20 Best Commodes & Toilet Seats with Automatic Lift Up Assistance for 2021

Where possible, we want to ensure that the senior and less-able members of our family retain as much independence as they can. Unfortunately, some chores and tasks can suddenly become difficult to manage without assistive help and aids. There may come a time where a disabled or elderly relative struggles to use the toilet. This could be because of problems sitting down on a normal toilet seat, or because of mobility issues that stop them from accessing the bathroom.

A self-rising commode or automatic toilet lift can be a great help for all those that want to use the toilet with as much independence as possible. We have reviewed a few products in these categories below. Otherwise, seniors can benefit from other bedside, portable or mobile commodes to help them to relieve themselves.

Products range to more basic commodes, with simple seats and some adjustable frames, to more complex shower, padded and mobile models. Again, we have chosen some examples in different categories to help you find a product that will suit the intended user. As you will see, there are similarities and differences to them all. This can vary from the frame and seat to the hygiene considerations and price tag. There are also clear pros and cons. That is why we have created these objective reviews.

Best Self Powered Lifting Commodes

1) Uplift Self Powered UPTCA200

Let’s start with the models that have a self-powered mechanism to help lift users into an upright position. These products are highly popular because they provide more assistance to the user. The best models allow seniors and disabled users to stand up and leave the bathroom on their own. This, therefore, means that the less-able can retain some independence and dignity in their daily lives. This self-powered model tilts the seat at an angle as the user stands up. This gives additional support to the user to aid with mobility. It is strong enough to hold 70% of a user’s weight up to 300lbs, but isn’t too powerful or difficult to handle.

The pros and cons of this self-powered commode.

1) The smooth action of the lift
2) The weight allowance of the lift
3) The ease of use
1) The lack of padding
2) The lack of additional features for the price paid

Aside from this self-powered lift, the features of this commode are very similar to those of “normal” bedside commodes mentioned below. There is a strong, powder-coated steel frame, height settings on the legs, non-skid tips for added security and pads on the arms. These features, especially the padding, are minimal. Therefore, the extra cost of this chair comes entirely from the lift, not any bonus features.

Is it recommendable?

This style of chair is a great idea for anyone that wants a little more support from what is basically a run-of-the-mill commode. It is strong, reliable but not as interesting as some other products.

2) Uplift Technologies Lifting Commode

The problem with looking at these Uplift products is simple. There are lots of listings for different models, often at very different price tags, but with no immediate differences in their look or functions. It seems that there may be new models or options with subtle variations that aren’t clear on face value. This model is a good example. There isn’t much here to distinguish it from the previous commode. But, there is a much higher price tag.

The pros and cons of this self-powered commode.

1) The quality of the lift
2) The range in the height adjustments
3) The extra padding
1) The lack of any other bonus features
2) The clinical look

There are lots of similarities between this Uplift product and the last. This has a similar lift with the same 300lb weight capacity and a good motion. There are height adjustments for the legs between 17 and 23 inches, which is a fair range compared to other chairs. There is also a little more padding on the arms and a better grip than the version above. Still, there isn’t much else here to justify the price increase. There is nothing special in the frame, lift or the design to give this greater mass appeal.

Is it recommendable?

Essentially, the reason that we have added this model is to highlight the need to look at specifications and prices before you buy. This is a great product, but it isn’t so much better than the previous option that it deserves to cost so much more.

3) Uplift Commode Assist RMCA200EA

Continuing on this theme, we also want to look at this more affordable option. Here we clearly have a different model, with a different colour, shape and product number. Again, there are some key similarities in the functions and the lift of the chair and commode feature. The chair, once again, lifts up with the motion of the user to provide comfort and security for the elderly and disabled. Carers can also remove the backrest entirely in order to place the seat over a toilet – if required.

The pros and cons of this self-powered commode.

1) the movement of the lift
2) the adaptability of the frame
3) the strength and security
1) the longevity of snap-on seats
2) the lack of padding

The frame and commode bucket contain many of the same features that we would now expect from an Uplift model. There are five height settings on the legs, the same non-skid feet, a good capacity on the receptacle and the powder-coated steel frame. So why is it so much cheaper? One reason may be the lack of padding and grip on the arms. Another may be the use of the snap-on seat. This may be easy to install, but may not last that long.

