15 Best Bike Elliptical Combos

Whether you’re looking for an easy way to get in shape or a way to lose weight, exercise bikes and elliptical machines are great options. Many people are turning to ellipticals and exercise bikes for cardio workouts.

And when you combine these pieces of equipment into one, the result is a machine that is worth every penny of your hard-earned money. The bicycle elliptical combo is a product that combines the best of two worlds, cycling and ellipticals. It can be used as a stationary bike or as an elliptical machine. People purchase the combo and use it for all sorts of different exercises, such as cycling indoors and cross-training with alternating workouts.

There are plenty of models available in any number of colors and styles, so it’s easy for you to find something that suits your tastes. These machines come with many features that are designed for comfort and variety. They can be used seated or standing up, and they have adjustable levels of tension and a lot of other useful features.

If you’re looking for information on best buys, this article has all the answers with reviews on 15 of the best exercise bike elliptical combos that can help you get into a healthier lifestyle. From budget-friendly machines to high-end items that will last a lifetime, this list is a must-read.

1. Marcy Fan Exercise Bike With Air Resistance

The Marcy fan exercise bike with air resistance is one of the best stationary exercise bikes on the market. This stationary bike comes with some great features, all designed to make your daily workout more enjoyable. It can be difficult to find a good workout routine that not only will make you feel accomplished but also strengthen your limbs and body endurance. With this product, you can find both, plus more.

It’s packed with features that are designed to help you tone your entire body. This stationary bike has a unique air resistance system which makes it easier for you to adjust the tension level depending on your workout intensity. You can regulate your exercise routine at different levels to suit each day’s needs and desires.

This stationary bike offers a full-body workout while simultaneously strengthening your lower body. Its dual-action arms add decent upper bodywork to the mix, while also engaging your core. 

It comes with a user-friendly tracker and an LCD screen that enables you to scan modes and track time, distance, speed and calories burned as you work out on the bike – making it easy to reach personal fitness goals. It features transport wheels and an adjustable seat with seven positions to fit the needs of different users.

It is also particularly friendly on many levels: it accommodates all users from beginners to experienced athletes and has a tracker and scanner with varying modes and settings. The Marcy fan exercise bike is pretty robust and durable enough for most riders.

2. Schwinn AD 7 Fitness Airdyne Bike

An airdyne bike is a cycling machine that combines the stationary bike with an arm-pushed elliptical. The two combine to provide an effective, full-body cardio workout to users of all fitness levels. It is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment in any gym or fitness centre. It can be used by beginners and professionals alike. There is no level too hard for the Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike. But what makes this piece of equipment so special is its quality.

This is an exercise bike that provides progressive wind resistance for infinite levels of challenge. Its single-stage belt drive makes it run quietly. The perimeter-weighted fan for easy start-up and the adjustable seat are just two of the bike’s many useful features.

It has a clear display that tracks your progress. This bike will give you years of cycling experience. Plus it comes with plenty of features that other bikes don’t offer such as the seat adjustment. Best of all -the price can’t be beat.

The bike has adjustable handlebars, and it can accommodate users of different heights and preferences. It also comes with an easy-to-use console that tracks calories, time, distance, speed and other workout data. The bike is easy to ride while still offering high resistance levels.

3. Marcy Exercise Upright Fan Bike

The Marcy exercise upright fan bike is a piece of equipment that is multifunctional and can be used for both upper-body and lower-body workouts. It has many benefits that are hardly found in other bikes because it utilizes a fan instead of a weighted flywheel, which causes increased resistance. Features include:

  • The computer screen displays time, calories burned, distance, speed, and some stats to keep you updated with your workout.
  • You can adjust the seat height so users of different heights can use this bike as well.
  • It doesn’t require any assembly other than attaching the handlebars to the frame.
  • It has an attractive design and is built with sturdy steel tubing, which makes it durable for all types of workouts.
  • The bike features different levels of resistance so you can increase or decrease the intensity level according to your fitness level.
  • It’s multifunctional and can be used to exercise abdominals, thighs, arms, chest, and the entire body.
  • This machine is designed for cardio training and high-intensity workouts.
  • It features a durable steel frame constructed from 14 gauge steel tubing which is built to last through years of use while still being light enough for easy assembly and transportation. 

