17 Best Electric Tea Kettles Out There Today

A good kettle is an important appliance for any kitchen. No matter our age or abilities, many of us can’t start the day without a cup of coffee or rely on a good cup of tea for a break in the afternoon.

Tea and coffee-making is, therefore, a vital part of independent living for all those that have disabilities, or for seniors. The right tea kettle can make all the difference in these circumstances. Models with the right materials, weight, safety features, and other considerations can make life a lot easier.

In this guide, we have compiled a series of the best tea kettles for seniors and those with disabilities. The first products here are a series of standard, cordless electric kettles.

The choices focus on a specific selling point, such as a convenient safety feature, although many have multiple benefits for this target audience. There are also a few tea kettles with tea infusers and a series of stovetop kettles – for seniors that prefer this old-fashioned method over the more common kettle.

Best Electric Water Kettles Out There

These short reviews will highlight the pros and cons of the product to help you choose the ideal new kettle for a relative in need.

1) Secura Original Stainless Steel Electric Water Kettle.

The first feature that we want to highlight with these senior-friendly kettles is the use of materials. There are now lots of brands that try and move away from plastic as much as possible to make their products more hygienic and safe. The fewer pieces of plastic there are in contact with the water, the lower the risk of chemicals and contamination. This Secura kettle has stainless steel in the filter, lid, rim and more to ease peace of mind.

The pros and cons of this tea kettle:

1) the hygienic use of stainless steel
2) the colour choices
3) the size
1) some rusting
2) a short lifespan

In addition to the materials on the inside of the kettle, there are also benefits here in the choice of colours on the exterior. There are black, white, orange, red and purple models in this range, so there should be something for most decors. There is also a 1.7-litre capacity so it isn’t too large or too big for older users. The main downside here is the short lifespan compared to some other products. Users reviews talk about some rusting after a few months and some rare occurrences of leaks.

Is it recommendable?

If you want a product that is built to last a long time, this may not be the best choice for you. However, this is still an affordable, attractive option that good suit the kitchen and needs of many older users.

2) Asani Safe Touch Electric Kettle.

One of the best types of kettle to look out for if you have an elderly or disabled relative is one classed as a “safe touch” kettles. The idea here is that no matter the temperature of the water inside the kettle, there will still be a cool exterior thanks to the double wall. Therefore, vulnerable people that may forget the kettle has boiled, or those with hand coordination issues, don’t risk getting burned if they accidentally touch the sides.

The pros and cons of this tea kettle.

1) the safe touch cool exterior
2) the use of stainless steel
3) the easy-to-use button for the lid
1) the temperature of the lid
2) no indication of the water level

There are some extra benefits to this cool touch kettle with the use of the stainless steel interior and spring assisted opening on the lid. This simple, push-button catch means that it should be easier for users to fill the kettle and replace the lid. However, there also comments from some users that say that the lid is not as cool as the exterior. The design also means that there is no way of telling how much water is in the kettle.

Is it recommendable?

There are some downsides here, especially for those that want to be able to check the water level more easily. Still, the cool exterior and the spring assisted catch could make a big difference for those that need a safer kettle.

3) Kinden Glass Blue Light Kettle.

One of the issues above was the lack of visibility with the water level. It can help users to have a clearer idea of the amount of water in the kettle and its status. Those with hearing problems may not be able to hear the water boiling, so may benefit from some form of reassurance. That is why some brand, such as Kinden, fit a blue LED into the kettle. This activates when the water is boiling to help users further.

The pros and cons of this tea kettle.

1) The strong blue LED light.
2) The different temperature modes
3) The grip on the handle
1) The temperature of the handle
2) The use of glass

In addition to this blue light, this kettle also has a series of temperature modes that can help users take greater control over the process. They are a basic boiling function, a keep warm function and one that combines the two. The kettle offers this at four temperature settings. Users also like the non-slip design of the handle, but some say that it isn’t as cool to the touch as other kettles. Some relatives of more vulnerable users may also be concerned about the use of glass.

Is it recommendable?

A recommendation here depends on the needs of the user. If you have a relative with severe weaknesses in their strength and mobility, there could be some risks. But, those that are more able, or those that are hearing-impaired may appreciate this design.

4) Asani Temperature Control Kettle.

Temperature controls, like those seen above, are a great idea for users that want a little more control over their tea and coffee making experience. Keep-warm features are great for those that may want a second cup of tea in a short space of time, or for those that may forget that they set the kettle to boil in the first place. Kettles like this one from Asani go a step further with a digital LED display with a temperature control. This one lets you adjust the temperature between 120-212F with 1 or 10-degree increments.

