15 Best Lifting Sleepers

A lifting sleeper or lift chair is a recliner with a motorized base that lifts the entire chair from a sitting to a standing position. The lift chair is used by people who have difficulty getting up from a seated position or whose ability to stand up from a seated position has been compromised. Nursing homes and home care agencies use lift-recliners in their client’s homes for elderly patients who have trouble getting in and out of bed or chairs. They are also great for home use!

Motors in lift chairs allow the chair to be reclined effortlessly, reducing the likelihood of muscular strain for the user. Lift chairs are classified into two or 3 position chairs, based on how far they tilt. Those with two positions can recline to roughly 40-45 degree angles, while others with three positions can virtually lie flat. As a result, infinite position lift chairs, or “sleeping lift chairs,” are suitable for napping.

What is the Benefit of Lifting Sleeper?

The sleeper lift chair provides comfort and support to the back and legs of a person. The chair raises and lowers on command, making it easy for a person to rest his or her feet on the floor while raising the seat’s height. The sleeper also serves as an ideal solution for those individuals who suffer from arthritis or limited mobility in their knees, hips, and back.

Best Lifting Sleeper Chairs for Your Comfort

Our list of sleeper lift chairs represents the best available products in the market. Every item on the list has received high ratings from consumers who have reviewed them online. We took our time to choose particular products that we felt were the ultimate lift chair dream!

1. PULASKI Dual Motor Sleeping Lift Chair

The PULASKI, sleeping lift chair is one of the most comfortable chairs on the market. With its individually wrapped coils, it’s really easy to make sure your back maintains the correct lumbar position all day long. The footrest will move in conjunction with the backrest, making it easy to find the perfect position for rest all day long.

This lift chair uses two motors to make sure that you are comfortable. The motors move the footrest and the backrest independently so that you can find the best position each time you sit down.

It is designed for comfort from top to bottom. The buttons on the front allow you to adjust the back and footrest in a second. The cushions are made of a high quality polyester fabric that is easy to clean. There are built-in side pockets for safe storage of valuables, cell phones or a tablet device and the buttons are easily programmed by using the remote control.

It’s not just all comfort either – this chair has one of the highest weight capacities on the market today at 350 lbs. You can use it indefinitely, without having to worry about it breaking. This chair isn’t just for you – it’s also great for your kids or other family members who need a comfortable place to sit while they eat or watch TV. It has all the comfort features of other high-end chairs, but costs much less.

2. FLASH Furniture CH-US-153062L-BRN-LEA-GG Hercules Series

FLASH CH-US-153062L-BRN-LEA-GG is a modern leather upholstery lift chair designed to seamlessly fit in your home or assisted living facility. This recliner is loaded with the latest technology to keep you comfortable for hours. The chair has a sleek, contemporary style and comes in brown leather. These chairs are made of top quality materials that are guaranteed to last for years without losing their softness, durability, or quality construction. The lift chair comes with a pillow back and padded arms for extra comfort.

They come in a unique range of textures, including soft leather, polyurethane, and combinations of the two that will give you the comfort you need for a great night’s sleep or time spent in front of the television. With one touch from your remote control device attached to the chair, you can recline to any angle from 45° to 135°. The wire springs and foam fillings ensure longevity and quality performance.

FLASH Chairs are also fire retardant and designed with a built-in storage pocket on the side of the arm where you can store your remote control, your reading glasses, pens, and more. This is a contemporary and fashionable recliner designed to fit in your home, den, bedroom, man cave or assisted living facility.

3. IRENE HOUSE Dual Motor Lift Chair Recliners for Elderly

The IRENE HOUSE chair is designed with a pillow back, seat and armrest that will support your head and body while you rest. This provides for additional comfort during sleep. The chair also has two motors that will also offer dual functionality by supporting the back and footrests of the chair individually or simultaneously, which enables the user mobility options. Features include:

  • The chair is constructed from high-density foam padding, situated under a durable plywood shell, for a supportive and secure seating experience.
  • It also has a backrest that is ergonomically designed to support your spine and neck.
  • When the lift mechanism is activated, the chair can hold a person weighing up to 300lbs.
  • The cushion on the seat and armrest provides both support and comfort while you rest.
  • It is an ideal solution for those with limited mobility.
  • This chair, with a seat height of 19 inches and craftsmanship that ensures comfort and durability, has side seam pockets to keep your personal items close and easily accessible.

