15 Best Walk-in Bathtubs for Seniors

A walk-in bathtub is designed for seniors or someone who has difficulty transferring into and out of standard tubs. Some walk-in bathtubs are large enough to accommodate two people, and they are made of materials that make it easier to keep clean. Often they come with a curved design so that getting out of the tub is easier. Some of them even have a handrail on either side that you can hold onto if you feel unsteady.

Why Install A Walk-In Bathtub?

Seniors often suffer from poor balance, which can make it dangerous to take a shower without assistance. A walk-in bathtub allows them to take showers without having to worry about falling or slipping.

If you’re recovering from surgery and you need assistance bathing, then a walk-in bathtub will make it easier for caregivers to bathe with you.

Walk-in bathtubs are also perfect for people who live alone as they can be used as a place to sit down while taking a shower. This is helpful if you have medical conditions that prevent you from transferring to and from the shower.

Walk-in bathtubs can also be used as a place to bathe children and pets. Many people who own dogs and cats find that it’s much easier to bathe them in a walk-in bathtub because they can’t escape, and their claws don’t ruin the regular bathtub.

You have to go for a quality product, so we have brought together the 15 best walk-in bathtubs for seniors.

1. ANZZI 2753WIRWD Right Drain Walk-In Bathtub with Air Jets and LED Lights

The ANZZI 2753WIRWD has some features that are more likely to be found on a high-end bathtub. The marine-grade acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement will ensure that it resists cracking, chipping, or peeling. It includes faucets and a handheld showerhead. For safety, there are built-in handheld grab bars as well as an easy low threshold. Other safety features include slip-resistant flooring and ADA compliant built-in seats. It has a soft-touch console. The console allows you to customize the massage experience by adjusting all of the jets independently to your exact preferences.

There are also 12 fully adjustable hydro-therapeutic whirlpool massage jets and 18 air jets for a more stimulating experience. These features combine to create a full-body aero-therapeutic massage that will have you feeling relaxed and refreshed. The bathtub has a built-in safety circuit breaker that prevents the tub from filling with water if the power is lost.

The ANZZI 2753WIRWD is an elegant yet durable walk-in bathtub for seniors. It has been designed and built to give maximum comfort and convenience while also providing safety and durability.  The tub comes with a built-in seat for added comfort. It has a capacity of 93 gallons of water.

2. MEDITUB 3060WILWD 30×60 Left Drain Walk-In Bathtub

The MEDITUB 3060WILWD offers a triple-gel coat reinforced with fiberglass. It also has an ADA compliant molded bathing seat with an added safety grab bar to keep you secure. This walk-in bathtub has a low threshold.

It comes with air injectors that fill the bathtub with a 1HP air blower to maximize your relaxation. Each of the built-in massaging jets provides you with a customized and refreshing experience and they all come individually controlled. With its slip-resistant floor pattern and directional whirlpool jets, this tub offers a safe bathing experience any time you need it.

The tub is energy efficient because of its 1HP water pump, inline friction heater, and low energy consumption circuit breaker. It comes with a portable maintenance kit with detailed instructions to keep your bathtub in prime condition. There are no weight limitations for this walk-in bathtub.

3. MEDITUB MT2646RWS 3-Side Enclosure Walk-In Soaker Bathtub

The MEDITUB MT2646RWS walk-in bathtub is for senior adults. The floor is made of non-slip tile that’s color matched with the seat and grab bar. Features include:

  • The maximum water capacity is 46 gallons.
  • The dimensions are 46 L x 26 W x 38 H inches.
  • This is a free-standing walk-in bathtub with an advanced watertight door system to prevent water from leaking as you enter and exit the tub.
  • The inward swinging right side door allows you to enter the tub with ease.
  • It has a compact design, so it does not take up much space in the bathroom.
  • The tub can be drained quickly.
  • A removable grab bar is attached to the side wall of the tub for added safety and convenience.

4. MEDITUB MT2653RWD Compact Dual Hydrotherapy and Air Jetted Walk-In Bathtub

The MEDITUB MT2653RWD is a premium, heavy-duty walk-in bathtub for seniors. This bathtub is constructed with top quality materials and features high-grade fiberglass composites and a high gloss gel coat finish with a stainless steel frame. The rectangular shape is 53 inches wide by 26 inches deep by 38 inches tall. The tub has a deluxe hydro massage system that includes a 1-HP power pump with directional water jets, 360-degree adjustable water jets, and warm air bubble massage jets.

It has an anti-scaling system, a non-slip floor, and color matched grab-bar.  Included is a 7-inch extension kit, allowing it to be used with standard 60-inch tub stalls.