The pros and cons of this tea kettle.

1) Keep warm settings
2) Temperature controls
3) A clear, safe touch exterior
1) A lot to learn
2) The system could be more helpful

There are some nice additional elements here with this kettle that bring in some of the top features already mentioned. This includes the safe touch exterior and the see-through design so that users can see the water level. Unfortunately, there are some users that say that it takes a little time to learn the controls, so it may not be ideal for those with memory issues.

Is it recommendable?

If your relative has no concerns about the programming of this LED display, this kettle could prove to be a helpful tool. The long timer on the keep warm features and wide temperature range are great. This product might win over a few more fans if the system had a better memory or a more intuitive system.

5) Aicok Electric Kettle Temperature Control.

For our next product, we continue with this idea of temperature controls and LED displays. We want to highlight another model here because it is important to note that different kettles have different designs. Always look to see where the buttons are on a device, how small they are and how easy it will be to read the display. This can all make a difference to users with different medical needs. This model has some great features with different temperature controls and some good reviews about the ease of use.

The pros and cons of this tea kettle.

1) Los of helpful controls for the temperature and settings
2) quick boiling function – among other controls
3) safe touch cool exterior, once again
1) too much beeping
2) no internal memory

Additional benefits with this kettle include some of the features we have come to expect with these kettles. The cool touch exterior extends into the handle this time, which should increase the safety rating. There is also a quick boiling function so users aren’t left waiting around for long periods of time. Like the model above, there is an issue here with the lack of any internal memory. There is no way for users to save their settings and preferred temperatures. There are also complaints about the beeping when the water is ready. These alerts could prove helpful for some users with hearing or cognitive issues, but annoying for many others.

Is it recommendable?

There is a lot about this kettle that will appeal to the right user. As with many of these kettles, there could be some improvements to the software. The deal breaker here really is the intensity and volume of all that beeping. Will this be a help or hindrance?

6) Tenergy Double Wall Electric Kettle.

This is a kettle that is built for speed. There is a rapid boil function here as well as an automatic shut-off system for when the kettle has finished boiling. There are two reasons why this can appeal to carers of the disabled or seniors. First of all, these rapid boiling times mean that users aren’t on their feet for too long, or won’t wander off and forget that the kettle is boiling. Even if they do forget, or are called away, the automatic shut-off adds that extra bit of security.

The pros and cons of this tea kettle.

1) The rapid boil and shut-off
2) An LED indicator on the kettle
3) safe touch cool exterior
1) the water gets very hot
2) there aren’t many colour choices.

There are some additional benefits to this kettle that seniors and disabled users may appreciate. The cool touch exterior is always a good idea for those that may accidentally brush their hand on the kettle. The LED indicator light is also helpful. As for the downsides, there are no temperature controls with this system. As a result, some find that it can get a little bit too hot. There is also no indication of colour choices available, so it may be more difficult to match a kettle to a décor.

Is it recommendable?

This may be a kettle better suited to carers than independent elderly users. It helps to remember to let the water cool or add cold water to a drink. Otherwise, there are some great safety features and design elements to this product.

7) Dash Illusion Mirrored Electric Kettle.

The next of these standard electric kettles has a bit of everything going for it. This product shows that it helps t try and tick as many boxes as you can when searching for the perfect tea kettle for seniors or less able users. You may have to compromise on function and design in one respect, but you may find additional safety features or conveniences.

The pros and cons of this tea kettle.

1) cool touch handle
2) LED light for the boiling water
3) automatic shut-off
1) fairly basic in its functionality
2) no temperature controls

This product really does have a lot of different features that will appeal to users and their carers. There is the automatic shut off for safety, the cool touch handle, the rapid boil technology, the LED light to make the water more visible as it boils and the cordless design. There is also the fact that it is pretty lightweight and easy to use. Again, the water might get a little bit too hot for some people. This is because this product doesn’t have a temperature control system.

Is it recommendable?

There is nothing that special and no major USP to this kettle. It doesn’t have the fancy software or displays of other models. There isn’t the clever use of materials or ergonomics. But, there are plenty of carefully-considered features to help many users.

8) Chefman Programmable Tea Infuser Electric Kettle.

