Universal Outlet Safety Covers

The plate cover, designed for child safety, automatically slides over the existing outlet opening when the plug is removed from the outlet. To use the outlet, press your finger on the cover, slide to the right, and hold as you plug in the cord. Some of the easiest to use you can find here.


  • Easy to install with a screwdriver
  • Fairly easy to use – no plugging and unplugging as with plastic child outlet covers, which can be bothersome and difficult, especially for those with arthritis


  • These covers only work with 3-pronged outlets. They do not work with special Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets
  • Individuals may be confused or agitated by the outlet cover.

The listing of these products is for informational purposes and individuals must use their own caution and judgment when using these resources. Functional levels and changes in judgment and reasoning are highly variable in people with dementia. Interventions must be individualized and continually assessed because those that are effective for some individuals may only work briefly and may not work at all for others