Bathing Outfit, Waterproof

This bathing outfit can restore dignity to the bathing experience while reducing agitation. This special waterproof bathing outfit has a wrap-around skirt and a bib-like top with a Velcro closure. The garment remains on during washing, while you, the caregiver, and the person, wash around and under it. Some individuals appreciate a towel wrapped around their shoulders for extra warmth, even with the bathing outfit on, until you wash their shoulders and back. The advantage of the waterproof fabric is that it does not cling, making it easier to wash underneath.


  • Can help reduce bathing agitation if being naked is a main reason for resisting bathing.
  • The person doesn’t have to strip naked, as you can wrap the outfit over their clothes and then undress.
  • As the back is uncovered and the skirt is open underneath, there is still easy access for washing.


  • The waterproof outfit is available in only one color!
  • The person may still get upset while bathing.