6 Best Automatic Stove Turn-Off Devices (With Timers and Without)

These electric stove turn-off products can increase cooking safety for those with dementia who still have good stove skills and judgment but are liable to forget occasionally. Some of these devices come with a timer, a motion sensor, and an automatic stove shut-off.

Gas stove shut off devices are in development; we currently know of only one manufacturer that offers this product but we have not reviewed it yet. Below you will find three reviews of devices for electric stoves.

All turn off the stove top and/or the oven, but each one works a little differently. Some features may be safer or more convenient for your needs and/or the person you care for. Here are 4 things to consider.

  • Timer. Some units allow you to set how many minutes you want the food to be left cooking unattended and others come with a preset time (eight minutes) that cannot be changed.
  • Turning Stove Back On. Once the stove has been automatically turned off, some units only require the person to return to the kitchen for the stove to come back on, whereas others must be manually turned off and back on again.
  • Stove Plug. Some units can only be used with modern, 4-prong stove plugs and outlets.
  • Sensor Placement. Depending on the manufacturer’s instructions, the sensor must be placed either to the SIDE of the stove (e.g., under an upper cabinet or on the wall) or ABOVE the stove (e.g., on the range hood, wall, or under the cabinet). The sensor must have an unobstructed view of the user.

Check with each manufacturer if you’re interested in a turn off the unit for a cooktop.

Some recommended products:

1. Simple Touch C30004 Auto Shut-Off Safety Outlet

Price: Low

Timer: Yes

Warning: No

Auto shut-off: Yes

Looking for an auto shut-off device that will keep you and your loved ones safe without any fuss?Then the Simple Touch C30004 could just be the answer. It has many great features and yet comes at an affordable price.

The C30004 was the first device we tested. Even though we wanted to only review low-priced products, we were also looking for shut-off safety outlets that would be easy to use and this product was very easy.

You can use it with all types of plug-in appliances and electrical devices as long as they are below a thousand watts. Unfortunately, only small stove units use 1000 watts. Larger heating elements use about 1500-3000 watts. It’s important that you don’t go over this figure. In fact, to stay safe, I would recommend plugging in devices that are less than 800 watts.

Overloading the device will damage it and sometimes, could cause a fire. So to avoid this happening stay safe and within the recommended load of 1000 watts.

Price is Affordable

Most safety outlets come at affordable prices, but this one is super cheap. And what’s surprising is that the manufacturers didn’t skimp on the features.

30 Minutes Countdown to Shut-Off

With this feature, you can save on energy costs and automatically shut off plugged-in appliances if you forget. It is a really nice safety measure that can save you loads of hassles.

House fires sometimes occur because of a surge in power. But with an automatic shut-off feature, everyone can rest easy knowing that the safety outlet will go off after 30 minutes.

Great for Many Tools

With an allowance of 1000 watts, this product can take many household items. Curling irons, reptile heat, and UV lamps, cell phone chargers, habitat lighting, etc. are just some of the items that you can plug into the outlet.


  • Easy to set up with one simple touch
  • No dials to mess with
  • Low price


  • 4-second turn-on delay
  • Not for high-powered equipment

2. Fire Avert Electric Auto Stove Shut-off Safety Device

Price: Average

Timer: No

Warning: No

Auto shut-off: Yes

FireAvert is a revolutionary product and was developed by Peter Thorpe, a career firefighter. Among all the products I tested, it is the only one that is a smoke detector as well as a prevention device.

The device not only listens to your smoke alarm but cuts off power to the stove too! The best way to prevent a fire caused by a stove is to turn it off before there is an actual fire. The early signs of any fire are smoke, and this is what FireAvert detects.

The problem with many fire prevention systems is that they react too quickly. The FireAvert is different. It has a 30-second delay which keeps the device switched on giving you enough time to attend to smoke from an overheated microwavable popcorn bag, burnt food, etc. Basically, it provides maximum reliability and minimizes false alarms.

Smoke Detector

Some people may already have a smoke detector system in their homes making this feature redundant. But is that really the case? Having a second set of eyes is useful. The fact is that smoke detectors sometimes fail. Isn’t it great to know that if a fire is about to break out, you’ll have a smoke detector that will switch off your stove just in case it is the reason for the fire?

