Burner Covers

The burner covers “hide” the cooking elements and may discourage stove usage. For certain individuals, it they can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. Available in round and rectangular shapes.

For newer gas stoves you need to check if you need the deeper burner size for a correct fit.


  • Available in a stainless steel, which may be safer to use if the burners are accidentally turned on.
  • Available in a variety of patterns, which may be more effective at disguising the burners than plain covers.
  • Added bonus: These covers may deter a person from hiding things under the burners, which can cause a fire when the burner is turned on.


  • Will not work for everyone, especially if the person uses the stove on a regular basis. Some individuals will simply take off the burner cover and attempt to use the stove.


Remove the stove knobs when using burner covers. Toxic smoke can occur if the stovetop is turned on when using the covers.

Individuals with dementia will respond differently when access to cooking is denied. Someone accustomed to cooking on a regular basis could become upset when he/she is denied access to an appliance.

To ease the transition, make sure to have:

  • Other activities available that the person enjoys
  • Healthy snacks out on the counter
  • Alternative meal sources in place if the person lives alone or spends extended time by themselves