We want to consider something a bit different with this next trio of kettles. All of these three models have a removable tea infuser. The idea here is that users can put a teabag or loose leaf tea into the infuser in the middle and it infuses the water as it boils. This could mean an even better, easier way of making tea for seniors and those with hand coordination issues.

The pros and cons of this tea kettle.

1) A simple, large infuser that will speed up the tea making process
2) An easy-clean interior
3) Controls for brewing times
1) A higher cost than “normal” kettles
2) Learning the controls

This particular option has its benefits for those that want an easier way of making a pot of tea. In addition to the easy to use insert, there is a stain resistant bottom that should be easy to clean. This means that this kettle should be a time saver. It also has a swivel base with controls for boiling and brewing times. The downsides here are that this is more costly than a normal kettle, but not by much. There may also be a bit of a learning curve with the controls.

Is it recommendable?

There are many users that will appreciate the design and purpose of this kettle. However, some may struggle a little with the controls at first. This small issue may be outweighed by the time saved with a little practice.

9) CISNO 2 in 1 Electric Tea Kettle With Infuser.

The model above is not the only product around with a tea infuser. There are other brands have their own methods and designs. Many consumers will appreciate this option because it has a nice, retro look with the plunging tea infuser. The shape of the infuser and the plunger system means that it is great for loose leaf tea, if users prefer this process. Still, it is possible to use teabags as well.

The pros and cons of this tea kettle.

1) the retro design
2) the plunging infuser for loose leaf tea
3) the stainless steel construction
1) Software issues with the keep warm function
2) Takes some time to learn

Other advantages with this kettle include the adjustable temperature controls on the handle, the keep warm function and the stainless steel build. This shows that designers of these infuser kettles still follow the same ideas and safety concerns as other brands. Sadly, there are some of the same problems too. There are some software issues in getting the kettle to activate the keep warm function or to remember the desired temperature. Therefore, it could be a little bit easier to use.

Is it recommendable?

There is a lot of potential with this product. As it is, it can make a great cup of tea and save users time in the kitchen. The safety features make it recommendable. But, it would be even easier to recommend with a more reliable control system.

10) Comfee Digital Tea Infuser Kettle.

The last of this trio of kettles with tea infusers is one that tries to be a smart option for users that want greater control over their drinks. This Comfee model has a large integrated tea infuser in the centre that has more than enough room inside for the tea leaves and bags to swirl around and create a strong brew. From there, users can control the temperature on the digital display on the handle.

The pros and cons of this tea kettle.

1) The large removable tea infuser
2) The temperature controls for the brew
3) The cool touch handle
1) The use of glass
2) The need to clean it out more often

There are also some nice additional details to this product that make it ideal for those that are older or a little less able. There is a cool touch handle, so there is a reduced risk of users burning themselves while changing settings or pouring the tea. There is also a nice series of markers on the side of the glass to indicate the water level. However, this use of glass does bring up some of the same safety concerns. There is also the fact that some users have noticed some spots on the bottom of the kettle. They are uncertain if this is rust, or purely down to the use of hard water. Either way, you may need to clean this more regularly.

Is it recommendable?

Aside from some of the cleaning issues and the use of glass, there is a lot going for this model. It has a nice infuser, puts the user in control of their brew – with some great results – and has a nice handle.

11) Homaly rainbow whistling kettle.

For the next set of kettles, we want to look at some of the models that work on the stove or cooker top. This can be appealing to many older users because it is familiar to them. They may have used something similar in their home for many years. These modern versions often look similar and are safe to use on different cooker tops. This model, for example, can be used on electric, gas and even induction cookers. This adds a greater sense of safety to these products, which means more peace of mind for carers.

The pros and cons of this tea kettle.

1) the range of colours
2) the whistling function
3) the quality of the handle
1) not as safe as other electric kettles
2) a smaller capacity than other electric kettles

The other key selling point here is that this is a great looking whistling kettle to add a little more function to the kettle. The rainbow look to the stainless steel is striking and will appeal to many seniors that want to brighten up their kitchen. There are alternative colours with the gold, silver and rose gold. Carers will also appreciate the strong, ergonomic heat resistant handle. There are few downsides here as long as it is used by the right person.

Is it recommendable?

There is no reason why this can’t brighten up a senior’s home if they still prefer this traditional approach. The whistle, induction top compatibility and handle are all helpful extras that add to the appeal.

12) Sotya Best Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle.

