Manual Long Ring Timers

Good Cook Deluxe Long Ring Precision Timer

This alarm sounds when the set cooking time has reached zero. The user only has to turn the dial to the desired cooking time for the timer to function. Most standard timers require a two-step process: 1. Turning the dial past the manufacturer’s preset time (usually 15 or 45 minutes) and, 2. Setting the dial for the desired cooking time. Two-step processes are difficult for people with dementia.


  • One-step cooking timer. The person just sets the timer to the desired cooking time.
  • 90-second alarm ring – lots of time for a person to hear the ring from another room.
  • Loud, varied (high and low) alarm tones – easier for older adults to hear.
  • Easy-to-see (1/4″) bold letters


  • The alarm turns off when the dial is on the “OFF” setting, not on the “0” (zero) setting. This could be confusing to the person with dementia.


The person must still have cooking and good judgment skills or a fire could still occur.

As the disease progresses, he or she:
• May not remember why the alarm is sounding
• May set it for the wrong time
• May forget to set the timer, even with reminder signs.

Regularly assess that it’s still safe for the care receiver to cook independently. At some point, all people with dementia will need to be supervised in the kitchen.