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Incontinence - Absorbant Products

Use Absorbent Products
1. Cloth mattress pads/waterproof backing more comfy than vinyl, but DON'T use over a pressure-relieving surface
2. Throwaway bed pads/chuxs
3. Disposable underwear
Don't use the "D" word (Diaper)
Pull-ups more acceptable
Choose correct absorbency
Change often to avoid skin irritation

Sheila's Story

Alzheimer's Association Handout

Watch Video - Changing Bed Pads - Bedridden Person

At some point, you'll be dealing with incontinent issues in the bedroom, and we know how difficult this can be. But there‘s a lot you can do to help the person and the bed stay dry and ease your caregiving tasks. Be sure to see a doctor, though, to rule out any medical problems as a cause.

Use Absorbent Products.

Using a mattress pad will help keep the mattress from getting soaked. A cloth pad with waterproof backing will be more comfortable for sleeping than vinyl, but buy two so you can throw one in the wash as needed. However, if you are using a pressure-relieving mattress or topper, do NOT use a mattress pad as they eliminate the pressure relief.

You can also place smaller absorbent pads (also referred to as chuxs) over the bottom sheet. Some caregivers like the throwaway pads that tuck under the edge of the mattress so there is no bunching up. Next, make sure the person uses absorbent pads or underwear. Some people resist less to wearing them if you don't refer to them as "diapers" and if you get the pull up kind, which seem more like real underwear. With all these products, it's key that you choose the correct absorbency – otherwise the sheets will still become wet. Higher absorbent products cost more, but they're worth it.

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