The appeal here comes with the additional features for a better user experience. This is another product with a small tea infuser that users can add for infused teas. There is also a detachable glove for the handle to make it easier and safer to hold during the drink making process. Therefore, it immediately seems as though the brand has considered the abilities and safety of its consumers. It takes what is a fairly traditional product and enhances it to create something more practical and safe.

The pros and cons of this tea kettle

1) The additional tea infuser for hot drinks
2) The glove for the handle
3) The nice design on the exterior
1) No glove for the lever
2) The metal isn’t as durable as on other kettles

Additional features of interest with this product include the loud whistling that users come to expect from a stove kettle. It is shrill and should be just right for those hard of hearing in another room. There is also the choice of the classic shiny steel look or a bright red. Unfortunately, there are areas where Soyta could make some improvements. There is no glove for the lever for the spout. Also, the metal is thin and easily dented.

Is it recommendable?

There is a lot about this product that is appealing to carers and their relatives. The design, infuser and glove are enough on their own to make this recommendable. But, this would be even better with some changes to the lever.

13) American Dream Soft Grip Stainless Steel Kettle.

One of the first things that stands out with this product is the sense of affordability. Some of these stove top kettles are more expensive then others. It all depends on the desired purpose and target market. Naturally, carers don’t always want to spend too much money on these products unless they are sure they will be a long-term purchase. This product is an affordable option with a pretty standard design and all the right features where it counts.

The pros and cons of this tea kettle.

1) The low cost
2) The heat-resistant features
3) The extra capacity
1) The fiddly cover on the spout
2) The extra weight

Many buyers will appreciate the fact that this product can whistle when the water is up to the right temperature. There is also a heat-resistant lid and handle for extra security and the kettle is large enough to take enough water for guests. However, this does mean that the size could make it more awkward to use. There are also some older users that may struggle with the small spout with its flip-up cover. As with most of these kettles, it also needs the right amount of water in order to whistle.

Is it recommendable?

It may sound as though there is a lot wrong with this product compared to some of the others. However, there are also lots of pros. You can get plenty for your money with this kettle if you are willing to use the spout cover and check the water level.

14) Fino 6576 Pour Over Coffee Kettle.

The stand out feature with this kettle is the gooseneck handle. There are two potential benefits here. On the one hand, the shape allows for better control over the flow of the water while pouring. This could be helpful for those with joint problems in their hands, tremors or other medical issues. While some see this as a method for pour-over coffee and modern approaches, others will simply appreciate the practicality. Then there is the way that the neck lends itself to a more elegant Japanese design.

The pros and cons of this tea kettle.

1) The gooseneck for control
2) The attractive Japanese design
3) The helpful ergonomics
1) The smaller capacity
2) The lack of safety features

There are plenty of benefits to this small Japanese-made kettle. It can be used on gas, electric and induction stove tops, so will suit many homes. There are also nice ergonomics to the angled handle, and simple design. This is very much a “no fuss”, minimalist option. Still, this can have its downsides. A small capacity means fewer cups of teas from one pot of boiling water. It also doesn’t have the same safety features as some of the electric kettles above.

Is it recommendable?

There are some carers that will say that this kettle isn’t the ideal choice for carers because it doesn’t tick all of the boxes of previous kettles. Yet, the design, gooseneck and ease of use are all advantageous for the right user.

15) OXO On Adjustable Pour-Over Kettle.

For our final choice in this guide to the best tea kettles for the elderly and disabled, we want to look at something that may be a little out of the typical budget. Ideally, many carers want something affordable and simple. Here, OXO has something that aims to be more appealing and functional, but at a higher price. The brand aims to offer that ideal specification and sense of value by combining a series of the features that we have praised in previous models.

The pros and cons of this tea kettle.


1) the gooseneck
2) the strong use of stainless steel
3) the temperature controls
1) the high cost
2) the lack of safety features

Starting with the benefits of this product, there is that familiar shape and gooseneck seen in the Japanese-made stovetop kettle. This means that there is greater control and a nice look. However, this electric model has temperature controls on the base to help users get the right brew. This swivel base has a control and a display to set the temperature between 40 and 100 degrees Celsius. There is also a keep-warm mode and safe stainless steel. But, there is still that high price and the sense that this is still designed with a younger audience in mind.

Is it recommendable?

There are benefits to this choice. The combination of the gooseneck design and temperature control is a nice marriage of ideas. Still, do you want to pay this much for a kettle for an older relative?T

16) Proctor Silex K2070 Kettle


This plastic 1 quart electric tea kettle plugs into an outlet to boil water and automatically turns off when the water boils.


