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Alzheimer's & Dementia
Kitchen & Dining
Living Room - Any Room
Smart Home
Outdoors - Wandering

Safer Stairs - Flooring

Carpeting or Wood
Use short nap carpet if person walks in socks
For wood, choose non-slippery finish

Step Edge, Color Contrast
Tread different color than riser
Dense, non-plush
2" non-slip paint or tape

Non Slip Paint or Tape

Selecting & Installing Carpet

4 Things to Avoid

The two most common flooring materials are carpeting and wood. Whether choosing new flooring or fixing what you already have, consider the person's lifestyle. For example, if he or she is routinely up at night but forgets to put on their slippers, climbing up and down wooden stairs in stocking feet is dangerous. In that instance, carpeting the stairs may be in the person's best interest. For wood, a non-slippery finish is safest.
Regardless of flooring material, consider using color to contrast the risers from the steps to help the person better distinguish the step. Many individuals with dementia have poor depth perception, and climbing stairs when the steps blend together is both terrifying and unsafe.

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