15 Best Chairs for Back Pain at Home

Do you have a bad back? If so you may benefit from having a chair for back pain at home. It sounds strange, but it can really work.

We’re going to take a look at the benefits to using a specialized chair for back pain and what you need to know if you’re considering purchasing one of these chairs. We’ll also take a look at some of the best chairs available for back pain today…plus we’ll answer some common questions people have about them.

Why Do You Need a Chair for Back Pain?

When you have a bad back it can make everyday tasks a lot more painful and sometimes very difficult to do. For some people, a simple pain killer might help, but the best way to get rid of the pain is to find a chair that will help you prevent bad posture, which may be the cause of the back pain.

This means you’ll get better results without having to do certain exercises. In fact, if you don’t yet suffer from back pain, then it’s probably time to think about replacing your chair to prevent future posture or back problems.

Why is a Chair Important?

A chair is very important for a person’s back. Back pain can be eliminated by sitting on the correct chair. But the problem is that most chairs are not made for everybody and people have different requirements. An ergonomic chair has lumbar support and a height that can be adjusted to fit the back of any person.

What Factors Should I Consider When Buying a Chair for Back Pain?

A chair that is comfortable and ergonomically designed will help you to avoid back pain and other injuries. There are plenty of back pain chairs on the market today, but unless you know what they are designed to do, it’s hard to know which one is best for you.

So before rushing to your local department store looking for a chair, here are some things that you should consider in order to get the most effective chair for you…and also help you figure out what makes a chair great.

The two most important features to look for when choosing a chair are the height and the armrests. A good office chair should have a height of at least 18 inches from the floor, but if your desk is low, you should consider purchasing a chair with an adjustable height. Armrests are also very important because they allow you to rest your arms while sitting down and avoid pressure on your wrists and shoulders.


This is the obvious one. If you have a limited budget then you need to decide how much you can spend on a chair. You want to get a decent price, but the chair should last for years and also be comfortable enough for extended use. The best way to do this is usually by considering what you’re going to be using the chair for, and that it’s going to last a long time, to prevent back problems.


If you want a chair that looks good in your home, then this might be an important factor when deciding which one to buy. You can also get a specialty chair with great support that’s perfect for you.


It is important that the chair feels good when using it which means that you’ll need to pick out one that suits your needs based on how it feels when being used. Some chairs will have a better cushion while others will have a more durable material that can withstand more use.


This is another important factor to consider when purchasing a chair for back pain. You want a chair that’s not too heavy, but one that’s light enough for you to move from room to room easily.


The construction of the chair should be sturdy and durable, but the one you get doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to do well in the long run if it’s not well constructed. The best way to make sure the chair lasts is by going with quality construction.

How to Find the Right Fit?

Inappropriate office chairs can contribute to the development of back pain and other chronic issues.

What is the best chair for bad backs? There are many aspects that you need to take into account when choosing a chair. You will need to find a chair that is the right height, has good armrests and offers good back support. The best chairs for bad backs should have a seat pan depth of at least 15 to 20 inches. In addition, you will want a chair with no less than 300 pounds of weight capacity as well as an adjustable backrest position.

What is Your Postural Type?

It is important to know your postural type before you start working on correcting it. The type of sitting position that you are currently in, is the key to understanding your posture problem.

The two types of sitting positions are:

  • Standard Sitting Position, which has the legs horizontal, and the torso aligned with the back of the chair.
  • Slouching Position, which usually involves slumping forward or sideways, or both.

What Kind of Chair is Good with Home Office Ergonomics?

A good office chair is one that will not allow you to slouch while at the same time, it keeps your body aligned with your spine.

The right office chair should be sturdy and stable enough to comfortably hold you in place while you are seated. It should also provide enough space for your back, knees, and feet. The height of the back should allow you to rest your head on it without straining. The armrests should be able to move up and down so that they don’t get in the way of typing or other tasks. Finally, the seat should be adjustable so that it can accommodate different heights.

Best Chairs for Back Pain

Below is a list of the top 15 best chairs for back pain. These chairs will help you find relief from your back pain because they provide ergonomic solutions to alleviating pressure off your spine and joints.

