Microwave and Oven Child Safety “Locks”

These “locks”, developed for child safety, are not real locks, but devices that prevent the oven from opening unless you press or squeeze the interlocking parts. They adhere to the oven with double sided tape. You need ammonia to clean the attachment point on the oven to ensure a firm grip.


  • Fairly easy to install
  • Easy for caregivers to use
  • May deter some people from using the stove unsupervised


  • They do not work on all stoves. For example, the side lock will not work on old stoves with curved edges.
  • You can’t use the “locks” for 24 hours after installation, as the adhesive needs to cure properly.


  • Increased supervision or disconnection of the stove may be more effective and safer.
  • Not suggested for use by persons who are easily agitated.
  • Any childproofing product which uses adhesive may be easy for adults to remove.
  • Some individuals will be able to figure out how to open these “locks,” so it’s important to monitor carefully on an ongoing basis.

Individuals with dementia will respond differently when access to cooking is denied. Someone accustomed to cooking on a regular basis could become upset when he/she is denied access to an appliance. To ease the transition, make sure to have:

    • Other activities available that the person enjoys
    • Healthy snacks out on the counter
    • Alternative meal sources in place if the person lives alone or spends extended time by themselves