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Stove Safety 3 - Automatic Stove Turn-Off

Electric Stove
Stove works normally when person is in cooking area
Automatic timer begins countdown when person leaves cooking area
Stove turns off when preset time has elapsed
Stove turns on again when sensor detects person or when dial is manually turned, depending on the model
Assess person's cooking skills for safe usage

Sensor Placement Depends on Manufacturer

This product has a timer, a motion sensor, and an automatic stove turn-off. When the person is in the kitchen, the motion sensor detects his or her presence, and the stove works like any other stove. When the person leaves the cooking area, the automatic timer turns on and turns the stove off when preset time has elapsed. The stove turns on again when the sensor detects the person's presence or when the dial is manually turned, depending on the model.

Stove safety products like the one illustrated here can extend the ability to cook for those with dementia who still have good stove skills and judgment. However, it's important that you assess the person using this product or unsafe cooking can still occur. The person must know what cookware to use and not, for example, putting plastic containers on the burners. The stove area must be free of excessive grease and other flammable materials, such as newspapers and paper towels. Also, the person must know that food left on the stovetop for an extended period is not safe to eat.

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