and painful joints. Some recliner chairs are made for sleeping purposes and recline to an almost flat sleeping position.

Because these chairs take up a great deal of space, make sure there is enough room behind and in front of the chair so that it can be operated safely.

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