4. Body Power 3-In-1 Exercise Machine, Trio Trainer

The Body Power 3-in-1 Exercise Machine is a very compact and space-saving trainer, but still give you a good cardio workout. This machine is great for anyone who just wants to have something at home that doesn’t take up much space and provides an efficient way to get in some cardio. The versatility of this machine makes it convenient for people who would want to be able to keep up with their workouts while they’re travelling.

The design of this machine is simply brilliant – it has three different incline settings which allows you to do different exercises including running, cycling and stepping. It also has variable magnetic resistance levels which means that you can adjust the intensity of your session depending on what muscle groups you are targeting.

This machine is multifunctional and saves space. It has adjustable magnetic resistance for customized workouts. It has a heart-rate monitor system to keep track of your cardiovascular health. It comes with transport wheels for easy storage when not in use. It has a simple navigation console with step by steps instructions.

If you are looking for a versatile, reliable workout machine to take up minimal space in your home or office, this machine may be just what you’ve been searching for.  

5. Schwinn AD 6 Fitness Airdyne Bike

The Schwinn AD 6 is one of the best fitness machines out there, and it’s perfect for all your workouts. It includes performance-enhancing features like infinite levels of challenge with its progressive wind resistance system and convenient transport wheel for relocation. It comes with an adjustable speed range and rev meter tracks interval training.

It includes an integrated water bottle holder. Plus, it’s quiet – thanks to the fan that has no friction and will keep you cool while you work out.

This bike also allows you to customize your ride, so you can get a low impact workout while still working your muscles in multiple ways. There are many levels of resistance that will allow for an even more customizable workout that will challenge the user in different areas.

The Schwinn AD 6 offers a wide array of features that will help you stay in shape and burn fat efficiently. The bike is also a great tool for building endurance and maintaining cardiovascular health, therefore making it an excellent option for people who want to work out at home.

6. Body Rider BRF700 Exercise Upright Fan Bike

The Body Rider BRF700 is an excellent cycling machine that will be great at any fitness level. This machine has a belt-drive system as well as has a resistance system to increase or decrease your workout intensity with the built-in adjustment knob. The digital display tracks time, speed, distance, and calories burned. This exercise upright fan bike features a bidirectional seat that is adjustable to provide maximum comfort.

Some of the features are:

  • This bike is a low-impact machine that will allow you to get a great cardio workout.
  • It has a resistance system that makes workouts more difficult as you increase your intensity.
  • The bidirectional adjustable seat also promotes good posture so you can work out comfortably.
  • This is an excellent option for anyone looking to invest in a low-cost high-quality indoor cycling machine that offers a variety of functions.
  • The easy-to-use variable resistance knob allows you to increase or decrease your workout intensity as you feel necessary, making this bike ideal for people of all fitness levels. 
  • It features an ergonomic design to enhance home workouts with ease,
  • As one of the best features of this exercise bike is that it is easy to use.
  • This product comes with a 1-year warranty for the frame and 90 days on all parts from the manufacturer.

7. Body Rider Exercise Bike And Elliptical Trainer

The Body Rider BRD2000 exercise bike and elliptical trainer is another low-cost solution for people who want the workout that an elliptical can provide and add the feature of an exercise bike too. It’s an ideal choice for beginners who may need to sit down, and it is also easy to use. The tension knob is easily accessible from the seat on the machine.

It has two exercise modes to maximize your workout routine. Whether you stand or sit, the resistance is adjustable to customize your cardio workout sessions. The handlebars are adjustable to 3 height settings for different upper body workouts and the stationary seat can be adjusted to 7 height settings for accommodating people of different heights and weights.

This is a dual trainer with elliptical movement, featuring adjustable resistance and incline for full-body workouts. It also includes cardio sessions. The versatile design of this machine maximizes space usage in home gyms, while still providing a comprehensive range of workouts.