Is it recommendable?

This cheaper version has its flaws and longevity issues, but still shares many top features with the pricier models. Therefore, it is worth a second look.

4) One Each Uplift Commode Assist UPLIFT TECH INC

This commode is good for people with weak leg muscles but who have good upper body strength and can follow instructions. This lift up commode features a seat lift, which helps the person lower themselves to (or raise themselves from) a seated position, relieving you, the caregiver, of extra strain. According to the manufacturer, up to 80% of the person’s weight is supported and lifted (but that may be a bit on the high side).

This commode can be used at the bedside or over the toilet if there is adequate space in the bathroom (contact the dealer before buying). Set up includes adjusting the weight (you need to adjust the mechanism depending on the person’s weight) and the leg height.

To sit the person must sit all the way back on the seat (or the seat doesn’t go down) while holding the armrests to lower themselves. The seat mechanism slowly goes down until it reaches a flat position and clicks into place.

To rise, the person must position their feet properly and release the locking mechanism. Then they should lean forward and push off on the armrests (only then does the mechanism provide a boost, helping the person to a semi-standing position). (FYI – The pneumatic lifting action is powered by the energy required to push it down when the person sits down on the seat.)


  • Provides real assistance for sitting down on or rising from the commode
  • Can help prevent back strain during transfers for you, the caregiver
  • Can be used over the toilet
  • No battery or electricity required


  • The person with dementia will probably not be able to use the commode by themselves as it requires remembering a specific way of sitting down and getting up for the commode to provide a “boost”.
  • Use over a toilet requires removing the backrest and the pail hangers – so you cannot easily alternate use at bedside or toilet
  • The seat is fairly hard – and is not offered padded as an option.
  • The person may be frightened when the seat moves, fearing they will fall. (So give the person step by step instructions before any movement occurs to reduce their fears.)
  • Assembly Required (It took approximately 20 minutes).

Best Electric Toilet Lifts

5) EZ-Access Tilt Toilet Lift

For the next of these self-powered models, we want to move onto another brand to show that Uplift isn’t the only choice here. There is a clear difference straight away with this product, and that its the professional, built-in system. This has some immediate pros and cons for those looking to buy and install this sort of product. On the one hand, these commodes look expensive and time-consuming to install, which could be a short-term issue. On the other hand, there is a more professional, sturdy look to this sort of product that suggests that it will be safe and reliable.

The pros and cons of this toilet seat riser.

1) The strength of the built-in system
2) The range of movement
3) The user controls
1) The niche appeal
2) The lack of a splash guard.

There are benefits to having a commode seat built into a toilet. This is a stronger, more reliable system than an adaptable commode frame. This product as has a handset s users can control the movement of the seat – both in regard to the tilt and the forward motion. The downside is that this won’t be suitable for those with more serious conditions. There is also the lack of a splash guard, so it isn’t as clean as some might expect.

Is it recommendable?

A recommendation here depends on your budget and the needs of the relative you are caring for. There is potential, but only for a niche group of users.

6) EZ- Access Elongated Toilet Lift

The last of these assisted lift commodes is another variation of a previous option. We felt it was important to point out this version of the EZ-Access commode. The elongated seat and alternate dimensions could be helpful for users that struggle to get comfortable on normal sized commodes. There are problems with some systems where the seat isn’t compatible with the toilet bowl or the commode receptacle. Here there is a little more room for error.

The pros and cons of this toilet lift.

1) The elongated seat for greater user comfort
2) The controls for the user
3) The quality of the built-in system
1) The same design flaws as before
2) The high cost

Otherwise, the pros and cons of this system remain the same as before. On the one hand, we have a built-in system with a great range of motion and controls for increased user independence. On the other, there is that same downside of the niche appeal of a toilet riser like this. It is also important to ask why this model is more expensive for a little extra length. This is expensive enough to buy and install as it is.

Is it recommendable?

The recommendation here is pretty much the same as it was for the other option, simply because it is practically the same product. It could help users in the right situation.

Best Bedside Commodes

7) Vive Bedside Commode

The next two models in this guide come from Vive and offer a strong contrast against the EZ-Access commodes. This is where commodes for seniors are at their most basic and affordable. There are no self-powered lifts or mechanisms here. This is a simple chair and frame with a commode seat and bucket. For some, this may be a step too far in the other direction.

