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Safer Stairs – Gates & Doors

Are Child Safety Gates Safe?
Designed for children
Person may try to open or climb over
Person may get agitated
If you use gates, use cautiously

For Locked Doors, Be Aware
Person may bang on door
Person may holler

Be Ready To
Redirect to enjoyable activity

Denying access to the stairs using gates or locked doors may be necessary at times, but do so with caution and frequent monitoring, especially when the person is accustomed to using the stairs freely. As the photo shows, child safety gates are specifically designed for children, not for the strength or height of an adult! How a person responds to a child safety gate is very individual. Some may simply turn around and walk away, but others may attempt to open the gate or, worse, climb over it.

Keep in mind that a person may also react unfavorably to a locked exit door.

Having an enjoyable activity nearby to redirect their attention can really help.

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