4. FLASH Furniture MEN-DSC01078-BRN-GG LeatherSoft Lifting Sleepers with Padded Arms

The FLASH MEN-DSC01078-BRN-GG is a soft and durable piece designed to fit nicely in any room in your home, from living rooms to bedrooms. The seat is perfect for taking a nap or reading a book. The soft cushion is ideal for relaxing after a long day at work or school.

This recliner also comes with an easy-to-clean seat, armrests and backrest. When it comes to durability, this chair is made of leathersoft upholstery, a combination of leather and polyurethane that won’t wear down easily. The armrests are also padded to provide more comfort for you. This piece can fit perfectly in your living room, bedroom, man cave or sewing room. It’s the perfect spot to sit back and relax with a good book or just have a nice nap after a long day.

The rocker feature can help you get your baby to sleep. The overall size of this chair is 40″ wide x 39-66″ deep x 42″ high . The seat size is 19″W x 21″D x 21.5″H. The back size is 38″W x 26″H. The arm size is 25.5″H from the floor.

5. LANE BOSS Extra Large Man Power Lift Sleeper

The LANE BOSS sleeping lift chair turbo espresso has all the amenities you’re looking for in comfort and convenience. It features a control to adjust the back, seat, and armrests separately. The seat, armrests and footrest each come with 2 motors that deliver a relaxing massage all throughout your body with ease or you can set them to continuous movement or vibration mode. The foot and back rest also come with an infrared heat feature. It has a wired remote control.

There are USB charger ports and 120 volt outlets in the arm. Dimensions are: 25-inch wide seat, 76-inches extended length, distance from the back of the seat to the front of the footrest is 40″. It is the perfect spot to take a nap, read a book or just hang out and fits nicely in your living room, bedroom, nursery, man cave or sewing room.

The backrest and footrest are separate for full relaxation and contour like a massage recliner. Other features are the softest leather-look, long plush pillow top armrests, triple density memory foam in seat and backrest, two motors in the chair for massage and heat, remote control with timer feature, and USB plug-in charging ports and outlet at the front armrests.

6. CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT HOME Teresa Swivel Recliner

The CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT HOME is an amazingly comfortable sleeping lift chair that is designed to provide maximum support for your body, even if you’re recovering from a surgery, and it will even help you regain your strength and stamina. Some of its features are:

  • It supports your head and neck with its adjustable headrest, which allows you to position yourself just right – creating a cool rest area for sleep or work – and also helps relieve the pressure on your shoulders and back.
  • This chair is also perfect for those who have trouble bending over to get into bed, or those that have trouble with dexterity.
  • It can be used as a seat or recliner. This makes it a versatile seat that can be enjoyed by almost anyone – especially those with back problems – and it’s available at a price that won’t break the bank.
  • This is a well-constructed lift chair that is designed with the highest level of attention to detail and craftsmanship.
  • It has a beautiful, classic look and is available in black.
  • Its polyurethane material makes it comfortable and lightweight.
  • It’s also super easy to control and has a release lever that makes reclining easy.

7. SIGNATURE DESIGN BY ASHLEY Catanzaro Power Recliner, Sleeping Lift Chair

The Catanzaro power recliner is SIGNATURE DESIGN BY ASHLEY the new one-touch power lift chair! This high back recliner with luxurious leather surrounds the seating and armrests for a gorgeous look that is still ultra-comfortable. The upholstered headrest gives you optimum comfort while sitting down.

It has one-touch power control, USB charging ports, and also has adjustable settings. All of that is right in your hands after you’ve flipped the button that lifts the seat at the front. For home use, this recliner can easily fit into any room in your house. Built to last for years, there’s no better choice than a one-touch power lift.