The pros and cons of this beside commode.

1) The simplicity of the design – not much to assemble or learn
2) A decent weight capacity and strong frame
3) Enough attention to detail with some of the features
1) The stark, clinical look to the product
2) It may not be wide enough for larger users

There are some definite benefits in this chair once you take a closer look. The handles have a good foam grip to help users can on and off the seat without much discomfort. There is a good 350-pound weight capacity to the stainless steel frame and there are some nice details with the carry handle and splash guard. The width and frame may not be as reassuring to larger, wider users, but the rubber feet may help a little. There is also no getting past the fact that this looks like a basic, grey piece of medical equipment.

Is it recommendable?

There isn’t much that is inviting about this chair on first impressions. For others, this could be a great solution when money is tight, or when there are only short-term requirements. It has its worth for the right user

8) Vive Extra Wide Bedside Commode

This second Vive product takes a similar approach to the alternative EZ-Access model. The basics of this chair and the specification are pretty much the same. The main difference here is that this model has some extra width to the frame. This is simply to accommodate larger users. There are some companies that may forget that not all bed-bound, commode-using consumers are small seniors. There are those that are larger or perhaps overweight due to their lack of mobility. They need a comfortable commode too.

The pros and cons of this beside commode.

1) The wider frame for wider users
2) The good weight capacity
3) The same features as the slimmer model
1) The same issues with the plastic seat
2) The same ugly design

On the one hand, there is definitely more width to this chair, with 27 inches between the armrests rather than a more typical 22 inches. There is also a stronger advertised weight capacity of 550lbs. However, there appears to be no difference in the strength of the toilet seat, so some larger users are still put off. Otherwise, there are the same pros and cons as before. It is an ugly, basic piece of equipment that has the right features where it counts – the handle, splash guard, padding and rubber feet.

Is it recommendable?

This is a great choice for the larger user that wants the same affordable, simple product as other Vive consumers. The construction and use of materials aren’t perfect, but this can still offer support to many people.

9) Sukong Portable Bedside Commode

Next, we have a series of commode chairs with some helpful features to try and add a little more convenience for the user, or perhaps for their carer. Portability is important with these chairs. Carers may need to move them to clean them out, store them away when not required, or move them to a different room. This Sukong model should be of help here because it is classed as a portable bedside commode. There is an aluminium alloy frame that should mean that it is light enough to move around.

The pros and cons of this bedside commode.

1) A light aluminium frame
2) A colourful, nicer design
3) The receptacle is concealed
1) Accidents because of the gap between the seat and the bucket
2) The seat could be more comfortable

The most obvious selling point here, however, is the look of the chair. There are so many products that look exactly as you would expect a basic, hospice-style commode to look. The designs can be a little disheartening. Here you have a product where the chair design is the priority in some ways. The square frame, thick blue seat and soft backrest are more attractive than other product. The seat conceals the commode bucket beneath quite well. However, this does mean that there are some small flaws in the functionality of the product. For example, there is a gap between the bucket and the seat. This could mean more accidents and mess. Some would also prefer a more rounded edge for comfort.

Is it recommendable?

This is a great alternative for those that want a light, reliable model that looks a bit nicer than the typical commode chair. If Sukong fixed some small flaw it would be sure to get great reviews from most users.

Best Adjustable & Folding Commode Chairs

10) Drive Medical Folding Commode

Another way to increase portability and storage options is to create a folding frame for the commode. Drive Medical has done just that with this product. Some consumers may worry that this feature could compromise the structural integrity of the product, therefore putting users in danger. But, the folding frame does have its uses for carers and relatives that need to travel. Feedback for this feature is generally positive. Many say that it is no trouble at all to set this up and fold it away as needed. The easy-clean design helps here too.

The pros and cons of this bedside commode.

1) The folding frame
2) The ease of use
3) The features on the bucket
1) The plastic seat may not be hard wearing
2) The size of the seat

This frame may be the selling point here, especially with the use of a powder blue coating, but there are also other benefits to this option. The frame should be sturdy enough for most users, despite the joints, as it is steel welded. There is also a good 7.5qt capacity bucket with a carry handle and splash guard, as well as a snap on seat for ease of use. The downside to that plastic, snap-on seat is that some think it may snap entirely after a while. There are also those that note that the seat is much smaller than a standard toilet seat.