Sound Sync Feature

FireAvert will only respond to the unique sound of your fire alarm. After installation, it syncs with the sound signature of your smoke detector to ensure that there are no false alarms.

Effective Cut-off Protection

This device will make your home safer because it will cut the power to your stove, protecting you and your home. Stove fires are very common and a trigger like this can save you thousands of dollars in repairs.


  • Easy to install
  • Small size
  • Smart technology
  • Alarm system


  • Too bulky for some stoves
  • Requires a smoke detector

Shut-off is dependent on having a smoke detector. This is the only downside to this product. Although it is highly recommended that every home have a working fire alarm system, there are some people who don’t have one.

So if you plan to install this product, then you will need to get an alarm system. It takes about 5 minutes to install the FireAvert and during the process, you will need to sync the device with your alarm.

3. Wallflower Smart Monitor for Electric Stoves

Price: Average

Timer: No

Warning: Yes

Auto shut-off: No

This product is state of the art stove monitor, that works actually with app (available for both- Apple and Android users). It is really helpful if you need a prompt warning and need to know if the stove has been left on accidentally or without your knowledge.

As the home fires can cost thousands and thousands it is a smart investment for anyone who has a loved one at home who suffers from dementia or Alzheimers. This product is also certified by ETL and listed by UL. The only thing you need to be aware of is to pay attention which version do you need ( if you have a gray powercord you need to choose 3-Wire one and if you have a black one, you should choose 4-Wire.

Stove safety products like the one illustrated here can extend the ability to cook for those with dementia who still have good stove skills and judgment. However, it’s important that you assess the person using this product or unsafe cooking can still occur.

The person must know what cookware to use and not, for example, putting plastic containers on the burners. The stove area must be free of excessive grease and other flammable materials, such as newspapers and paper towels. Also, the person must know that food left on the stovetop for an extended period is not safe to eat.

The Wallflower Smart Monitor is not an auto shut-off device like the others on this review. However, it is a smart monitor for your stove and can warn you if the stove has been turned on or left on for too long. It will give you peace of mind by sending you messages someone leaves the stove on accidentally or if you just want to keep an eye out on the operation of your stove for safety reasons.

You don’t have to be at home to get the message. The monitor connects to an app via Wifi to send the messages based on your pre-configured settings.

In the US, home fire happens every few seconds and the loss averages to about $35,000. Stove fires are the leading cause of home fires so installing a monitor will definitely save you a lot of money.

The Wallflower Smart Monitor comes with an Android or iOS app for smart devices so that no matter where you are, you can monitor the kitchen. If you just want to keep an eye out for your elderly relatives, the app can help you know when they are cooking or if they’ve kept the stove on for too long.

Two Types of Wire

You don’t have to worry about the monitor fitting your stove. It comes in two type: 3-wire and 4-wire. If your home was built before 1/1/96, you can order the 3-wire and if it was built after, the 4-wire will be suitable.

Check behind your stove to know which type you’ll need. If the cord is BLACK, then the 4-Wire is the right fit, but it is GRAY, choose 3-Wire.


Wallflower is a smart app and studies your cooking habits to determine when something is different. This is why it notifies you when the stove has been on longer than you would typically keep it on for just in case you’ve forgotten.


Another great feature that this device offers are alerts. Even though it sends notifications, it will also sound out an audible alert from behind the stove. This is really useful for those don’t have their smart device close by or have fallen asleep. The alerts let you know that the stove has been on for longer than usual.

Monitors Multiple Homes Simultaneously

You can also monitor multiple homes at once. This is a useful feature for a caregiver who wants to keep an eye on more than one home.


  • Installation is easy
  • Easy to use
  • No wattage restriction
  • Smartphone notifications


  • Requires wireless Internet at home
  • No auto shut-off

4. iGuardStove Intelligent Stove Shut Off Device

Price: High

Timer: Yes

Warning: Yes

Auto shut-off: Yes

iGuardStove automatically switches off your stove if you leave your cooking unattended to. It uses an automatic shut-off system that includes a motion detector and a power box. It also comes with inbuilt Wi-Fi so that you can receive notifications online about the shutdown.

