15 Best Velcro Shoes For Elderly

You may know that velcro is a fastening system that can be undone and then redone with ease. Velcro shoes are easy for older people to put on and take off without assistance and the design allows for an easy and consistent grip around the foot so they can walk securely while also being very convenient to slip them on and off with minimal effort.

There are a variety of styles and brands available. Many different types can make it difficult to chose for balance, safety and working effectively for your feet. Buying a good pair of shoes is also important to prevent accidents.

For the elderly, who are more vulnerable to swelling or diabetic foot ulcers, there are many medical-grade velcro shoes on the market. If you have problems with your feet due to diabetes or circulation problems, these shoes could be your best option for protection and preventative care.

Which Velcro Style is Best For You?

Velcro shoes are popular because they provide a secure and snug fit. They come in various styles and materials. But before you purchase your next pair of Velcro shoes, it’s important to consider which style is best for you. Here are some key points on how to choose the best style of Velcro shoes for you.

  • What Is The Size Of Your Feet & Toes?
  • Are You A Heavy Or Light Wearer?
  • How Long Do You Wear Your Shoes In A Day?
  • What Type Of Material Are You Looking For In A Pair Of Shoes?
  • Any Other Specific Requirements That Might Be Important To You?

The type of Velcro shoe that you choose should depend on your activity. For example, if you are doing sports such as running, you will need extra grip and traction (in spite of the fact that these don’t make up much difference when walking). If you are doing light activities such as work or casual activities, then the best kind of Velcro shoe would be one with breathability so that your feet can breathe properly while wearing them.

Another thing you must take into consideration is your personal preference. Some people love a soft and comfortable shoe, whereas others prefer a tight and secure feel. Some may prefer a hard material for better support, while it may make others uncomfortable. You should choose a Velcro shoe that is going to make you feel most comfortable.

Here are 15 of the best velcro shoes that are designed for older adults who get swollen feet or have diabetes.

1. Youyun Diabetic Casual Shoes | Women

The Youyun women’s diabetic shoes are designed to provide a high level of comfort and safety for people with diabetes, older people, and those with swollen feet. The shoes have been constructed from soft rubber that will last for a long time. They are made with an anti-slip particle film in order to increase the surface friction between the ground and the shoe body. They feature soft air cushions to further reduce shock absorption, so you will walk in comfort over any terrain.

These shoes are designed for women with oedema, chronic foot ulcers and swollen feet. The shoes have been manufactured to be wide enough to make it possible for people of different sizes. These shoes also have Velcro straps that can adjust for comfort.

The straps on the side can be adjusted so they don’t interfere with your stride while you walk or run without the discomfort of clips rubbing against your skin. Youyun’s women’s diabetic shoes are designed for the unique needs of diabetic women including wider widths, soft uppers and wider toe areas to protect against foot deformities caused by diabetes.

2. Zumeijia Diabetic Elderly Velcro Shoes | Men

Zumeijia men’s diabetic shoes are perfect – they are made of TPU rubber that has excellent wear resistance and astounding shock-absorbing performance. The wear resistance is an important feature that allows these shoes to last a long time. 

These are made especially for the elderly and are attractive and durable at the same time. They are soft, comfortable, breathable and non-slip. The shoes are made of TPU rubber to ensure they last long. Inside is where all the magic happens – it features an air cushion design that allows your swollen feet more comfort.

The shoe body adjusts the elasticity of the shoe and has enough range for every degree of swelling. These shoes will keep you free from blisters and calluses.

The Velcro straps on the front allow you to adjust the shoes easily. It also makes your feet more comfortable with great shock absorption.

3. Leader Show Elderly Casual Comfort Shoe | Women

The Leader casual comfort walking shoes are a good choice for women who walk and jog often and need a little more stability and protection. The sole is lightweight but still offers protection from all types of surfaces. The heel is extra cushioned for those individuals who have swollen feet, as well as those who find it difficult to walk. Velcro straps make taking the shoes on and off easy – and we all know how hard it can be for some people! Some features are:

  • It is an excellent design, complete with a good grip so you feel confident on any surface.
  • The breathable lining helps relieve tired and swollen feet.
  • They are lightweight shoes that are perfect for any occasion whether running, everyday wear or even night walks.
  • The light cushioning provides support when needed without adding too much weight.

