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Sleep/Wandering Tips
Alzheimer's Association Sleep Changes

Sleep problems are common in people with dementia. And if the person is up at night, you may be concerned that he will have a fall, use the stove or toaster when it's no longer safe to do so, or wander outdoors. If you live with the person, one solution is to use a motion sensor with a remote alarm. This can alert you when the person gets out of bed, even if you're in another room. Some models allow you to prerecord a message, such as "Victor, please don't get out of bed. Please wait for me." This can give you the time you need to be at his bedside to offer assistance. Keep in mind that some alarms only sound at the person's bedside, which can be upsetting to him or her.

There's a lot you can do to help the person sleep better, though at times you'll need to creatively address his or her nighttime wandering. Place your cursor over the green highlighted text to read our Caregiver Tips. And click on the Alzheimer's Association's link for a comprehensive handout on sleep changes.

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