The device is simple and can make your stove smarter with little effort on your part. Simply plug your stove into the power box that comes with the device, and plug it to the power outlet. Next, connect the power box to the control panel with its inbuilt motion sensor and install the panel in your kitchen close to the stovetop.

Motion Detector

If you’re cooking and step out of range of the motion detector for more than 5 minutes, the device will put your stove into a standby mode and the food will stop cooking. Your stove will be turned back on when you come back into range.

Adjustable Settings

You can adjust all of the settings directly on the control panel or through your online account. The device also has a manual mode that you can enable if you want to cook for longer and don’t want the oven to shut off. There is also a handy child lock mode to ensure that kids don’t turn on the stove.

Change Timer Setting

The iGuardStove’s online interface is not only useful for monitoring your activities, you can also change the settings of the timer. The maximum you can set it to is 15 minutes. So if 5 minutes isn’t enough time, just log into your account and change the timer.

Wifi Connection

iGuardStove connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network to send you notifications. It will start by keeping a digital record of the number of times you turn on the stove and how often the device shuts it off.

Late Night Locks

Another handy feature offered by this device is the late night locks which help you disable the stove for use during the late evening hours. This is very handy if you’re out in the evenings and can’t monitor the activity in your kitchen.

If I could rate any product a 5 out of 5, then it would definitely be the iGuardStove device. The fact that it offers a timer and notifications is a deal breaker for most people. And the auto shut off functionality makes it an all-around great device for the home.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy installation
  • Monitors and shuts off stove
  • Motion sensor
  • One of the only manufacturers in the world to offer a control for a gas stove
  • Black and white options available, depending on your kitchen style


  • Higher price

For those homes that don’t have Wi-Fi the device works with its basic Auto Shut Off safety features.  If you DO HAVE Wi-Fi then it will then activate all the other Home Health & Safety features that require the Internet to function.  Ie: text messages, data tracking etc.

5. CookStop Stovetop Fire Prevention

Price: High

Timer: Yes

Warning: No

Auto shut-off: Yes

Smoke alarms and sprinklers are great home safety devices, but unfortunately, they don’t help prevent fires. CookStop, like all the others reviewed in this article, will not wait for a fire to start before shutting off your stove or notifying you.

CookStop is so user-friendly that my 72-year-old gran thanked me for sending her one. It was pretty easy to install and helped her stay safe in her condo by herself. She tends to forget stuff on the stove, so I felt much better knowing that she has one of the best auto shut off devices to keep her safe. It is ideal for the elderly or people who may have a memory impairment. It can help many people remain independent and safe in their own homes.

If a person turns the stove on, leaves the kitchen, and forgets to return within the programmed time limit set by the caregiver, the unit automatically turns the stove off. When the person returns to the kitchen, power to the stove is restored by pushing the large, blinking green COOK button. You can see the price and more product details here.

The manufacturer states that in soon-to-be-released units, you’ll be able to set the unit’s default so that the person only has return to the cooking area to re-establish power to the stove. It works with 3-prong and 4-prong stove plugs and outlets, as well as with drop-in cooktops that are “direct-wired”.

Shut Off Timer

CookStop continuously checks for movement with its motion sensor and when it notices that an active stove has been left unattended, it will shut it off. The good news is that you can modify this setting and choose a time frame that suits you.

Controlled Use

If you have kids that come home when you are out of the home, it makes perfect sense to control their access to the stove for safety reasons. With CookStop, you can control the use of the stove at certain hours or days.

Different Types of Power Supply

There is no need to alter your stove’s power cable. Different types of connections are available to suit different stoves. Just like the Wallflower monitor, you can choose a 3-wire or 4-wire plug depending on when your home was built and the color of your cord. Direct wire connection kits are also available and don’t require an electrician for installation.


The device is highly programmable to suit many people’s needs. Don’t panic about the word “programmable” this is easy. The manufacturers made it extremely simple so that anyone can get up and running in only a few minutes.

The CookStop is highly rated and offers great functionality. Although the price is higher than other stove shut off devices, it makes up for this by offering many useful features. The fact that you can change the settings to create a customized experience is one of the most attractive qualities of this device.