Leader is an activity shoe brand that creates high-quality, lightweight, and durable shoes with features that meet all your needs. With their unique design, these shoes are perfect for the elderly or those who walk awkwardly or need orthosis. Even swollen feet are not a problem as they will easily accommodate the swelling by providing a more comfortable fit.

4. W&Le-Slippers Wide Width Walking Shoes | Men

The W&Le men’s wide width walking shoes are designed for elderly people or for those who get swollen feet periodically, providing them with enough space for the toes and insteps. These shoes are great if you have suffered from edema or foot problems caused by diabetes, as they can be adjusted when your feet swell.

The velcro straps make it easy to adjust the shoes, based on the severity of the swelling. The insoles themselves are made of air cushion, which provides a comfortable sensation when walking that also disperses pressure from your feet. They absorb shock and reduce friction.

This pullover model is great due to its lightweight material and air cushion design. The secure strap offers stability.

The benefits of these shoes are numerous. The brand is durable and well-made, and the materials do not irritate or aggravate skin conditions or allergies. They come in several widths which means that they should be suitable for most people.

5. Propet Tour Walker Strap Sneaker | Women

Propet Women’s Tour Walker Strap Sneakers has an unstructured upper, so its comfort and flexibility are greater than most other products. You’ll also notice that it has easy velcro straps that make them easier to put on or remove.

Propet’s patented top sole design ensures a comfortable fit with every step. These sneakers are imported and have a rubber sole. With their medicare/hcpcs labelling, these shoes are perfect for any woman who is diabetic or has sensitive feet. The fit of this shoe will also work well with people who need extra width.

The velcro straps are easy to work with when putting them on, adjusting them during the day, or taking them off at the end of a long day. The tread is amazing for walking outside in wet conditions without slipping. The sole is properly cushioned. The Propet women’s tour walker strap sneaker is a great casual shoe. They’re comfortable and casual and perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle.

The leather upper is paired with a twin-strap closure system that offers excellent support and easy on/off function. If you’re looking for an amazing new style that is perfect for your busy lifestyle, look no further than Propet women’s tour walker strap sneakers.

6. Denacare Wide Width Shoes | Women

Denacare Women’s Wide Width Shoes are well-made and have an adjustable closure. These shoes are very comfortable and offer a true custom-made feel. The insole is thick and cushioned for a great in-shoe feel. Features include:

  • an adjustable closure system that allows them to be adjusted for individual feet without having to remove the shoe
  • they are very lightweight
  • a stay-on latex-free strap, these shoes are made for feet that swell
  • 100% polyester with a rubber sole
  • they reduce toe pressure and offer a comfortable fit, provide reasonable depth for orthotics
  • the padded tongue goes up higher than other shoes 

These shoes can accommodate foot deformities mainly for the elderly. The shoes are machine washable, which makes them easy to clean.

7. RYLHL Diabetic Walking Shoes | Men

RYLHL men’s diabetic walking shoes are well-liked by many. They come in a wide range of sizes and styles. These comfortable, breathable shoes offer excellent support for people with various foot problems, such as diabetic swelling, arthritis edema, neuropathy and plantar fasciitis feet. Many people use these shoes to relieve foot pain such as heel spurs or plantar fasciitis pain in the mornings when they get out of bed or before going on a long walk. 

The material used consists of High-Quality Mesh fabric that is fully breathable and soft for all-day wearing. The rubber sole offers great traction due to its grip design. Moreover, it is easy to put on/off because of its Velcro fastening closure & strap, which you can adjust according to your needs. These shoes are designed with firm support and can accommodate different foot shapes, sizes, and high arches.

When it comes to good quality, comfort, and prices, these shoes are good value.  Furthermore, they are adjustable and will fit on any foot even if it’s swollen and edema-ridden. You don’t have to worry about them slipping off while working or running errands.