 The price point of this unit makes it a great starter fitness piece, or a cardio addition for someone who already has a home gym set up.

8. Best Choice Products 2-In-1 Elliptical and Bike

The Best Choice Products 2-in-1 exercise bike and elliptical trainer is a fitness machine that has the ability to change effortlessly between an elliptical trainer and a stationary bike. It also features routines and workouts that are pre-programmed, all of which are automatically tracked by its smart digital display. This product will help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. The flywheel and belt system gives the user an easy resistance adjustment, while its fan makes it quieter than other machines in its class.

The machine’s high-tech electronic console provides you with motivating feedback through the digital display and heart rate monitor. The display automatically tracks your workout progress. It’s pretty cool because you can see how hard you’re working in real-time. 

It provides resistance adjustment by simply turning a knob on either side of the bike with a comfortable cushioned seat as well as a bottle holder for some liquid refreshment. Plus, there are plenty of preset workouts and routines to choose from. And if you want to make things easier on your back or joints, the seat can be adjusted at any height desired.

9. Body Champ BRT3858 3-In-1 Trio-Trainer

The Body Champ BRT3858 3-in-1 trio-trainer is a machine that provides three different forms of exercise, with the best part being the transition in between each.   It has a magnetic resistance system that allows for variable levels of intensity, varying from light to heavy, by adjusting the bar’s position on either side.

Features include:

  • This trainer is meant to be used at home and comes with features like an advanced computer interface and gel-style seat and back cushions.
  • It can be used as an elliptical trainer, a recumbent bike, or an upright bike and does not require any adjustments for the different types of exercises and it is adjustable to any user’s height.
  • It also features a patented 3-in-1 design and eliminates hassles during transitions between all three exercise modes.
  • This superb fitness device is designed specifically for busy people who are always on the go, have limited space in their home, or just want to have an easy workout.
  • The computer interface allows you to preselect which program you want to use based on your preferences, as well as monitor your heart rate at all times through an incorporated hand pulse system. The advanced computer interface also provides feedback on your current workout.
  • You can adjust the resistance with a push of a button up to 16 levels in all.
  • This is a beautifully crafted, efficient machine that lets you enjoy a full range of workouts in a compact package.

10. Xterra Fitness Upright Bike and Elliptical Eu150

The Xterra Fitness EU150 hybrid has a unique design that combines the benefits of an upright exercise bike with an elliptical. The dual-action design gives both lower and upper movement for your body during use, and the cardio workouts are made up of manual, 12 preset, 4 user-designed, 1 body fat, and 5 heart rate programs. You can monitor your heart rate at any time with the conveniently mounted pulse grips on your machine. 

It also offers a convenient way to get a cardio workout without putting pressure on your joints, by using its pedal motion together with its synchronized motion on both devices simultaneously. 

The 3.7-inch blue LCD screen gives you all the information you need. It displays rpm, distance, pulse, calories burned, time, speed, and resistance adjustment.

Xterra is constantly trying to make things more convenient and intuitive so that their customers can get in shape without having to deal with complicated machinery or confusing instructions. This allows you to set your own personal goal and work towards it in order to improve your fitness level.

11. Sunny Health & Fitness 2 In 1

Sunny Health & Fitness 2 in 1 magnetic elliptical upright bike proves itself to be versatile and effective. With its handlebars and pedals, it allows for an easy rotation of workouts like an indoor cycling machine as well as cardiovascular routines. The resistance knob puts the control intensity in your hands with 8 levels of magnetic resistance for higher workout intensities.

With the LCD display, you can track your pulse, time, speed and calories burned. It also has a device holder to place your smartphone in to listen to music while you work out. The machine is durable and has a compact design which makes it an ideal choice for those who have limited space at home.

This is an excellent low impact cardiovascular workout machine that targets your upper and lower body muscle groups, as well as your heart. It is very impressive with these levels of magnetic resistance for higher workout intensities. The 12.5-inch stride length is convenient for shorter height users. The seat is comfortable and has 4-way adjustable cushions.