The Ashley Signature lift chair is designed to resemble the classic upholstered chair. It has an adjustable headrest and can handle up to 300 lbs, and no matter what your position is, you’ll feel comfortable. It measures 41″ wide x 38″ deep x 42″, and comes with a power cord. The chair is in a mahogany color, which makes it an attractive addition to any room in your home.

8. IRENE HOUSE 9188 Dual OKIN Motor Lift Chair

Made of formaldehyde-free wood and metal, this IRENE HOUSE 9188 chair comes with four vibrating massage modes. It is equipped with a quiet, smooth and independent dual OKIN motor.

This lift chair is able to recline from 90 degrees to 180 degrees. The backrest has a lumbar pillow as well as a side pocket for your convenience and comfort. The tilt angle can be set up to 105 degrees and 180 degrees.

The body has been crafted from stainless steel. The seat and backrest are made of wood, with a smooth and comfy leather cover, which gives the chair a sturdy yet elegant appearance. The stitching pattern, which is in black color, gives the chair a modern and simple look.

The back of this lift chair is made from a high-density formaldehyde-free sponge, which will give you an extremely comfortable experience. The backrest has a lumbar pillow and a side pocket for your comfort and relaxation. This lift chair has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs and comes with a wireless remote controller as well as an individual hand controller and there is a heating system for lumbar support.

9. PULASKI Faux Leather Dual Motor Lift Chair

The PULASKI 9188 is the perfect choice for those who need a comfortable way to sit while they doze or watch TV. This chair is designed with comfort in mind, including a leather-look cover and soft, specially designed fabric that makes it easy to clean. Features include:

  • The chair has a hand-held wired remote with large buttons to make navigation easy.
  • It has a side pocket to store remotes and other items.
  • It’s designed with dual motors in order to move the chair in two directions –  to sit up or to lay down.
  • It can be used at any time for sleeping, watching TV or reading.
  • It is incredibly comfortable for anyone using it and especially for the elderly.
  • The padded arms, seat and back provide comfort while sitting or sleeping.
  • The seat and back have individually wrapped drop-in pocketed coils that prevent sagging, and provide ultimate support and comfort.

10. IRENE HOUSE Modern Transitional Chair Lifts for Elderly

IRENE HOUSE is a recliner-sleeper that is ideal for use in the home. A perfect solution for people who want comfort despite injuries or immobility. The frame is made of solid wood and the seat and backrest are made of thickened high-density foam. This chair can accommodate up to 300 lbs and not only reclines but also lifts (to help turn it into a bed). The mechanism is durable, with moving parts that will last for years.

The cover is made of breathable suede fabric, ensuring your comfort. The chair has a wide variety of positions and functions. A push-button mechanism makes shifting into any position quick and easy, and it can extend into a sleeping lift chair.

This is a sleeping lift chair with an elegant design, simple durable metal mechanism, and powered by an Okin motor.  It has a side pocket to store the remote.

Overall, this is an ideal lift chair for people who have trouble shifting from sitting to standing or for those who have recently returned home from the hospital. It also makes an excellent choice for someone recovering from surgery.

11. DEVAISE OKIN Dual-Motor Power Lift Recliner Chair / Sleeper

With its 2 independent motors and a quiet operation, the DEVAISE OKIN lifting and reclining chair is guaranteed not to interrupt your sleep. It has a high back for extra comfort and easy adjustments with its remote control. The PU leather finish on this chair is easy to clean, and the anti-back-tipping support ensures that you are secure.

For extra convenience, the chair has two USB charging ports so you can charge your smart devices while using it. With its long service lifespan, it is not only the best lift chair for sitting or laying flat but also the most efficient choice for your living room. The quiet operation of the motor is guaranteed means your sleep won’t be interrupted.

The thickness of the footrest allows your feet to rest comfortably. The footrest is adjustable via 2 ergonomic handles. The padded armrest offers extra comfort and optimal in-chair stability. The ergonomically shaped pillow offers just the right amount of backrest support.

This DEVAISE OKIN sleeping lift chair with side pocket, anti-back-tipping, supports 450lbs, with dimensions of 37″W x 38″D x 41″H.

