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Flooring & Fall Risk

Fall Risk
"Bunchable" floor mats
Thick, unbeveled mats
Glossy or waxy finishes
Dirty, cluttered floor
High doorsills

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Many kitchen flooring features increase fall risk.

For example, floor mats can absorb water and make standing more comfortable, but a person can easily slip when a cotton mat bunches up, or trip if a foot becomes caught on a thick mat that has no beveled edge.

Then, too, glossy or waxy finishes are slippery underfoot, and shiny floors reflect glare, making it harder to see.

People with dementia will lose housekeeping skills at some point in the disease, including keeping the kitchen clean. Hire a housekeeper, if needed, to reduce fall risk due to clutter, water spills, grease, or food on the floor.

Many people with dementia develop a shuffling gait, thereby increasing tripping risk, especially when walking or pushing a walker over a high doorsill.

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