Maria's Story

During mid-stage Alzheimer's, my mother began having great difficulty getting up from a recliner chair. But I was afraid I would injure my back if I continued helping her out of the chair and she needed the recliner because of her back problems and her need to elevate her feet. So I bought her a lift up chair, with the hope she would be able to use it independently. All she had to do was push the up or down arrows to recline or get up. I soon realized that she simply could not grasp the concept that she had to push buttons to use the chair this was not how she had ever used a chair before. Although the lift up chair made it much easier for me to help my mom get up from the chair, I was not comfortable with leaving her alone in a reclining position for fear she would attempt to climb out of the chair and fall. So I could never leave her unsupervised while in the recliner.