15 Best Tall Comfort Height Toilets for Elderly

Toilet seats that don’t fit properly can lead to many different problems for users. With today’s advancements in toilet seat design, including the introduction of the comfort height toilet, it has never been easier to find a tall and accessible toilet.

What is a Standard Toilet Height?

The standard height of a toilet is between 15 and 18 inches. This height is measured from the top of the toilet to the floor.

Some people, especially taller people, find it uncomfortable to use a standard-height toilet because their knees are at an angle that forces them to strain. This can lead to problems like hemorrhoids or soreness in hips or back. As a result, some taller people prefer toilets with higher seats so they don’t have to tilt their bodies while sitting down on the commode.

Standards are set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and they do not specify the maximum height of the toilet seat. However, most manufacturers follow ANSI standards or at least adhere to them in some way. This means that standard-height toilets will have seats between 15 and 18 inches.

What Is A Tall (Comfort Height) Toilet?

A tall or comfortable height toilet usually refers to one that is elongated and specifically designed with a taller seat height. The difference between a regular toilet and a tall toilet can be anywhere from 2-3 inches in height, so it totals between 18-21 inches in height. If your elderly family member struggles to reach the average-height toilet seat, then it may be time to invest in one of these taller models.

Why Should I Buy A Tall Toilet?

If you have a senior in your life who is having difficulty, consider purchasing a tall toilet. Many seniors have had some sort of injury or medical condition that makes it difficult for them to bend down to reach a regular toilet seat. This may be due to arthritis, a bad hip or a knee injury.

When trying to decide on the best tall toilets for seniors, there are many considerations to take into account like height, size, price and design. Your loved one might have different needs depending on their physical limitations and how often they use the bathroom. Ask your elderly family member or friend what works best for them.

Which Toilet Is Best For Your Loved One?

We do not recommend any one particular model. Instead, we’ll be answering exactly why we picked each of the models we selected in our top 15 best tall toilets for elderly. We wanted to make sure we gave you enough information about them so that you can select one that fits your loved one’s specific needs as well as your budget! ​

1. CONVENIENT HEIGHT 20 inch Extra Tall Toilet

The CONVENIENT HEIGHT is an elevated height toilet to accommodate elderly persons in the bathroom. It has a back-end bowl and a structural reinforcement frame that supports the physical structure of its elevated height. This product only requires one flush per trip for an easy clean and an ideal level of water savings. The Extra Tall Toilet installs in any style bathroom seamlessly.

It also helps prevent falls by providing the elderly person with more time to slowly get up from sitting on its sturdy frame without holding onto anything. The high elevation gravity flush swooshes away waste with 1.28 gallons per flush. Its bowl’s height is 21″ which makes sitting down and standing up easier for the elderly.

This toilet has a dual flushing system that allows the user to choose between an economy or full flush depending on the amount of waste that needs to be flushed away. Its slow-closing seat prevents any unexpected bumps and bruises from happening to the user as they sit down and stand up.

The dimensions are 27 x 15 x 36 inches, with a height of 21 inches. This allows more room for the elderly to move around and eliminates the need for steps or assistance to get on and off the toilet. The 3.5-inch flush lever handle on the top is easy to access. The handle itself is unobstructed and simply needs to be lifted for proper operation.

2. SIGNATURE HARDWARE 945956 Bradenton 1.28 GPF Two-Piece Elongated Toilet

This two-piece configuration elongated bowl has an extra comfort feature that extends out an extra 1 ½ inches – giving you that much more room. The slow-close seat is perfect. It comes with a visible trap-way to keep things clean and there’s no need to touch any dirty handles while flushing.

This tall toilet will make your bathroom shine with its sleek chrome flush handle and elegant design. This is definitely one of the most premium toilets on the market today, made of vitreous china that’s both scratch and stain resistant. As for installation, this toilet measure overall height 34″, depth 29″, width: 17″, so it’s perfect for smaller spaces. The clean design of this toilet will give your bathroom a luxurious look that you’ll be proud to own.