8. Mejormen Edema Diabetic Shoes | Men

Mejormen men’s edema shoes are an innovative product for elderly men suffering from diabetes, or anyone who has swelling in their feet. The diabetic shoes are designed to be fully adjustable to the width of your feet and have a wraparound style with a comfortable hook-and-loop strap for a customized fit. The diabetes shoe also has a premium orthotic cushion insole which is very soft and comfortable. They will keep you from slipping and are comfortable.

These shoes feature a breathable mesh upper and plush lining. The soft, durable material will keep your feet happy and the padded sole will provide you with ample protection against painful blisters or calluses. Wear these shoes whenever you’re on your feet for an extended period of time.

If you are looking for a great gift idea, your search is over. These make an excellent gift for your husband, father, or loved one. They feature a wide toe to easily step in and out of the shoe. Also nicely packed in 4 styles with mesh wide strap and plush long strap. The rounded roomy toes help eradicate pain and they have soles that will prevent slipping. These hook-and-loop strap shoes are perfect for older men who have trouble with their feet and need extra support while they walk.

9. Nunn Bush Hook And Loop Casual Loafer | Men

The Nunn Bush Hook and Loop is a lightweight slip-on loafer for men. A well-styled everyday shoe that will move with the shape of the foot. The tongue is padded and the collar is made with a mesh fabric lining, and additional cushioning in the form of Memory Foam cushions add unparalleled comfort.

With a soft, durable leather upper and supple memory foam insole that forms to your foot for a custom fit, these strap hook and loop closure shoes are a great addition to any wardrobe. Designed to be modern and built with premium materials for superb comfort, these shoes can be worn anywhere – from running errands on the weekend, or relaxing at home. They have been designed to mold your foot shape while providing you with all-day comfort.

The leather feels premium and the shoe is well done considering the price point. After wearing them for an extended period, they will still be comfortable even after many hours of wear, with no blisters or soreness. They also fit true to size. The one strap hook and loop closure will make these easy to put on and take off.

10. Orthoshoes Edema Shoes Mesh Breathable | Women

Orthoshoes are perfect for those who need extra stretch to accommodate swollen feet. The breathable mesh upper expands with your foot when you walk to offer a more comfortable fit. They feature:

  • the orthopedically engineered sole provides extra grip for both indoor and outdoor wear, while the visible air cushion design helps reduce shock
  • a great way to treat swollen feet and prevent future complications, these shoes can be a valuable investment for those with diabetes or who are prone to frequent bouts of swelling
  • they are also beneficial for other foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis or metatarsalgia
  • forefoot straps are highly adjustable, so they can accommodate changes with the degree of swelling
  • the sturdy and lightweight sole makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor wear
  • the shoes are light enough and tough enough for women with plantar fasciitis or torn plantar fascia ligament who need support without excess weight on their heels

The great thing about these orthoshoes is that they’re actually affordable. Women can now buy stylish yet supportive footwear thanks to Orthoshoes’ designs. 

11. Orthoshoes Diabetic Walking Shoes | Women

OrthoShoes have been designed with comfort in mind to help you reduce pressure on your feet. The range of adjustment with these orthopedic shoes is ideal for changes in the degree of swelling that can happen as a result of diabetes or other ailments affecting the foot. The wide, sturdy sole provides grip both indoors and outdoors so you can wear them on any occasion. They have a visible air cushion design to absorb shock so you will be able to walk more comfortably without worrying about hurting your feet.

They are wide enough to accommodate custom orthotics or diabetic insoles. A visible air cushion design also reduces the risk of tripping. This is an ideal option for those who need extra stretch because its comfortable design will accommodate swollen feet more easily.

The large air cushion also provides shock absorption and support to help alleviate pressure on swollen feet while the mesh material prevents water, sweat, and moisture from causing discomfort. Orthoshoes diabetic shoes provide natural stability and control to keep you moving, without sacrificing your comfort. 

When it comes to orthotics, many people might be hesitant to order them online. However, there is no better alternative than Orthoshoes. These women’s diabetic walking shoes are worth every penny.

