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Tables & Fall Safety 1 of 2

Tripping Due to Clutter
Use tabletop baskets.
Move items (e.g., shoes) under tables.
Increase housekeeping (you or hired help).

Tripping Due to Problems with Depth Perception
Place colorful items on tables.
Remove or replace small & low tables.
Consider taller table.

Living room tables serve as important surfaces to store items. If there's tabletop clutter, with items spilling onto the floor, try using a tabletop basket to collect them all. Clutter is a common problem, as people with dementia lose the ability to housekeep. At some point, you or someone else will need to do the tidying up to keep the person safe at home.

Many people with dementia have problems with depth perception, increasing their chances of tripping over low tables they can't easily see, especially glass tables. For safety's sake, place colorful items on the table to increase visibility; better yet, remove or replace small or low tables near the walking path. For example, consider replacing the cocktail table with a higher table that's more easily seen. (See our next frame.)

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