13 Best Foot Pods for Runners & Joggers

Those of you who are runners or joggers may be under the impression that distance must be measured by some other means. The answer can be found in the modern foot pod. This revolutionized device attaches to your shoe and measures your steps, even while you run or jog. It can do everything else as well – calculate distance, average speed, the time elapsed, calories burned and many more.

The foot pod is commonly used in conjunction with a GPS enabled watch. This watch enables the runner to check his or her pace, distance, and time while running or jogging.

Are Foot Pods Worth it?

If you’re an endurance athlete, a runner, a cyclist, or just somebody who wants to track their activity throughout the day to improve their lifestyle and fitness goals then foot pods are definitely worth it.

They can be used with a compatible heart rate monitor, chest strap or wrist-worn watch if you want to add extra data to your activity logs.

There are several different types of foot pods on the market today for a wide variety of uses. Scroll down for a list of the 13 best foot pods.

1. GARMIN 010-12520-00 Running Dynamics Pod

The Garmin 010-12520-00 foot pod is a small pod that attaches to your running shoe. It measures not only your speed and distance but also tracks your cadence, stride length, ground contact time and balance, vertical oscillation and vertical ratio. This data is then wirelessly transferred to compatible devices.

You’ll know the total distance of your run as well as the elevation gain. The information will be stored on your device so that you can review it later on or compare it with past outings. It can connect to your compatible Garmin device – you’ll use the Connect app to sync the data.

It comes with 6 running dynamics metrics (speed, distance, cadence (min-max), stride length and ground contact time) and a battery life that lasts about 1 year when used for an hour each day. The foot pod automatically turns on and off. It weighs 0.423 oz, which is pretty small compared to other foot pods available on the market.

2. WAHOO RPM Cycling Speed and Cadence Sensor

The WAHOO is a small device that fits in your shoe and tracks your cadence, distance, steps, and calories burned while you exercise or run. With this information, you don’t have to guess how far you’ve gone or how fast you’re going It eliminates guesswork by giving accurate feedback on real-time data while also being compatible with over 50 different running apps on both Android and iOS devices.

It is lightweight (only 7 grams), easy to install on any shoe, works with Bluetooth and ANT+ enabled devices and connects to smartphones. The battery lasts up to 12 months.

This foot pod is perfect for runners looking to upgrade their training metrics or cyclists looking for indoor training data. The WAHOO app also calculates calories burned each day based on your cadence while running. The app also includes additional features like activity (bike/run), heart rate (while running), and training (advanced).

3. POLAR Bluetooth Stride Sensor

POLAR is the perfect partner for those who enjoy running. This lightweight, shock and waterproof sensor will give you instant feedback on your speed and distance, as well as the time of day and calories burned. Features include:

  • There is a Bluetooth connection that will allow you to upload all your information.
  • It is compatible with Polar Beat, which has a range of training programs and has a built-in interval training tool. This sensor will keep you on track with your training, thanks to the Pace Coach function which alerts you when you need to slow down or speed up
  • The POLAR Foot Pod is compatible with all Android, iOS and Windows devices that are Bluetooth 4.0 compatible.
  • The foot pod has an internal battery that lasts for up to 25 days.

4. COROS Performance Optimization Device

The COROS foot pod measures your running metrics, such as form power, ground time, L/R balance, stride height, stride ratio and cadence. The COROS app uses the sensor to track your stats throughout the day.

It is small enough to fit in most shoes or shoe inserts. Simply shake the sensor to activate it and it will automatically start monitoring your running form data with accuracy at 1-second intervals.

This is best for new runners who are looking to improve their form, advanced runners looking to track their stats during the day and average runners who want metrics on all of their runs regardless of conditions. Its battery life is 1 year based on 2 hours of use per day.

5. POLAR S1 Foot Pod

The Polar S1 is a new foot pod that tracks your speed and distance during your workouts. It is water-resistant to 2 meters, supports up to 20 hours of battery life, weighs 0.42 pounds, and can be used with all Polar S625X, S725X, RS200 and RS400 models.

This product is perfect for runners who are looking to get accurate speed updates during their runs in the rain or on wet ground. The Polar S1 includes a single AAA battery that lasts up to 20 hours. The foot pod’s quick-release design makes it easy to strap on for a run.

The app can be used to track workouts in real-time, monitor training progress, set goals and share workouts with friends or family. With this new product, Polar has taken its years of experience in foot tracking technology and created a highly accurate product.

6. LUMO Pod Running Coach

LUMO understands and predicts the way you run and applies this understanding to provide real-time feedback from an accelerometer. The data is then relayed wirelessly via Bluetooth to a free app on your iPhone. Some of its features are:

  • It automatically checks your form every few seconds, providing instant feedback.
  • The accelerometer can tell you how much your foot is tilting during each step (heel strike), how much impact your foot strikes the ground with (impact peaks), and how many steps you take per minute (stride frequency).
  • The app also tracks your speed, distance, time, pace, course elevation (if asked), calories burned (after syncing with the Health app), heart rate (using a heart rate monitor that is plugged into the headphone jack of your iPhone), and cadence.
  • It is 0.32 ounces (9.2 grams) and requires only minimal setup, using an iPhone 5s or higher with iOS 9.0 or higher.