12. New Balance 813 V1 Hook and Loop | Men

New Balance Men’s 813 v1 Hook and Loop shoes are man-made with great details. These shoes have rubber soles. This is one of the most well-crafted pair of shoes on the market today. The leather upper provides stability and a sleek finish. It also incorporates a breathable mesh lining for added comfort and reduced contact heat from the ground. 

These shoes feature a classic men’s leather upper that gives you a pleasing look. This model includes an easy-and-quick hook and loop closure, which makes for a secure fit. The rubber sole adds additional comfort as well as durability.

They are available in various styles and sizes so that you can find which is perfect for you. These sneakers have a hook-and-loop closure that provides a secure fit that’s quick and easy to adjust. If your job is tough on your feet or if you’re an avid runner, these shoes will cradle your feet with their supportive cushioning all day long.

The 813 features a soft upper with secure closure for all-day wearability. A 13mm drop of midsole cushioning will provide support where you need it most. With an affordable price tag, this shoe is sure to please.

13. 80-D Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers | Women

The Women’s 80-d memory foam diabetic slipper is made to support people with diabetes or elderly people. It has an anti-slip outsole. The slippers are also machine washable so they are easy to care for. They have two layers of support foam and shock-absorbing EVA, which provide extra cushioning.

This is a full-coverage style slipper that offers an adjustable strap for a comfortable individual fit, velcro closures that are easy to open and close, and a memory foam insole that contours the feet in order to relieve pain from swollen feet.

The slippers are made with durable materials, to make sure that they will last a lifetime. They feel amazing on the feet, due to their elastic memory foam insole that contours to your feet, relieving foot stress. These slippers are not only great for people with diabetes, but also for anyone who’s wanting something more comfortable during the day.

They can also be worn outside in almost any situation. When it comes to design, they are made with two layers of support foams and shock-absorbing EVA for extra cushioning which means that your feet will be comfortable. These are excellent for arthritis and swollen feet of all ages and are made of quality, durable material. We suggest you get 1 size up for a more comfortable fit.

14. Propét Cush N Foot Slipper | Men

The Propét Men’s Cush N Foot Slipper is another good choice to wear for a long day. You can keep your feet warm and still be able to walk around without much friction. These shoes are made with an extra-large opening for people with diabetes and elderly people, which makes it easier for them to get on and off.

The main material is neoprene or stretchable corduroy which makes these shoes very comfortable and soft for your foot. The heel measures 1.25 inches and the platform measures 0.75 inches to give you support. They are incredibly soft and comfy, perfect for wearing around the house or relaxing.

They are very comfortable on your feet and you can wear them for hours with no fatigue or soreness. They also have a convenient hook and loop closure. If you are looking for a shoe to relax in after a long day, the Propét will be perfect.

This product is designed for both medicare and hcpcs codes A5500 diabetic footwear which is the more common classification of shoes that should be worn by people with diabetes. This product does just what its name implies, it cushions the foot making it great for people who are elderly and have swollen feet.

15. Dr. Comfort Casual Shoe | Men

The Dr. Comfort Carter men’s casual shoes are very comfortable and provide the support that is needed to be able to walk comfortably for hours at a time. In addition, they are very lightweight. These shoes will help protect your feet from the complications of diabetes. Smooth gel insoles come standard in these shoes. The inserts help provide comfort and stability to elderly people and individuals with medical conditions such as arthritis and diabetes.

These shoes provide extra depth and room to accommodate severe edema as well as internal braces. A few of the other features include:

  • a breathable, durable lycra material that allows for machine washing
  • a transition from day to night with these easy-to-maintain, casual shoes
  • they provide excellent foot protection and a cushioned heel and tongue to prevent skin irritation 
  • this shoe features machine washability and is made with lightweight lycra material
  • one of the best things about the sole of these shoes is that they can easily accommodate foot deformities such as bunions or hammertoes while keeping their comfort and support.

These easy-to-maintain shoes go with anything from day to night. From foot protection to diabetes complications, this shoe has you covered. Gel insoles come standard in the Dr. Comfort shoes so they can provide comfort and stability that is hardly found in any other shoe.