1. DUOREST GOLD Dual-Backrest Home Office Desk Chairs

DUOREST GOLD, an ergonomic chair with a dual backrest that moves both individually and on all three axes, has been developed for people who work long hours sitting down. It is also perfect for those who spend time sitting in front of the computer and leads to the right posture and prevents back pain. The dual-backrests and flexible mechanism make it possible to move the backrests over a wide range while still supporting one’s back. The DUOREST GOLD was designed exclusively for use in homes, offices, classrooms, workshops/study areas or wherever uninterrupted sitting is required.

It has a specially-designed backrest that moves independently of the seat. The width and height of the backrest can be adjusted separately, ensuring perfect support for the entire back. The design ensures the free movement of the spine, which relieves pressure on one’s backbone. DUOREST GOLD has a flexible mechanism that moves on three axes: left and right, up and down and front to back. This movement frees the spine from strain without muscle tension being transferred to other parts of one’s body. At the same time, blood circulation is boosted, which lowers fatigue levels even during long periods of sitting down.

Putting this chair together takes about 5 minutes, and then another five to customize all the settings. There are a lot of comfortable attachments that come with the chair which you’ll continue to enjoy for years after this purchase. In my opinion, the chair’s backrest is what sets it apart from other office chairs I’ve used before. It provides a comfortable level of lower back support that feels nicer than I expected.

DUOREST GOLD also features a triple Y urethane caster base, which ensures that the chair glides smoothly and quietly. The seat pan is curved for greater freedom of movement and the seatback is fitted with a tension lock which enables adjustment between the full front and full-back positions.

2. TRIBESIGNS Breathable Mesh High Back Desk Chair

TRIBESIGNS is a high-end ergonomic product made from metal and nylon, with generous seat and backrest dimensions, as well as lumbar support that moves up/down. The large contoured back and headrest cradle your lower back without hitting your neck or shoulders, while the 3mm thickened steel seat plate offers maximum stability for those long sitting hours. The seat has a 6.5cm thick cushion made from high resiliency, non-deforming, duel heat dissipation foam that lasts through the years. The TRIBESIGNS chair also features a dual heat dissipation system that provides airflow to keep your legs and posterior from overheating during the summer months. It is designed to have a wide weight capacity of up to 300 pounds! Other features are:

  • A TRIBESIGNS chair will allow you to feel at ease without sacrificing your back health because it offers premium adjustable options that can be easily adjusted by simply using the lever underneath the seat.
  • The premium adjustable system also allows you to adjust the height, tilt angle, lumbar support and armrest height of the TRIBESIGNS chair.
  • The TRIBESIGNS chair has a strong metal 5-star base with a density memory foam cushion that provides a custom fit.
  • The 360-degree swivel wheels allow the chair to be easily moved from one area to another without disturbing your environment.

I think it’s a great chair since it’s quiet, supportive, and has a good amount of recline. The arm rests are too far apart for my taste, so that’s something I’d want to see changed. The armrests may be raised and lowered by pushing these clumsy buttons with both hands, but that is the extent of their movability. You can’t bend, broaden, or narrow them, and you can’t move them forward or backward either.

Still, the premium ergonomic design dries sweat that builds up on your back and thighs and the breathable elastic fabrics also help to keep your skin dry and cool during the summer months. The TRIBESIGNS chair is a must-have ergonomic product that will allow you to be more comfortable while feeling less tired after a long day at work. With TRIBESIGNS chairs, you can add a touch of sophistication and comfort to your home while sitting in style.

3. ERGOUSIT Ergonomic High Back Mesh Computer Chair

ERGOUSIT is a chair to prevent back pain. It has a butterfly-shaped backrest, which can comfortably fit all people, adjust the height of the seat, and support your spine’s natural curve. The ergonomic design of this chair helps you avoid lower back pain. Different from other chairs, ERGOUSIT is made with non-slip casters, so it doesn’t slide around on the floor when you’re sitting in it. The seat material is breathable so that you won’t feel too hot after sitting in this chair for a long period of time.

In addition:

  • ERGOUSIT has a large padded seat, which will make you feel more comfortable while sitting on it.
  • It’s made of a high-density sponge-filled cushion, which is soft but not easily deformed and absorbs moisture or sweat.
  • The chairs provide five-star comfort and durability, as well as ergonomic design to decrease back pain and increase productivity.
  • ERGOUSIT’s wraparound design is designed with an explosion-proof gas rod; its S-curve back frame is built with bionic technology, and its headrest is designed for extra comfort

ERGOUSIT comes with 360° non-slip wheels, which is very important for a chair that supports a 275 lb weight. You can move it around easily even when sitting on it. The casters are very quiet; they make no noise when moving. The seat is long enough to rest your thighs and lower back. There’s also a waterfall front to make sure your legs are protected no matter how long you sit on the chair. ERGOUSIT’s seat height is adjustable – you can adjust the seat height to your liking. This feature makes it easy to adjust the height.

