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Smart Home Tour - Individual Smart Features

Alerts To Caregiver Living in the Same House
Bed & chair fall monitors alert you when person gets up from bed or chair
Door monitors sense when person is near to outside door

Other Smart Devices Automatically
Turn off stove
Shut off water
Put out stovetop fires

Voice Reminder Systems with Remote Caregiver Alerts for Person Living Alone
Medicines & appointments
Telephone alert if person doesn't respond to messages

Smart Home Temperature Detector
Sends remote caregiver alert when room too hot or cold

Costs: $30 - $1200

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Throughout ThisCaringHome, you can learn about various individual smart devices that can increase the person's safety. Some devices require a caregiver to be living in the household. For example, fall monitors for the bed or chair can help reduce falls by sending you an alert when the person is getting up from a bed or chair and you are in another room. And door monitors can help reduce wandering by sending you an alert when the person is near to or opens an outside door.

Other smart products work automatically to prevent injuries and building damage. For example, you can install products that automatically turn the stove or faucets off when the person forgets. And you can also get affordable rangehood fire extinguishers that automatically dispense if there's a stove top fire.

There are also smart products to help people live on their own in the early stages. For example, there are reminder systems that hook up to a person's phone and offer verbal reminders – in your voice – to remind them to take medicines or go to a doctor's appointment. If they don't respond to the message, you automatically get a telephone alert.

And finally, there are devices that can detect extreme changes in room temperature and send you an alert if the home is too hot or too cold.

All of the above smart products are purchased individually and have no monthly fees.

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