Is it recommendable?

There are some flaws in the shape and build of this chair, but there are also plenty of benefits in the look and design. This is ideal for those that want a more attractive, portable option.

11) Giantex Folding Adjustable Commode

There are other ways that carers can adjust the frame of a commode to suit the needs of the users. An adjustable height is a great idea to help users get comfortable. Most brands should mention the height of the chair in their specification. This should offer an idea of whether the chair is too tall or short for the user in question. But, a few inches more on an adjustable frame could make all the difference. This commode chair has a removable seat and bucket, allowing users to fold the steel frame into a convenient, compact shape for storage. When re-assembled and ready for use, there are height adjustments on the legs between 29 and 33 inches.

The pros and cons of this bedside commode.

1) The portable frame
2) The ease of use with the height adjustments
3) The comfort of the seat and handles
1) Not as many height adjustments as other models
2) Not always wide or strong enough for everyone

There are also plenty of features that show that the company took great care to make this comfortable – even though it lacks the padding of the models below. There are rounded edges to the seat, as well as a good grip on the handles of the bucket and a secure lit. There is little to say against this product it is affordable with good value for money. The features match the price point, but in no way feel inferior. As with all of these chairs, larger users may wish that it were wider or stronger.

Is it recommendable?

There are some users that will struggle here, but the selling point is that ease of use and the portability of the design. It has enough going for it to appeal to many carers and relatives.

12) MedPro Adjustable Commode Chair

There isn’t an awful lot to say about this product that hasn’t been seen about many of the others here. As you will see from browsing and comparing your options, there is a familiar blueprint to these designs. We have included this option for two important reasons. The first is the adjustable height. This feature isn’t that rare because of the benefits that it can bring. Yet, there are some products where the height increments are limited. Here there are 7 different positions via a push button system. This should make the chair much easier to use and allow for users of different heights. This simple adjustment and wipe clean surface could allow for multiple users in one home.

The pros and cons of this bedside commode.

1) the increased range on the height adjustments
2) the low cost
3) the hygienic surfaces
1) the lack of extra features
2) the lack of padding on the arms

The other reason for the inclusion of this chair is the price. There is a vast difference between the cheapest and most expensive commodes in this guide. This one is affordable for most households and should be functional enough for those that aren’t too heavy. A downside to this affordability is a lack of padding on the arms or comfort on the seats. This is a common drawback to cheaper options.

Is it recommendable?

There are downsides to opting for the cheapest model around, as the features are minimal. Yet, there is a lot going for this product, especially for homes with multiple users.

Padded Commodes

13) Platinum Health UltraCommode

The next pair of commodes has a different unique selling point in common. One of the downsides of some of the more basic commodes is that the seats are thin plastic with no real sense of comfort. For an extra cost, it is possible to find a commode for seniors that some extra padding. This means padding on the armrests as users lift themselves up, but also padding on the seat. This could help to protect frailer users with joint and pain management issues. There are two different colours available with this chair. The bright blue model is a lot more attractive and makes those cushioned areas even more inviting. The grey has just as much padding but still looks like a medical product.

The pros and cons of this padded commode.

1) The amount of padding
2) The nice blue colour
3) The larger seat
1) The compatibility of the seat and commode bucket
2) Issues with the liners

One of the interesting points in the product description is the idea that this chair is larger than the “standard” commode, which Platinum Health say are often too small. This 16 by 16 inch seat offers more room and the warm padding is more comfortable. There is also the added factor that the PU foam doesn’t absorb water and is easy to disinfect. This is essential for those worried about the hygiene of padded seats. Most users are impressed with the design and comfort offered. However, there are some that say that the opening/hole for the commode is too small. This can lead to accidents. Others have struggled to fit the liners to the bucket, which may also cause accidents.

Is it recommendable?

The company does need to rethink the dimensions and fit on future models. Still, there is no faulting the comfort and design otherwise. With some thought, this can be a helpful product.

14) Medline Padded Commode

Many people will look at this Medline Commode because it too is a padded model. There are three key areas of padding here to ensure the comfort of users. They are the thick foam cushion on the seat, the backrest and the foam on the armrests for a soft grip. This should mean that users remain comfortable as they use this. There is also the promise that the arms won’t become slippery when wet. However, there is another selling point to this commode that carers will appreciate – the adaptability of the frame. The backrest is removable so that the frame can fit over a toilet. The armrests swing down to help users transfer onto the chair from a wheelchair or bed.