It’s meant for larger individuals, but it’s not made for the heaviest. Because the seat is small, the arm rests are too close together and press against your thighs. And it’s difficult to get back up. No matter how tightly you clamp down in the base, the base wobbles. If you’re a bigger person, this is not for you.

4. HURMAX Mesh Fabric High Back Ergonomic Desk Chair

The newest FURMAX can cure your back pain. Head-height is adjustable, turnable inwards and outwards in 15 degrees, and curved lumbar support to relieve the pressure, as well as PU padded armrests for comfortable leaning. Even though it is not big, it has a high-density quality, with a strong resilience force. The base and legs are made of metal and its weight-bearing capacity is up to 300lbs. The tilt mechanism is designed with the principle of physics so the user feels comfortable when reclining or leaning.

Some features of the FURMAX are:

  • The fabric is breathable with heat-dissipating mesh so it is cool and sweat-free. The soft mesh fabric will protect you from overheating
  • Its large size can suit any place.
  • The PU padded armrests will allow you to lean on them comfortably.
  • The chair is also designed with PU casters which do not produce any sound during movement so it is ideal for working.
  • The head height is adjustable which means that the user can adjust the chair to his or her preferred height.
  • You can turn it inwards or outwards in 15 degrees according to your need because of its 3D movable build.
  • Furthermore, it is curved and has a large lumbar support so that you can experience relief from pressure.
  • It comes in a sleek and streamlined appearance and will fit any decor due to its black colour.

Cushioning and back support are top-notch. The style may appear odd, yet it conveys a sense of familiarity.

Still, one thing I say is that the instructions could be improved. It’s short on details. The problem is that when you’re screwing anything in, it’s not like there’s a single hole for it. Instead, you may play about with the position. As an add-on, this may extend the arm rest and back of your chair by a few inches. But until you put it all together, you won’t realize how big of a difference it makes. This may have been dealt with in the manual.

5. TICOVA Ergonomic 130° Rocking Mesh Chair

TICOVA is a patented high-quality chair that can be adjusted in terms of height, depth, angle and position to meet all kinds of back pain needs. It has an ergonomic backrest and seat, adjustable backrest up to 130° which provides maximum comfort. The TICOVA comes with various special designs for the perfect sitting experience – offering a wider support area, dispersing pressure on hip and thighs – long hours to sit relaxed and cool. The mesh is breathable with a strong tensile strength; PA nylon frame; stainless electroplating metal 3D armrests; big curved foam headrest and comfortable neck and head support.

The special ergonomic design on the backrest and seat enables one to sit comfortably for long hours without pain. The chair features cool and comfortable back support, large, thick and softer PU paddings; big curved foam headrest; SGS certified heavy-duty leg and has 136 kgs bearing capacity. The chair is equipped with big curved PU armrests with a 3D metal relief pattern. This chair provides a pleasant sitting experience free from any unnecessary discomfort.

The TICOVA exceeds all requirements in terms of ergonomic design, durability, affordability, as well as safety by combining the right proportions of sophisticated style and functionality which makes it one of the most successful office seating solutions with more than five years in the market.

The curved back and seat were combined into a W-shaped outline and because of these innovations, the depth of the seat can be reduced, enabling a much longer period of comfortable sitting without pain, when compared to conventional chairs.

In order to maintain an ergonomic posture when reclining, the back reclines independently from the seat. As of now, my only gripe is that my shirt is clinging to my mesh back, but it’s a tiny price to pay for not having back discomfort.

6. SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair

The SIDIZ T50 ergonomic chair is designed to provide you with maximum comfort, while at the same time keeping your back in alignment. It has impressive features like 3-Way adjustable arms, gas lift 360 swivel function, and 5 different tilting angles. Its padding is thick and comfortable, giving you the ultimate seating experience. The backrest has an ergonomic S-curve design that provides support to your lumbar region, making sure your seated posture is ergonomic at all times. You will no longer have to deal with back pain because of an incorrect posture!