  • Automatic turn off when the water boils
  • On/off switch independent of the cord and plug. Many other kettles can be turned on or off only by plugging the unit in or unplugging it, as there is no on/off switch on the kettle.
  • Red ON indicator light lets you know when the kettle is on/off. Some other electric kettles don’t have visual indicator alerts, so you must keep checking either the position of the switch or that the unit is unplugged.
  • It does not require the user to replace the kettle precisely on a base (like cordless models), which involves skill beyond the capability of many people with dementia.
  • Water gauge. If the person has good vision and remembers to look, it’s helpful to be able to see how much water is in the kettle.
  • Easy to open lid. – This lid is fairly easy to open; some models we tested were difficult to pry open. This kettle can be filled from the spout or from the opened lid.
  • Narrow, pointed spout helps reduce spills.


  • Short cord. Most electric tea kettles come with a 4-foot cord for safety reasons (so it can’t easily get pulled off the counter top), but it may be too short for convenient use if there aren’t enough outlets.
  • Two step process. The person may not remember to both 1) plug in the kettle and then 2) turn the switch on. Just in case, put up a reminder sign. Even several of our testers sometimes forgot to turn the switch on!
  • Clear plastic on/off switch may be difficult to see when kettle is not turned on; the switch turns red when kettle is on. Consider highlighting part of the switch with a red marker or red electrical tape.
  • No child safety lid. The kettle’s power still comes on with the lid open, which could increase the risk of accidental burns.

17) Whistling Stove Top Kettle Teapot with Layered Capsule Bottom

The kettle is made of stainless steel with a layered capsule bottom. When there is at least one cup of water in the teakettle, steam build-up sounds the whistle.


  • Loud whistle – some whistles cannot be heard from another room. We tested this teapot with a person who has limited hearing (but not dementia) and they were able to hear the teapot whistle from two rooms away.
  • Non-metal handle reduces burn risk – but we only recommend using this teakettle on electric stoves, as the handle can get very hot if the gas flame is on high or if the kettle is incorrectly placed on a gas flame larger than the kettle’s bottom.
  • “Finger trigger” spout opener – an easy-to-use safety feature. Some newer models have an automatic spout, which opens when the kettle is lifted by its handle, rather than when a trigger is squeezed. This is a good feature for people with arthritis, but could present a safety hazard for persons with dementia.
  • Attached whistle – one less thing to lose.
  • Spout filler – teakettles that only have a spout filler may reduce burn incidents. Steam burns can occur in teakettles with midsection water fillers if opened while the water is steaming. However, if the person is currently using this type of teakettle (midsection water filler), they may find it difficult to switch to a spout filler style.
  • Light weight & easy-to-carry. Some kettles are heavy to lift, increasing burn risk.


  • Though the handle is non-metallic, it can get very hot if the gas flame is on high or if the kettle is incorrectly placed on a gas flame larger than the kettle’s bottom; this could cause a burn when the handle is touched. We only recommend this kettle for use on an electric stove.

Safety Cautions for Dementia Patients

Whistles can malfunction (especially if dropped) and lose their sound; this happened during testing of other teakettle models. Overfilling teakettles can cause boiling water to be forced out of the spout, increasing burn risk. Check to see if the person fills the kettle to the recommended level below the spout. Persons accustomed to using a saucepan to boil water may not be able to learn how to use a kettle.

Loose long sleeves can easily catch on fire. Make sure your care receiver wears short or tight fitting sleeves while cooking. Check regularly to see whether the person can use a tea kettle safely. At some point, the person may be unable to safely use the stovetop, remember the purpose of the whistle and respond appropriately or to safely carry and pour a pot of boiling water.

Regularly assess that it’s still safe for the care receiver to cook independently. At some point, all people with dementia will need to be supervised in the kitchen.

Some people will attempt to boil water by placing the electric kettle on a hot burner on the stove – this will damage the kettle and possibly cause a fire. Check to see that it’s safe for the person to pour and carry boiling water.

Overfilling teakettles can cause boiling water to be forced out of the spout, increasing burn risk. Check to see if the person fills the kettle to the recommended level below the spout. If you have old electrical wiring, do not use another high wattage appliance at the same time, on the same circuit, to avoid circuit overload.

Regularly assess that it’s still safe for the care receiver to cook independently. At some point, all people with dementia will need to be supervised in the kitchen.