Both the tub and the kit are ADA compliant. The walk-in bathtub can be installed by a professional plumber. It has a 55-gallon maximum water capacity. The door swings inward so you do not have to step over the threshold, which allows easy entry into the tub, as well as easy exit from it.

5. NIAGARA Whirlpool hydrotherapy corner hot tub

The NIAGARA bathtub is a walk-in bathtub for seniors. This type of bathtub is wider and shallower than the average tub, and has front apron lights that help you see better in the water. The dimensions of this model are 71″ L x 35″ W x 25″. It comes with an automatic circuit breaker, high-quality sanitary acrylic construction, and a steel frame.

The Niagara bathtub is a two-person whirlpool bathtub and has a heater, as well as 16 whirlpool jet nozzles.  This cost-effective model is an excellent choice for people who have mobility problems.

The bathtub has a front headrest control panel that allows the user to operate everything from their seat and allows you to set the temperature before getting into the tub. It has padded headrests.

6. HEAVENLY Portable Walk-In Bathtub

The HEAVENLY Walk-In Bathtub is made of premium white acrylic with 13 strategically placed hydrotherapy jets for deep muscle relaxation. The 3.5″ low entry step makes entering and exiting easy. Some of its features are:

  • There are 2 grab bars for added stability.
  • The 45-Gallon capacity is nearly double that of a conventional fiberglass bathtub.
  • It’s one of the most user-friendly products available on the market today.
  • This portable tub seamlessly fits into any bathroom, with no repairs or remodeling needed.
  • It features a 5-function handheld showerhead that provides low pressure and high volume.
  • It’s slip-resistant.
  • It has a patented technology that allows the water to drain in seconds.
  •  The dimensions are 52″ long x 26″ wide x 42″ high with the ADA recommended seat height of 17″.

7. EMPAVA 53-inch Acrylic Whirlpool Walk-in Tub

This is the perfect tub for seniors and also for those who want to enjoy SPA-like comfort in their own homes. It’s ETL certified, so you know that it will last, and the hydro-therapeutic massage jets offer 10 soothing models to choose from.  It has an easy-to-use control panel. The pillow backrest above the seat can also be removed if you don’t need it.

It’s extremely durable and made from acrylic and reinforced with fiberglass. It has 6 large water jets in the body region and 4 large water jets in the back region. It’s great for relaxing after a hard day or for some home physiotherapy and it has built-in surrounding handrails.

The dimensions of this walk-in bathtub are 53″ x 27″ x 42″ inches. The extra-wide door makes entering and exiting easy.

8. AMERICAN STANDARD GELCOAT Value 32″x52″ Walk-In Bathtub

The American Standard GELCOAT is a walk-in bathtub that’s great for those who want to bathe without assistance. With its 32″ width and 52″ length, it can accommodate someone of up to 1,000 lbs. The large entrance also makes it easy to get in and out of the bathtub without compromising your balance. Even better, this tub doesn’t need any additional plumbing and it’s easy to install and maintain.

It has been built with a watertight door system. This means that the door is designed to close and seal the entire bathtub when you’re done taking bathing. It has a maximum water capacity of 80 gallons.

The whirlpool energy-efficient heating keeps the bath temperature constant. The tub is designed with a non-slip textured floor to prevent injury from slipping or sliding during use. The low threshold is easy to step over with or without assistance. A chrome grab bar allows for additional support during use.

9. AMERICAN STANDARD 3060.109.CRL Right Side Door Walk-In Bathtub

Fully equipped, this American Standard walk-in bathtub offers all the latest in safety and comfort features with the most advanced therapeutic options.

Features include:

  • The bathtub is 59.5 inches wide by 29.75 inches long, 37.5 inches high and includes a built-in safety grab bar.
  • It’s constructed out of a durable high-gloss Gelcoat so you’ll never have to worry about it chipping or peeling.
  • This walk-in bathtub is ADA compliant, with a low threshold that can comfortably accommodate someone using a wheelchair.
  • The most impressive thing about it is the advanced water-based therapy that soothes sore muscles and naturally reduce inflammation.
  • Its voluminous 40-gallon capacity means you’ll have enough room to soak your entire body.
  • This tub also has 13 powerful jets that are perfect for aches like arthritis, or even sports injuries.
  • The ergonomic design also includes a removable neck rest, handheld showering wand, and the Ozone self-cleaning sanitation system gently kills bacteria and cleanses the water using ozone technology.