Some features are:

  • It has a large backrest that provides proper support to your spine, keeping your upper body aligned with the lower part of the body. It also keeps you away from slouching and keeps your shoulders properly aligned.
  • Not only is it comfortable to sit on, the chair is also adjustable. You can move it up and down, back and forth, and left to right for a better sitting experience.
  • The gas lift adjustment allows you to adjust the height as well as tilt it up or down until you find that perfect angle that will allow you to work without straining yourself or your back.

The SIDIZ T50 chair can be tilted up to 45 degrees. You no longer need to get up every time you want to move around. Adjust the tilt of the chair to fit your needs, and get back to work again! The SIDIZ T50 chair has a nice thick contoured padding for maximum comfort. The polyester-striped mesh backrest not only gives you support to your back but also makes sure you do not get a sweaty back!

It’s a strong, well-built, and visually appealing chair. While the headrest may fall out if you yank too hard, everything else functions as it should. Even the wheels slide easily and smoothly. It’s not the most pleasant chair to sit in, but that really doesn’t hurt to do so either. In addition to the rough seat, the chair has a little gap when you attempt to sit upright, causing you to move away from the seat, which gave me some neck ache.

7. ERGOHUMAN High Back Swivel Chair

ERGOHUMAN chairs are scientifically designed to promote better posture, circulation, and comfort. They are environmentally conscious, too. These chairs are extremely flexible and offer a wide variety of adjustments so they can easily fit different users. With an ergonomically designed seat and back, these chairs will alleviate lower back pain, headaches, and more. ERGOHUMAN chairs meet or exceed ANSI/BIFMA standards for safety and durability. The Chrome/polypropylene base is equipped with nylon casters that prevent scratching of floors or surfaces.

ERGOHUMAN is made of sturdy steel for strength and durability. This chair has an ergonomic design to provide maximum comfort for the user. It has a seat that not only provides relief from back pain but also helps to reduce fatigue during long hours of use. In addition, it has a seat height adjustment system to provide good support for the user. Other features include a tension control to enhance the comfort of the chair and a built-in back support system. The user weight limit is 250 lbs.

The ERGOHUMAN chair will give you a comfortable seating experience with its adjustable arms for maximum flexibility. The seat is fully adjustable by means of a pneumatic cylinder mechanism, which allows you to achieve the right amount of recline to suit you. The back is also adjustable for better comfort. The chair is covered with breathable mesh fabrics on the seat and back that promote air circulation, and it has a sturdy steel frame, which makes it very durable.

8. OFFICE STAR ProGrid High Back Multi-Function Chair

The OFFICE STAR is a chair that can both adjust to your proportions and relieve your back pain. It has an ergonomic, breathable back made of ProGrid, which reduces pressure on the buttocks by dispersing weight evenly across the entire surface of the chair. The chair also comes with adjustable armrests for laptop use or desk work. The pneumatic seat height adjustment mechanisms allow you to lock it at any point within a fixed range, while its ratchet back height adjustments are easy for both taller and shorter users. This OFFICE STAR chair is perfect for sitting in all day long!

The OFFICE STAR has a weight capacity of 250lbs. This means that larger or heavier individuals can comfortably sit in the chair all day long with no problem. It comes with a five-level multi-function gas lift, which allows you to easily modify the seat height, seat depth and backrest angles without straining yourself or using a lot of force. The multi-function gas lift is easily operated by the handle to ensure that you are not straining yourself or having to go through a lot of hassle. The tilt mechanism allows you to tilt the chair back either way, for either standing up or sitting down.

The built-in lumbar support helps to relieve pain and discomfort by pushing your lower back into a natural curvature. The flexibility of the seat allows adjustments to be made on multiple planes. It also has 360° swivel capabilities, which means it can pivot on its own! Overall, the OFFICE STAR is one of the best chairs that can both adjust to your body and alleviate back pain at the same time.

9. SIHOO M80C Ergonomic with Adjustable Lumbar Support Chair

SIHOO M80C is a chair for back pain with ergonomic design, intelligent adjustment, and is of high quality. It comes with all that is necessary for your home or office. The backrest S-shaped design correctly adjusts to the natural curvature of the spine. You can adjust your backrest from 90°-125° to suit different needs. The headrest is adjustable up and down, forwards and backwards so that it can perfectly fit anyone’s neck size. There are armrests on both sides for comfort while typing on a computer or reading an e-book, especially when sitting for long periods.