The Signature Hardware 945956 tall toilet has all the bells and whistles of a premium toilet, but at an affordable price. The elongated bowl adds extra comfort and enables more room for those with medical needs. You’ll also get a 1.28 gallon-per-flush and a 25-year limited warranty to go along with it.

3. DEERVALLEY DV-1F026 Dual Flush Elongated Standard One Piece Toilet

The DEERVALLEY DV-1F026 dual-flush one-piece toilet is made of high quality porcelain materials and is easy to install. This product has a sleek ADA height design that makes it suitable for both adult and children’s use and features a leak-proof seal that prevents water from leaking out. Features include:

  • It comes complete with a push button removable seat, pre-installed flush valve and self cleans to simplify maintenance.
  • The overall height is 28-inch, with a depth of 28.5-inch and width of 14-inch.
  • This toilet is super-quiet and has a powerful flush.
  • The dual flush enables you to save water by only flushing when necessary.
  • It comes with a preinstalled wax ring.
  • The DEERVALLEY DV-1F026 dual-flush one-piece toilet has an oval-shaped bowl that allows more space for waste and can reduce how often you need to clean.
  • It has a flush control lever that’s hidden behind the toilet seat for easy access and allows users to adjust the water level of the toilet tank.
  • The flush valve is configured in such a way that it can get rid of both liquid and solid waste at once.
  • The push-button removable seat also makes it easier to install and remove.
  • Most importantly, this product comes with an installation kit that includes all the necessary parts needed in order to install this product in your home.

4. SWISS MADISON SM-1T257 SUBLIME II – One Piece Toilet

The SWISS MADISON SM-1T257 SUBLIME II is a one-piece luxury toilet with a powerful low-noise flushing mechanism. The sleek white color of the mechanism adds to its modern design making this unit a perfect addition to your bathroom. This toilet has space for more comfort and a soft closing seat.

The SUBLIME II is a great toilet if you are looking for a unit that you will not have to constantly clean. The flawlessly smooth, easy-to-clean porcelain bowl and tank design makes it a superb unit for anyone who is prone to toilet clogs. It is also leak proof and will never clog due to its patented dual flush system. To clean the sink, just wipe the bottom with a soft cloth and don’t use harsh chemicals or detergents.

The height of this unit is about 28 inches which will be great for anyone who is looking for taller units. It offers 0.8 gallons per flush and has an efficient high-performance gravity action which allows it to produce less noise.

5. SIGNATURE HARDWARE 941039 EBLER Two Piece Elongated Toilet

The elongated bowl of the SIGNATURE HARDWARE 941039 EBLER Tall Toilet is easier to use, making it more comfortable than shorter toilets. Because the bowl is extended, there’s more room for users to sit comfortably. The elongated design also makes this two-piece toilet easier to clean than its shorter counterparts.

The 1.6-gallon, dual-flush system of this toilet enables users to choose between a 0.8-gallon flush for liquids and a 1.6-gallon flush for solids. The dual-flush technology gives users the option of saving water for a light flush or using more water when flushing larger amounts. The dimensions of the bowl are 15.5″ high x 30.75″ wide x 15.75″ deep, while the overall height is 26.5″.

The flush button of the toilet is easy to access and use. The P-trap connector is simple to hook up and install, which allows for a quick installation. The SIGNATURE HARDWARE 941039 EBLER Tall Toilet can be purchased in white.

6. EZ-ACCESS TILT Incline Lift, Corded Power Toilet

EZ-ACCESS is the perfect solution for anyone that wants more mobility in their bathroom with ease of use for everyone from 5’2″ to 6’4″. This heavy duty unit is perfect for people who need more space or need assistance getting on or off the toilet. Some of its features are:

  • This toilet is a great solution for those who need to sit down but don’t want to use a standard toilet set.
  • Its handheld control makes it easy for anyone to use the bathroom.
  • The system is the ideal solution for someone looking for an affordable, high-quality solution.
  • It helps improve your health by keeping joints in their best position while sitting.
  • With a specially-designed lightweight frame and the ability to be wall mounted, these toilets are easy to install.
  • It has many times the power, durability and weight capacity of regular toilets.

