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Tables & Fall Safety 2 of 2

Replace Cocktail Table with Dining Height Table
Reduces tripping
Offers additional sitting area - pull up chair(s) as needed
Easy to clean, bright vinyl tablecloth

Check for Wobbliness
Especially if used for support
Use small wedge for support, if necessary

Dropping Items Off the Table?

A higher sofa table is a wonderful alternative to the traditional low cocktail table. It not only reduces the chance of tripping over a low table, but the higher surface comes in handy for all kinds of activities. For example, just pull up a chair – and you now have another place to enjoy afternoon tea. And in this room, we've used a bright easy to clean, vinyl coated tablecloth – and it didn't cost us a fortune. We found it at a home store for $20.00.

You'll want to make sure that tables aren't wobbly, especially if the person holds onto them for support. You can easily put a small wedge (wood or heavy cardboard) underneath a leg to make the table stable.

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