Bed Handle for Standard Bed with Metal Frame

A bed handle may help a person rise from the bed, as it offers a stable bar to hold onto and push off from; it may also help with balance. This sturdy steel bed handle clamps onto the metal bed frame with tightening knobs. Four height adjustable legs sit on the floor for extra support. Proper positioning of the bed handle is important so it doesn’t block the bed transfer area; manufacturer recommends 24 inches from the headboard. This bed handle can only be used on standard height metal frame beds. It cannot be used on adjustable beds, hospital beds, or beds with wooden frames.

Assembly is fairly easy, but there are several small knobs and floor glides to attach. No tools or drilling required.


  • Multiple grasping bars allow a person to choose the height that best for them.
  • The small openings between the bars prevent any kind of entrapment.
  • A powder coating on the tubing provides a comfortable hand-feel – the bar isn’t cold to the touch.
  • The legs sit on the floor for extra stability; most bed handles do not have this feature.
  • Sheets, bed skirts, and comforters easily fit around the handle.


  • As the bar is not permanently attached, check regularly that it hasn’t loosened. Or, if temporarily removed for some reason, ensure that it has been put back on securely.
  • If the person enters or exit the bed from both sides, you’ll need to buy two, one for each side of the bed.


  • To use safely, the person still needs good upper body strength and the ability to stand and bear weight or a fall can occur.
  • As with all bed handles and bed rails, you need to make sure that the gap between the mattress and the bed handle does not exceed 2.5 inches. Regularly check to see that the mattress hasn’t shifted during usage because the person could become wedged between the mattress and the handle if the gap widens.
  • The manufacturer states that this product is not intended to support full body weight.