The height of the chair is adjustable so you can find the most comfortable height for your back. The armrests too are height-adjustable so they can be lowered or raised with a simple pull to increase or decrease the angle. The nylon casters make it noise-free when rolling on tiled floors, wood floors, or carpets. You won’t feel numb after sitting in the chair for a long time. You’ll get the most comfort all day long, while seated, thanks to the breathable mesh material.

The SIHOO M80C is a heavy-duty and heavy-weighted chair with a top-quality and solid base and is able to bear up to 330 lbs. It has passed the SGS testing, which ensures that it is an impeccable product with no defects. This chair can be used for working, studying, gaming or simply to relax in. It has a swivel function that allows for 360° movement as well as a lumbar pillow that can be adjusted up or down, as well as vertically, front to back.

10. FELIXKING 968ZK Ergonomic Reclining High Back Mesh Chair

The FELIXKING 968ZK chair is an ergonomic design that will provide all the back support you need, plus armrests and lumbar support. Its curved hollow seat and breathable mesh will ensure air circulation. Features include:

  • The back tilts to the centre of gravity, which allows for better posture at work – relieving pressure on the spine and neck for maximum comfort.
  • The 3D adjustable armrests will provide a comfortable place to rest your arms throughout the day.
  • The chair’s main feature is its curved high-density foam lower back area that relieves pressure on the lower back while sitting in a comfortable position at work and can bring quick relief from back pain.
  • The chair features a large curved headrest with air holes, so you don’t have to worry about getting neck strain from long hours at work.
  • Plus, it features a very comfortable 5-star base with an anti-skid for maximum stability. It has rollerblade wheels that ensure smooth and silent rolling and causes no damage to floors.
  • The ergonomic design of the chair supports up to 300 pounds of weight, which will be suitable for almost any adult.
  • The SGS certificated gas lift will provide tension knob adjustment – separately for the back and the seat.
  • The separate waist and back design is one more plus for this ergonomic chair.
  • Its separate back and seat design are innovative and sophisticated. The waist part provides you with maximum support and flexibility, and because it is separate from the backrest, it ensures that your spine doesn’t take too much pressure. This way, it puts your body in a natural state because when you’re standing, your body weight is distributed over the whole area of your legs, and the spine isn’t the only point of contact with the ground. Instead of pushing down on one small area, it distributes your body weight to make sure that there’s no pressure on your spine at all.

11. NOBLEWELL Ergonomic Lumbar Support Chair

NOBLEWELL is a chair for back pain with an ergonomic design. It has a curved S-shaped backrest that mimics the human spine shape and provides perfect support for the back and neck. The adjustable lumbar, headrest, armrests, and cushions provide ideal support for your sitting posture. The multi-level height adjustment allows you to change position easily while maintaining perfect posture at any level. The backrest supports 90° to 135° tilt adjustment while maintaining the correct sitting posture.

The breathable mesh design ensures sweat and heat is not accumulated while sitting. The high-density sponge cushion provides maximum comfort while sitting on a chair for a long time. You can also rotate 360 degrees which means you don’t have to rotate your entire body around a fixed point. With the caster wheels and air rods, the NOBLEWELL is easy to rotate and move. It has passed SGS and BIFMA, so it’s safe for you to use.

NOBLEWELL is designed to support people of any height who weigh up to 300 pounds. And it’s made using durable, quality materials so it can be used in your home office or workspace, or in any professional setting. This high-quality chair also features casters for easy mobility which also ensures that you don’t scratch hardwood floors while rolling on them.

12. EGOSI SGS-Certified Executive Swivel Chair

The EGOSI, is one of the best ergonomic chairs on the market. It has all the features you want in an ergonomic chair. The backrest, armrests, headrest, and lumbar support are adjustable so no matter what your body type is, it can be adjusted for optimal comfort. There are also 4D armrests that change the shape or angle, based on how you position your arms or how long you rest them in one position. The base plate can be locked at different angles depending on if you’re looking for upright seating, or if you prefer reclining while working or gaming.

The armrests can be tilted forward and back which is a bonus for those who have trouble positioning an armrest at a comfortable distance from their body. The seat cushion is made of gel memory foam, supported by a mesh frame. It’s firm but still comfortable enough to sit on for hours on end without fatigue or pain. There are 3 different reclining angles which makes it suitable for most body types. It comes with dual heat dissipation which will keep you cool even on the hottest days.