7. ZWIFT Running Pod

The ZWIFT Foot Pod will improve your running form. This pod is compatible with devices that use Zwift Mobile’s app on iOS or Android.

It is a small, lightweight device that fits snugly on the inside of your shoe and can be used for any activity within the Zwift simulators. It measures your movement and transmits information about this data through the app. This pod transmits data about the number of steps you are taking, the speed of your pace, how many laps you are making, your stride length and other important metrics.

The information provided by the foot pod will help you improve your running form.

8. NIKE+ Stand Alone Sensor Kit

It’s no secret that Nike has revolutionized the running shoe industry. They’ve taken a solid product and added features to make runners’ lives easier – from an iPod adapter to a little feather in the heel for extra cushioning.

The NIKE+ foot pod is inserted into your running shoes and then connects wirelessly to your Nike watch or iPhone 3GS or other GPS tracking device, which records information such as your pace, distance, the time elapsed and calories burned from all of your runs. It will also tell you the cadence of your stride, which is a very important factor in running performance.

This foot pod is powered by two AAA batteries that last up to 1000 hours. It can also be used on a treadmill. The Nike+ foot pod opens up a whole new world of possibilities for runners. It is compatible with Mac OS X v10.3.9 or later, Windows Vista, or Windows XP (SP2) but not compatible with iPhone 6 and 6 plus.

9. STRYD Running Pod

STRYD is a revolutionary foot pod, designed to revolutionize how you measure and train for running. Whether you’re an elite marathoner or a casual jogger, our intelligent technology can make your training and racing more efficient and personalized. Features include:

  • This foot pod gives instant feedback on uphill/downhill grades (slope), distance (calories burned), personal records (pace), fatigue (website-based training guidance) and weather conditions (wind speed).
  • It uses motion-capture technology to filter out interference.
  • Unlike other foot pods that offer single-foot-pod support, STRYD measures your force on each foot.
  • Plus, it’s compatible with all our running watches.
  • At just 8 grams, it’s almost weightless. It doesn’t have a battery either—it charges from your watch with a small lanyard.

10. SUUNTO Foot Pod Mini

The SUUNTO foot pod is a light GPS unit. It tracks your speed and distance when running or walking so you always know how many kilometers or miles you’ve covered. The strap makes it convenient to wear in any shoe.

This foot pod is the perfect match for your Ambit, Ambit2 or any other watch that supports ANT + wireless transmission, for example, Ambit 3, M5,t6,t4, t3 and many others. The foot pod also includes a sensor that calculates your steps.

The battery can last up to 400 hours in normal conditions with 50-meter daily movements and GPS turned on when only walking.

11. PYLE Smart Foot POD Stride Sensor

The PYLE Foot Pod is a portable, battery-powered, Bluetooth device that fits securely into the shoe and monitors all of your data wirelessly. It provides instant feedback and data from your stride length for real-time training programs.

A new feature is a pedometer which tracks the total number of steps taken on a daily basis. Other features include easy setup with APA COACH+, free via App Store, iOS devices only (iPhone 4S, iPhone 5), Android speaks MapMyRun as well as integration with Strava so you can visualize your personal performance data.

This is an essential piece of equipment for runners and walkers. It attaches easily to the shoe and measures steps, distance traveled, calories burned, total time moving and sleep. The accelerometer measures stride length which can be used to adjust pace on runs or training programs.

12. TIMEX Foot Pod Sensor

The TIMEX, foot pod, allows runners to use their watch to gather all of their running metrics. This 1.6 ounces lightweight device is 7 x 4 x 0.5 inches and can be attached to laces with a clip for effortless installation. Some of the features are:

  • It’s easy to set up and operates on a unique ANT+ wireless frequency, which can be paired with any of the latest running watches on the market. TIMEX is quite accurate with an average accuracy of 95.2% .
  • It can record all of your running metrics including pace, distance, stride rate, cadence and more.
  • This foot pod is user-friendly and easy to operate and has 400-hour battery life.
  • It automatically detects your activity and gives you accurate results.

13. SHFT PRO Intelligent Virtual Running Coach

The SHFT PRO works for you by guiding you on how to run more efficiently, and thus reducing the risk of injury. It provides a platform that enables a connection between a coach and a runner. By following this guidance, runners can gradually improve their running style over time.

It will synchronize data from both feet so you will get an accurate assessment of where you are placing pressure when you run.

The app for the SHFT Pro works for both iOS and Android operating systems. It works for runners of any age and skill level. This is helpful to both beginners and advanced runners alike because it gives them feedback on how they should be running. It’s also especially effective for older runners who want to minimize injury risk or those who have been injured in the past.