12. SIGNATURE DESIGN BY ASHLEY Yandel Upholstered Power Lift Recliner for Elderly

SIGNATURE DESIGN BY ASHLEY is the newest innovation in sitting chairs and offers all the benefits of an electric lift. The chair includes two independent motors, adjusters for the backrest and footrest, and is quiet during operation. Some of its features are:

  • It has a long service lifespan, thick poly fiber that provides a cozy feel-good touch, upholstery that looks like leather, with thick cushions and a sturdy metal-reinforced seat.
  • You will enjoy 20″ of cushioning on its seat and a length of 69″ when fully reclined as well as wide armrests.
  • The color is easily matched.
  • You can sit freely adapt to any position.
  • This product is a success among the majority of users, who tend to be in their 40s and 50s.
  • It also has a comfortable cushion and offers a lot of advantages for senior people.
  • The product includes a multi-function remote control. You can raise and lower the armrest, and adjust the seat height with the two independent electric motors.

The entire chair is quiet during operation, looks like leather and is very comfortable.

13. MECOR Power Lift Lay Flat Sleeper Recliner

MECOR is not just another ordinary lift chair. It’s a multi-functional lift chair that provides you with many options. It has various features such as 2 independent TUV motors, and the chair can carry up to 330lb in weight and provides you with a quieter operation than most other chairs. It has 8 vibrating massage nodes (back, lumbar, thigh, legs) which give you more powerful relief than other chairs. It also has one heating system for the lumbar area.

The chair is constructed of a high-density composite board that is sturdy and durable. It has PU leather upholstery so it can be easily cleaned. It is designed to be simple with a modern look. You can adjust the backrest and footrest independently with a tilt angle of 180° or move forwards and backwards for extra comfort. The chair has 2 side pockets that are used to store your things.

The MECOR has a metal frame, wider seat and backrest for more comfort, 2 USB charge ports, 2 extra universal rear wheels, with easy-to-move casters.

14. MECOR Power Lift Recliner Lift Sleeper Chair for Elderly

The MECOR is a fully adjustable and comfortable sleep aid for those with limited mobility. This chair is designed to elevate the head, shoulders, and feet as desired by the user. It includes 8 vibrating massage nodes (back, lumbar, thigh, legs) as well as a memory foam mattress. The comfort of this product ensures your needs are met and provides you with restful sleep every night. This product also has two remotes for easy operation and features a 160° reclining angle that will be perfect for any user.

It is a great addition to any small bedroom or living area, as it will provide continuous support from head to toe for comfortable rest. The product is designed to be both durable and functional. This is a sleeping lift chair that has been designed with one heating system for lumbar, high-quality flannelette, and superfine fibers for enhanced comfort. Its wide backrest and non-slip footrest help to maintain the perfect position for the lower back and feet. The chair’s sturdy frame has a weight capacity of 330lb.

It has all of the features you need for a comfortable night’s sleep. The headrest is designed to be fully adjustable, allowing it to be easily raised or lowered to the correct height. It is also able to swivel around on its base, allowing you to have full access in any direction. The vibration function of this lift chair is controlled by a wired remote, which also includes the overall power function.

15. IRENE HOUSE Power Lift Modern Transitional Lifts Sleeper Chair

This chair enables you to sit, sleep, watch TV or read without needing to get up. It is perfect for people who have leg problems or after surgery. It has a removable mat that can be washed by hand or machine.  Features include:

  • The head pillow is soft and comfortable.
  • It comes with a remote control for convenient operation.
  • The chair is easy to assemble with detailed instructions.
  • It is made of durable metal and high-quality fabric so it can be used comfortably for many years.
  • This chair supports up to 300 lbs.
  • It has an extendable footrest that supports the entire body when in use.
  • Two handrails are provided for additional support when you are getting in or out of the chair, providing safety.
  • There are also built-in side pockets where you can store your water bottle, remote control or daily necessities while watching TV, etc.
  • Powered by the German brand Okin motor, this chair is quiet and strong.
  • The convex-shaped seat is especially useful for those who have severe knee problems as they tend to feel more comfortable.