Installation Procedure

This device has a fairly straightforward installation for 3- or 4-prong plug and outlet – here’s a quick summary:

  1. Shut off power to the stove at the circuit breaker
  2. Pull stove out from the wall (could be a challenge, depending on your kitchen)
  3. Unplug stove and plug it into the power box
  4. Plug power box into the wall outlet
  5. Run cable from power box to motion sensor timer
  6. Mount motion sensor timer under nearby cabinet or on the nearby wall (but NOT directly above stove)
  7. Turn power back on
  8. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions (in case they have changed anything)


  • Easy installation
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple types of power supply
  • Sensor timer is automatic – set it only once and the unit remembers the programmed time. (Timer only begins to count down if the person leaves the room.)
  • Sensor timer can be easily reprogrammed (by caregiver and locked with special access key) if: a longer cooking time is needed – say, for  a holiday meal or, if you want to disable the stove completely during certain hours or days.
  • The device sounds a beeping alert to alert you that the stove has been shut off.
  • The unit controls the stovetop, broiler, and oven.


  • No Wi-Fi options available
  • The current model has a blinking green light when the stove has been turned off by the timer, which could be confusing and annoying to persons with dementia; we found it irritating during our testing. The manufacturer states that on the new model this blinking light can be disabled through the settings.
  • The person with dementia may be confused if they have not returned within the programmed time limit and return to find the stove turned off but the stove dial in the On position. You may need to put up reminder signs instructing the person what to do.
  • The audible alert that lets you know that the stove has been shut off is a high pitched sound and the person may not be able to hear it, especially if they are a distance from the kitchen.


The person may attempt to remove the sensor unit or be agitated by its presence. Removal or damage to the sensor box will leave the stove in the disabled state. This product may be best used with a caregiver present. The person must have cooking and judgment skills to use the product safely, otherwise, food poisoning or a fire could still occur.

6. HomeSenser Automatic Stove Turn-Off With Pre-Programmed Timer

This device will automatically turn the stove off after the pre-programmed 8 minute time period if the person leaves the kitchen and forgets to return. If a person turns the stove on, leaves the kitchen, and forgets to return within the default 6 minute warning time period, the device begins a series of beeping alerts and flashing lights for a two minute period. You can read more about it here (not an affiliate link).

1. If the person returns to the kitchen during the 8 minute period, the sensor detects the person’s presence, the warning alerts stop, and normal cooking continues.

2. If the person does not return to the kitchen during the warning stage, the power box automatically turns the stove off. To restart cooking once the stove has been turned off, the stove must be manually turned off and the person must stand in front of the sensor for at least three seconds. This resets the unit to its ‘Ready Stage’ and the person can resume cooking by turning the stove back on. You should place the sensor according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


  • The device can be used with 3- or 4-prong stove plugs and outlets. If you don’t know what type of plug/outlet you have, you may need to pull the stove out for a visual inspection, though most older homes use 3-prong plugs.
  • Sensor timer is automatic and the unit remembers the programmed time. (Timer only begins to count down if the person leaves the room.) The person cannot change the preprogrammed stove shut off time, which can be a real plus for individuals who would be at risk with longer cooking times.
  • The device sounds a beeping alert before turning the stove off as a reminder to check the stove.
  • If a person removes the remote sensor, the stove will not operate.
  • The unit can be hardwired by an electrician for a cooktop.
  • The unit controls the stovetop, broiler, and oven.
  • Approved by CSA (Canadian Standards Association) International (product is tested and certified for use in both Canada and the United States)

This device may extend independent living for those with dementia who still have good stove skills and judgment but are liable to forget occasionally.Some caregivers discreetly reposition the unit so the stove will not operate unless they are present. When they are available to cook, the caregiver repositions the unit again so it will detect presence and the stove becomes operational.


  • The person may be agitated by the sensor’s presence or attempt to remove the sensor (though the stove will not work when the unit is removed).
  • The person may not hear the warning alert or know why the alert is sounding.


It’s important that you assess the skills of the person using this product or unsafe cooking may still occur. The person must know which cookware is appropriate for stove use and what not to use – for example, using plastic containers on the burners. The stove area must be free of excessive grease and flammable materials, such as newspapers and paper towels. Also, the person must know that food left on the stovetop for an extended period is not safe to eat.