7. TOTO CST243EF#01 ENTRADA Two-Piece Round Height Toilet

The TOTO CST243EF#01 ENTRADA toilet has a modern high-profile design that’s sure to complement your aesthetic sense. Its brushed nickel tank hardware, left-hand chrome trip lever, and clean and simple lines will make it the perfect addition to your bathroom. The extra-large siphon jet helps clean with a powerful cleansing flush. The 3” wide flush valve and large trap-way allow for 1.28 gallons per flush.

This toilet is built on the European standard E-max flushing system for maximum performance. That means you’ll get more water efficiency. And the extra-large siphon jet keeps your bowl free of bacteria and offers effective cleansing. It is also equipped with everything you need for installation, including tank-to-bowl hardware, a tank-to-bowl gasket, and toilet bolt caps.

Just like other TOTO toilets, it is designed to help you save money. WaterSense, CALGreen, and CEC compliant – it’s also ADA compliant! Plus, the large trap-way ensures your toilet won’t clog when you use the extra-large siphon jet. It’s made of durable SAN ABS plastic in a high impact resistant finish in black or white for your convenience.

8. KOHLER VEIL K-1381-0 One-Piece Skirted Toilet

The Kohler VEIL K-1381-0 is an elongated toilet that is easy to clean and ensures no clogs or issues. There are dual flushes, a left-hand trip lever, a slow close-seat and a design that saves space in your bathroom.

This is a toilet that is made for comfort and efficiency. The elongated bowl ensures your comfort while sitting on it.  It has a sleek design with an easy-to-clean finish. It comes with quick-release mounting hardware.

This toilet can prevent clogs because of its fully glazed trap design and the patented K-Max flushing system to maximize flush performance. It has a dual flush system so you have two different flushing options.

The Kohler VEIL K-1381-0 has a seat that is designed to close by using the innovative hinge technology. This seat will shut slowly without making loud noises. The slow-close feature will ensure you are safe from any accidents. It comes with a trip lever that is on the left side for easy flushing even for right-handed people.

9. TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake 2-Piece Ada Toilet

TOTO CST744SL#01 comes with a G-Max flushing system that offers a hygienic and powerful flush at a great value. It has an elongated bowl, so it will fit your space comfortably. Features include:

  • This toilet features a wide trap-way to promote healthier, odor-free bowl cleanliness.
  • The low consumption of 1.6GPF/6.0LPF also helps the environment by reducing water usage by as much as 20%.
  • This 2-piece toilet has a color-matched tank and a number of mounting options.
  • The material is vitreous china, a chrome trip lever and is ADA compliant, so it’s safe for homes with the elderly or individuals with disabilities.
  • It also features a fully glazed trap-way for easy cleaning and maintenance as well as a one-year limited warranty.
  • This toilet is designed to fit your space better.

10. AMERICAN STANDARD 2988101.020 2-Piece Height Round Front Toilet

The AMERICAN STANDARD 2988101.020, tall toilet, is sturdy and reliable. The two-piece design includes a bowl and tank with a seat so it can be installed separately without any hassle. It features a powerful flush action that hygienically cleans the toilet. The chrome-plated trip lever controls water pressure.

This tall toilet bowl is made of vitreous china designed to last. The trip lever is easy to control and durable. It has a slow-close seat and is  ADA compliant providing safety assurance for disabled users.

The AMERICAN STANDARD, tall toilet tank with seat, is very spacious and comfortable. It features a high-efficiency water-saving design that helps the environment by reducing the amount of water used.

11. KOHLER K-3589-0 CIMARRON Comfort Height Elongated Toilet

The KOHLER K-3589-0 CIMARRON, a residential toilet, is a popular choice for a number of reasons. This two-piece combination bowl and tank, with an ADA compliant seat and cover, is perfect for those who struggle to use standard height toilets. The CIMARRON has a powerful flush that contains 1.28 gallons per flush (4.8 LPG). It has a slow-close cover.

