One Person's Story
"I'm scared to death of climbing stairs. Mainly because my feet don't go exactly where I think they want to go. To put it another way, I'm not really sure what way I want them to do. Alzheimer's kills a lot of instincts you once had.

I'm very tentative when I go up a stair, down a stair I've got to hold on pretty tightly; then I'll go screaming meemies, the uncertainty of one's footage.

I'm very close to falling off – I'm doing something that's dangerous.

I get nervous on anything that's higher than a few inches.

It does get kind of serious. It's also maybe silly, because even if you're not about to fall down or something, you think you are. You feel that you are."

Photograph and Excerpt from Partial View: An Alzheimer's Journal by Cary Smith Henderson, Southern Methodist University Press, 1998.