10. ARIEL EZWT-3060-SOAKER-R Walk-in Bathtub

ARIEL EZWT-3060-SOAKER-R is a walk-in bathtub for seniors with a water capacity of 89 gallons. It has a seat height of 17 inches. The tub is constructed with a heavy-duty reinforced fiberglass resin and has a high gloss triple gel coat finish. It also features a heavy-duty reinforced door system, and a built-in safety grab bar.

The dimensions for this tub are 60L x 30W x 37H inches. This bathtub includes a handheld shower as well as a Roman-style faucet.

This is not just a walk-in bathtub for seniors but a great tool for anyone who struggles with standing up in a bathtub. It’s also is easy to clean.

11. ELLA DELUXE Whirlpool Walk In Tub

The ELLA DELUXE walk-in bathtub has a stainless steel door with tempered glass. It comes with two 2” independently operated gravity-driven drains and it has a white gloss acrylic finish that’s reinforced with fiberglass . This tub also features a textured slip-resistant floor and a low step-in threshold.

The ELLA DELUXE has two stainless steel grab bars, a quick and safe entry/exit, and measures 30”x55”x38”.  You can adjust the intensity of the 12 jets via a push control button. The tub’s airflow intensity control is also accompanied by an auto-purge system that keeps water clean while you bathe.

This walk-in bathtub for seniors has a wide 20” seat, so it’s perfect for relaxing in. It has a removable rubber backrest for your comfort and safety. There are also 10 jet air massage systems to give you an extra relaxed feeling when you’re bathing. It also has an in-line water heater that lets you enjoy warm baths every time.

12. SIGNATURE BATH LPI5430-C-RD Walkin Air Injection and Whirlpool Bathtub

SIGNATURE BATH LPI5430-C-RD walk-in baths are great for seniors. They come with air injectors for maximum flow, stainless steel water jets, and a durable high lustre acrylic shell,  coated with a fiberglass resin backing, and a quiet 1HP heated air blower. Some features are:

  • This Signature bath is installed with a heat stick that maintains the water temperature.
  • An easy-to-operate control system allows you to manage everything from within the tub.
  • The non-slip seat and tub floor offer safety and comfort.
  • The large inward opening door provides ease of entry and exit.
  • The effortless locking mechanism allows you to seal the bath.
  • Bath dimensions are 54″W x 30″D x 38H.
  • The walk-in bathtub is ideal for those who want to bathe themselves unassisted.

13. DAYUUP 2753 Fully Loaded Walk-In Bathtub

The DAYUUP 2753 is equipped with 20 air massage therapy jets and 12 hydrotherapy adjustable water jets that will make your bathing time an indulging and invigorating experience. The tub has an in-line electric water heater as well as a 1 hp water & air pump. It also comes with a soft-touch electronic control pad, faucet, drain and hand shower. There are 18 different water jet configurations.

It also includes 3 built-in grab bars. Plus it is made from Lucite acrylic finish with triple coat fiberglass reinforcement making it extremely durable and long-lasting.

With dimensions of 53″ L x 27″ W x 40″ H, it can fit into almost any space. It features removable front access panels, 3 solid stainless steel frames, 8 laser precision support points, slip-resistant textured flooring, and ADA compliant molded bathing seat.  This tub has all you need to make sure you are safe when bathing at home.

14. MECOR Walk-in Rectangular Soaking Bathtub

This MECOR walk-in bathtub has many features that allow it to be safer and more stable. It features 8 water jets, an in-line heater, and a slip-resistant floor. Furthermore, it has a full-sized door seal and touch push-button controls. This product is constructed of a durable gelcoat and includes one handheld showering wand for easy accessibility. The dimensions of the product are 61” L X 30” W X 24” H.

Since the MECOR bathtub is designed for seniors, it has a special grab bar on the bathtub for extra support. It also includes a leg-only massage and an in-line heater that can be set at any temperature desired.

This walk-in tub has a 5 inch low step-in threshold which makes it much easier to get into the tub.

15. AMLUXX AQUA Acrylic 52″x30″ Walk In Tub

The AMLUXX AQUA walk-in bathtub offers the convenience, security, and comfort seniors need. It has a wide 21” molded seat with an inward swing acrylic door that offers easy access. Features include:

  • A low step-in threshold that doesn’t require any bending or stooping.
  • The textured slip-resistant floor helps prevent slips or falls.
  • It has wall and deck-mounted grab bars that add additional security with anti-slip metal knobs that can be turned in either direction.
  • There is a handheld showerhead that makes it easier to bathe and rinse off.
  • This bathtub model has an acrylic shell, a solid rustproof stainless-steel frame, and adjustable legs.
  • Jetting and/or heated seat functions can be added to this model for a more customized experience.