This toilet is made from vitreous china material, meaning it will be easy to clean and keep clean. It also comes with a 2-1/8 inch glazed trap-way and has a powerful flush.

The surface combines the benefits of both an easy clean and a glazed trap-way, meaning there is no build-up of limescale or grime.

12. KOHLER K-3981-0 One Piece Toilet

The tall design makes it easier for standing up and sitting down. It also improves your hygiene along with its easy-to-clean surface, saves water with its powerful flush, offers added comfort, and can even simplify cleaning.

Some of the toilet’s features are:

  • The KOHLER K-3981-0 is made of vitreous china materials. Vitreous china refers to a type of china that is fired at a very low temperature so that the china becomes translucent—much like glass. The result is an almost-opaque white or grey appearance.
  • This toilet is visually appealing and durable, with its porcelain-like color and non-porous nature.
  • It is designed for use in small spaces.
  • This item uses a 1.28 GPF (Gallon Per Flush) flush.
  • The recommended water pressure for this type of toilet is between 30 and 100 PSI – the lower the pressure level, the more water it will use during flushing (see the chart below).

13. SIGNATURE HARDWARE 413995 STALNAKER ADA Compliant Two-Piece Elongated Toilet

The STALNAKER toilet has an elongated bowl for added comfort. Its raised height makes it suitable for people with different height requirements. The polished chrome finish offers a high-end look while the flat base makes it ideal for installation in any bathroom decor. It comes with 1.6 gallons per flush. The bathroom faucet is designed to offer durability, reliability and dependability at all times while maintaining its elegance and beauty.

Its water supply stability is also paramount in maintaining the flawless performance of the fixture. The simple design enables greater ease of use, particularly when compared to older toilets.

It is more comfortable for elderly people, disabled guests or visitors. This is a popular choice with homeowners and is very efficient at using water, while maintaining a classier look than most toilets. Dimensions are 18.25″ bowl height x 28.5″ depth x 17.5″ width x 33.25″ overall height.

14. TOTO MW4463046CEMFG#01 Two-Piece Dual Flush Toilet

TOTO’s classic tall toilets provide an easier, more accessible way to sit down and stand up. The elongated bowl offers excellent comfort. On top of that, these toilets are designed with a quiet, powerful flushing system and long-lasting cleaning. It has a chrome center-mounted push button that activates power for seamless integration into any modern bathroom design. It includes a water supply and power cord for easy installation. The flush has two options: 0.8 GPF rinse or 1.28 GPF.

The length makes it comfortable for any user, whether you are 6’6” or 5’0”. Rather than having to bend over awkwardly when using the restroom, you can have a more comfortable bathroom experience with this toilet.

The easy-touch buttons make use of innovative technology to provide you with the ultimate convenience. The automatic air deodorizer and heated seat are activated through touch activators that allow you to switch between different settings quickly and easily.

15. TOTO MS854114EG#01 Eco Ultramax Elongated One Piece Toilet

The TOTO MS854114EG#01 is a one-piece toilet that offers longevity, energy efficiency, and modern technology. The powerful flushing system easily removes waste and particles from the low profile bowl and prevents buildup in the surface of the ceramic. Features include:

  • Made of vitreous china and plastic, this toilet is easy to clean and comes with a soft seat for added comfort.
  • The innovative E-Max 1.28 GPF flushing system provides a powerful flush without wasting water.
  • This toilet includes a quiet noise-reducing connection that is quiet when flushed.
  • The TOTO MS854114EG#01 offers a range of features designed to simplify daily living. These include an antibacterial, self-cleaning bowl that helps keep your home germ-free.
  • The smooth, slow-close seat is comfortable and its surface will not absorb odors.
  • The easy-to-clean design of the toilet has a modern look that matches most decors.
  • This toilet’s WaterSense label provides added water conservation with less water usage. This toilet has been certified CALGreen and CEC compliant, so it is environmentally friendly.