This magnetic elliptical upright bike is a unique machine perfect for those who are looking for a machine that can offer cardio or weight training .

12. Proform Hybrid Trainer XT

The Proform Hybrid Trainer XT is another impressive piece of technology when it comes to exercising. It offers a number of features that will allow you to exercise with ease. The machine offers accurate workout data that will help you stay motivated, especially if you like to use interactive workouts. 

Some features are:

  • This brings all the benefits of both machines to users in an intuitive, streamlined system that offers versatility.
  • With 16 levels of resistance, this unit uses magnetic resistance for easy adjustments as you go.
  • This machine offers comprehensive low-impact exercise.
  • Its quiet operation and a 350-pound total weight capacity make this a perfect choice for both beginners and seasoned exercisers alike.
  • A complimentary 30-day iFIT membership is included when you purchase this trainer.
  • It has an LCD display that tracks distance and estimated calorie burn as you exercise.
  • With the downloadable iFIT app, you can stream workouts on your smartphone device.
  • The hybrid trainer is versatile enough to offer comprehensive low-impact exercise without paying for a gym membership or an expensive home gym.
  • Even the most novice exercisers will find it easy on this machine to complete their workout.

13. Teeter Freestep Recumbent Cross Trainer

The Teeter FreeStep cross trainer and elliptical is designed to provide a full fat-burning cardio workout. It also includes dual-motion that work your lower and upper body at the same time. 

This machine features magnetic resistance, an adjustable lever for height, and a machine that can work any part of the body.  The console shows progress with easy-to-read digital numbers. It includes a water bottle holder as well as storage space for your headphones or other essentials on the lower console shelf.

This is one of those machines that just feels right, From the moment you step into it, it becomes clear this is a workout built for all levels and all bodies. It offers a comfortable and reclined seated position. The cross trainer and elliptical is designed so people with any level of fitness or medical condition can exercise and stay active.

You still get the aerobic benefits of biking and unlike most low-impact workouts like running or swimming, it has both upper-body resistance arms so your whole body works together to give you more accurate calorie burn.

14. Qerntpey Exercise Bike Elliptical Machine

The Qerntpey exercise bike is suitable for people looking to lose weight, and improve their cardiovascular system within a limited space. The compact frame allows you to install and exercise anywhere – ideal for apartment dwellers and small rooms. It is made of durable and high-quality metal which will not break easily.

The pedals are designed to be non-slip so they’re safe to use. For a total body workout, you can target muscles in your arms as well as your legs. This piece of fitness equipment has an advanced LD digital monitor that indicates distance, calories burned, time, speed and a heart rate monitor so you can track your progress continuously.

This machine comes with everything you need to get started and has a wide range of features that allow it to be used by exercisers of all levels. It’s easy to assemble and can support up to 250 pounds without any problems.

It’s sturdy and much more affordable than other brands. It’s not heavy and has built-in wheels to make it portable. There are lots of great features that make this machine very good for all levels of fitness, especially beginners or those looking for something at home without paying too much. It’s also quiet enough not to disturb others while you’re working out.

15. Papepipo Portable Elliptical | Under Desk Bike

The Papepipo elliptical machine and under desk bike pedal is not your typical cheap exercise equipment. From the first time you use it, the difference is clear. The magnetic resistance system provides different resistance adjustments so that you can find your perfect intensity level for all of your workouts. Features include:

  • This product has adjustable magnetic resistance so you have more control over your workout intensity.
  • It also comes with three adjustable slopes which are perfect for meeting your needs in terms of training intensity whether they are low-level or high-level workouts.
  • This product is equipped with removable armrests and seat so whether you are sitting or standing you can switch between different workouts.
  • The bike can bring you a quiet and smooth exercise experience, meet your needs for different training intensities, and effectively reduce the impact on the knee joints.
  • This portable elliptical is one of the best under-desk bike pedals on the market.
  • With its many functions, it can accommodate the different needs of users, giving you an exercise experience that is customized to your personal preferences. 
  • It’s easy to assemble, not too expensive, and greatly versatile. You can use this for different exercises or just as a simple workout machine.