Microwave Safe Food Containers

Even though using a microwave seems like such an easy and safe way to heat up your food, there are plenty of things that can go horribly wrong. While most people may be aware that using metal or boiling eggs in a microwave is a really bad idea, there are other dangers you should be aware of.

Which Food Containers Are Safe to Use in the Microwave?

Food containers that are safe to use in the microwave are- paper plates, napkins and towels, ceramic dishes (without gold or silver trims), glass jars and bowls without metal trims or labels, parchment and wax papers.

Which Food Containers Are NOT Safe to Use in the Microwave?

Food containers that you should not use in the microwave are takeaway plastic containers (for single use), cold storage plastic containers, foam-insulated items like plates (including Styrofoam), trays and cups, aluminum foils and brown paper bags. You should always avoid using any dishes with any type of metal on them (gold, silver or aluminum etc). This includes labels, trims or writing.

There are countless different containers you can find online and the ones that are safe to use in the microwave, usually have a clear marking on them. Always use containers with “microwave safe” labels, if you are not sure whether you can use them or not. You can find a huge selection of microwave safe bowls and containers on Amazon.

Microwave Safe Food Containers with Steam Vents

Originally developed to keep food fresh, these containers have a special vacuum valve system that automatically adjusts to allow steam to escape during microwave reheating. You can check the price and reviews here.

Available with a clear polycarbonate lid – and a choice of clear polycarbonate or semi-transparent polypropylene container.


  • The steam vent is automatic. You don’t have to remember to open it – a great safety feature for adults with memory loss.
  • Unbreakable containers
  • Large side tabs make the containers easier to open; other containers we tested were very hard to open.
  • The covers and the containers (depending on the model) are see through, so the person can see the food contents. This is a real plus for persons with dementia – sometimes if the container is opaque, they may not open it.
  • You don’t have use the “pump” valve, which the manufacturer states keeps food fresher, for the valve to automatically allow steam to escape.


  • As with any microwave container, the container can get very hot. Serious fire and burns can occur when a microwave is not used properly.