The pros and cons of this padded commode.

1) The padding across much of the chair
2) The adjustable arms and height
3) The adaptability of the chair for different needs

1) The gap between the chair seat and commode bucket
2) The lack of instructions

Other benefits here come from the strong frame, the adjustable height on the legs, the lid for the bucket and the splash guard. The biggest problem is that the bucket doesn’t quite fit the hole in the seat. There is a gap at the back or front depending on the position. This means that some carers may experience accidents and need to readjust the commode. It doesn’t help that some feel that the instructions weren’t clear enough.

Is it recommendable?

As long as you take your time assembling this chair and its bucket, you could find that it is very helpful. The adaptability and features add greater functionality over other commode chairs.

Best Mobile Commode Chairs

15) Caspian Mobile Commode Chair

Finally, we have a pair of mobile commode chairs. The obvious difference here is that these chairs have wheels on the bottom to make them mobile. These takes portability to a whole new level, as users are essentially using a wheelchair with a commode integrated into the seat. This has its benefits around the house and the chair is also referred to as a shower commode chair. Naturally, the mobility and features of these chairs do mean that there is a lot more to pay for the privilege.

The pros and cons of this mobile commode chair.

1) The mobility for use as a shower chair or for other needs
2) The quality of the foam in the padded seat
3) The strength of the frame and seat
1) Problems with the compatibility of the chair seat and commode bucket
2) The height of the armrests

The padding on this commode chair is familiar – it is thick, blue and won’t absorb water. There is also padding on the armrests. Another benefit here is the strong professional grade aluminium frame with the strong, durable casters. Again, there are some issues with the size of the opening and the security of the receptacle. There have been some accidents. There is also the issue of the armrests being too high to be comfortable for all users.

Is it recommendable?

There are some flaws in the design that the brand could easily avoid with future models. The advantages are clear in the strength, comfort and mobility of the chair. The cost may put some people off, but it may offer value with regular use.

16) Laguna Professional Mobile Shower Chair

The final model in this guide is one of the most expensive, and therefore a major investment for anyone with long-term disabilities or degenerative conditions. The reason for the high price is the number of features and the care that has gone into the design of the chair. A key difference here is the use of a reclining backrest. This can provide more comfort for those that may nap in the chair or use this in the shower.

The pros and cons of this mobile commode chair.

1) The additional mobility and comfort in the backrest
2) The use of materials in the frame and padding
3) The multifunctionality of the chair for long-term use
1) The position and comfort of the footrest
2) The difficulty in learning to use the backrest

There are some similarities between this chair and the one above. This includes the strong aluminium frame and casters, the quality of the blue padding on the seat, arms and backrest and the hygienic materials. Unfortunately, the position of the footrest isn’t quite so comfortable for all users. There are some with mobility issues that can’t recline and rest their feet. Carers also note that the recline function is a little difficult to master.Is it recommendable?

As with all commode chairs, a recommendation depends on the condition of the user. The shape and style of this chair will suit some severely disabled users better than others.

Best New Models Out This Year

17) Carex three-in-one Bedside Commode

When it comes to personal duties like going to the bathroom, mobility is crucial for seniors. Let’s start with a popular brand that is known to offer some unique products. The Carex three-in-one Bedside Commode is a multipurpose portable potty that is viable for indoor and outdoor use.

This commode is made of a sturdy frame that encompass a long-lasting frame and ergonomic design that makes it suitable for the outdoors such as camping and indoor use just at the bedside. With a foldable design, this commode chair is convenient to use when one is travelling or even store away when it is not being used. This commode’s 3-in-1 multifunctional design allows it to double as a toilet protection frame and an elevated toilet seat.

This seat features rubberized legs that offer extra grip and avoid tripping and falling while in use.


  • Strong design
  • Foldable capabilities
  • 3-in-1 multi-functionality
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can also be used when camping as a toilet


  • Comes without a backrest

This commode can fold easily for appropriate storage and transportation. Weighing in at only 8.5 pounds, this commode chair can support a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.

Is it recommendable?

