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Living Room - Any Room
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Outdoors - Wandering

Seating - Common Problems

Poor Seating Design
Too low & too deep
Seat cushion too soft
Excessive back recline
Inadequate side arms

Health Conditions
Balance issues
One-sided weakness

Forgetting how to transfer
Agitation when assisted

What You Can Do
Adapt or buy the right seating
Learn how to assist using special techniques
Get hands on training from an OT or PT

Helping an adult up from a seated position is one of the most difficult tasks you as a caregiver will face. Difficulties with transferring are usually due to a combination of poor seating design and an individual's health, memory, and behavioral challenges.

In this section, we'll show you several things you can do to help someone transfer more easily and, at the same time, keep you safe from physical injury.

If the person is seriously disabled, has had a total hip replacement, or needs more than minimal help – it's essential to get hands-on training from a physical or occupational therapist – for their safety and yours.

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