The swivel mechanism allows it to adjust to any angle with ease so there’s no need to keep adjusting it every single time your chair is turned away from you. The materials used are all of high quality so it’s durable and will not easily break. There is also a 360-degree swivel to give you the chance to change in any direction without having to move the base. This model can support up to 380 pounds. It has PU silent universal wheels. It is BIFMA- and SGS-certified, and passed 380 pounds of static tension test.

13. ARGOMAX Mesh Ergonomics X Chair

ARGOMAX is the ultimate ergonomic chair for professional and home use. The high-quality and long-lasting material ensures that your investment is worthwhile and pays off in the long run. Features include:

  • The 3D armrests give you comfortable support while typing or using other devices.
  • The product comes with a 5-star base that firmly supports you and the nylon and glass fiber frame offers the maximum durability you need.
  • The adjustable height of 21” to 28” will help you find your favourite sitting position.
  • It’s worth mentioning that this ergonomic computer desk chair has a 2-way headrest that provides correct support for your neck and shoulder area.
  • This ARGOMAX office chair is fully adjustable, to perfectly fit your body and your preferred sitting position. You can adjust the height to sit well above the ground, and thereafter, you can lower its seat depth to perfectly fit your legs and thighs.
  • The chair is made of high-density foam padding that provides exceptional comfort. The waterfall seat includes two layers of padding, one is the dense foam and the other is mesh fabric for cool air circulation.
  • The backrest provides exceptional support with multiple layers of padding.

Also, the chair offers a 3-position tilt lock to help you find your desired position. Adjustable tilt tension provides extra support to your back after long working hours. PU mute caster wheels support a weight of up to 330 lbs. The backrest of this ergonomic office chair provides full support to the upper part of your body – it is well-padded and curved to perfectly complement the shape of your back. This also means that you can spend long hours working without any back fatigue.

14. SIHOO Ergonomic Padded Seat Desk Chair

SIHOO is an ergonomic office chair that can provide you with a perfect sitting position for work or rest, easing your back pain and fatigue. It’s the best way to protect the spine from discomfort. The S-shaped design mimics the human spine, and the linking armrests are synchronized with a tilt mechanism and footrest, all of which leads to a smooth recline.

SIHOO is the chair for back pain, designed to relieve any discomfort from the back. It’s a solution for people who sit a lot during work or in leisure time, who experience back pain and numbness in their lower limbs. You don’t need to get up when working or resting, it can adjust the backrest from 110° to a 170° angle. Careful consideration is given in the construction of the seat – the padded seat makes the SIHOO chair comfortable to sit on –  breathable mesh fabric so that your legs don’t feel numb even after a long time and, the handrail integrated design increases safety when getting up.

The back of the SIHOO chair is super thick, made from 0.4-inch cotton polypropylene material, which can bear a weight of 150 kg/330 lbs. It also has a comfortable headrest. Super thick sponge and solid wood seat construction make it sturdy and comfortable, for long periods. SIHOO also functions as a gaming chair or study chair due to its unlimited reclining functions. The gas lift has been certified by SGS and BIFMA.

15. ALLGUEST Ergonomic Adjustable Desk Chair

ALLGUEST provides an ergonomic design that can help to reduce the tension on your lower back. It has a breathable mesh that ensures fresh air circulation to provide you with comfort while sitting for a long time. The ALLGUEST chair cushion is made of high-density foam covered with fabric. It also has an all-around headrest and long-time use of superior grade casters, so it will be perfect for you to use for years without any problem. The chair is also designed with a heavy-duty steel base, which makes its construction more stable and sturdy.

Another great thing is the circulation of fresh air through the mesh of the ALLGUEST chair, which provides you with comfort. It helps reduce pressure on your lower back when sitting for a long time. With the user-friendly features of the ALLGUEST chair, it’s easy for you to use. It meets many standards, such as the BIFMA test and has a 350 lbs weight capacity. All these features will make this chair perfect for you.

This ergonomic chair provides lumbar support, which is able to reduce the tension on your lower back. It has a lumber pad that is made of high-grade foam padding. It also helps to reduce pressure on your back with the aid of its infinite tilt lock and synchro-tilt that you can adjust easily. The ALLGUEST chair features an all-around headrest, so it will be perfect for you to relax in, after working for a long time. You can use it in many situations, such as at home, office or school etc. This chair is perfect for any environment because of its exquisite design and reliable structure. It will offer you the best relaxation and comfort.