The Carex three-in-one Bedside Commode provides exactly what it was made for. With its 3-in-1 design, you can use it as a camping toilet or standard bedside commode. It also functions as a toilet protection frame and a higher toilet seat, making it an excellent alternative for individuals searching for a commode that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

18) Medline 3-in-1 Commode with Microban Antimicrobial

First and foremost, Microban antimicrobial product protection was designed to make all bath safety components be long-lasting and cleaner. It prevents rapid spread of germs, mildew and mold while also ensuring cleanliness 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The 3-in-1 steel Medline folding commode is the next best selection if you’d like to spend as little money as you can without compromising too much. It offers some of the same characteristics that Drive Medical’s 3-in-1 commode, such as changeable height, foldability, and versatility in use, as well as a 350-pound weight restriction.

However, it features simple construction and a low price point, making it an excellent choice for seniors or those who just require a bedside commode for a limited amount of time as opposed to a permanent condition. This can be for someone who is recuperating from a sickness or injury.


  • Changeable height
  • Easy to assemble
  • Folding capability for convenient storage


  • Runs narrow
  • Some people think it’s too wobbly

Is it recommendable?

This commode chair can be used at the bedside to remove the urge to travel all the way to the bathroom. All you have to do is just remove the bucket and install the splashguard that you can also use as a lifted seat above the toilet. Using your conventional toilet and seat, detach the seat entirely and utilize the safety rails for enhanced security.

19) Nurth 4 in 1 Chair Shower Commode Mobile Chair Commode/Shower Wheelchair

This Nurth 4 in 1 Chair Shower Commode wheelchair is known for its comfort and firmness. It’s a versatile 4-in-1 shower chair with a built-in bucket that can be used anywhere.

Essentially, this padded commode chair comes with a 20-inch seat height that can fit precisely over a normal toilet. It can effortlessly go on thick carpets and floors because of its big and robust wheels. It also supports a weight capacity of 220 pounds while it only weighs 26 pounds.

This wheelchair commode is constructed on a rust-resistant Aluminum frame. Unlike other older chairs, this commode will assist vision challenged users and the elderly by keeping them from sliding or slipping.


  • 4-in-1 multi-purpose stand-alone mobile chair
  • Accommodates up to 220 pounds while only weighing only 26 pounds
  • Shower chair that is both safe and comfy
  • The frame is made of aluminum and will never rust
  • Guaranteed for life.


  • Only supports weight capacity of up to 220 pounds.

Is it recommendable?

This chair is incredibly beneficial for persons with dementia and poor vision who want to avoid sliding, falling and tripping, which is the leading cause of mortality from accidents in adults over 65.

20) Nurth Tilt-in-Space Reclining Shower/Toilet Commode

Nurth Tilt-in-Space Reclining Shower/Toilet Commode is a multi-purpose four-in-one commode/shower wheelchair that can be used as an independent commode with its included pail. Seniors or loved ones can use this wheelchair commode just right above a toilet for more protected toileting or as a secure and cozy shower chair.

One unique feature about this wheelchair is its tilt in space functionality that enables the whole chair, inclusive of the base of the seat, be easily tilted by a caregiver.

This tilted-recline feature helps guarantee users to not fall in any direction, whether sliding sideways, forward, or out of the chair when using it. Caregivers and senior users can feel totally safer when they use a Total Care Chair compared to a normal or recline-only shower commode wheelchair. There are cohesive gas struts made to help caregivers tilt the wheelchair backwards or forwards.

The 21 to 24-inch seat height and seat breadth of 17 inches are each configurable. On the backrest, they are mixed, unlike with the original white/grey seats. It’s especially useful for individuals with dementia and poor vision who want to avoid slipping, falling and tripping. This is the leading cause of mortality from accidents in adults over 65.


  • 4-in-1 multi-purpose stand-alone mobile chair
  • Shower chair that is both safe and comfy
  • The frame is made of aluminum in white color – that will never rust
  • Guaranteed to be long-lasting
  • Weight capacity of 400 pounds


  • Instances of brake caliper not working

Caution for Dementia Patients

  • Assistance from a caregiver is necessary for safe operation of this commode by a person with dementia. The person may be agitated or frightened when the seat moves, fearing they will fall, so make sure to give step by step instruction before any movement.