15 Best Pill Dispensers with Alarms in 2022

Pill dispensers are a great way to help people with chronic illnesses or disabilities take their medications on time, every day. If you have a condition that requires you to take medication on a regular basis, then it is important for you to find a pill dispenser with an alarm that will keep you on track and inform you when it’s time for your next dose.

How can I choose the perfect pill container that perfectly fits my needs?

The best way to find your ideal pill container is by considering what features you want and how important they are to you. Are you looking for a low-cost option that will do the basic job at hand? Or are you in search of a feature-rich dispenser that is also durable? And, perhaps most importantly, will the pill dispenser be used by both you and someone else?

The Importance of a Good Pill Dispenser Design

A good pill dispenser design is crucial to providing patients with the medication they need and also for reducing errors that cause patients harm.

Medication errors cause tens of thousands of hospitalizations, hundreds of thousands of injuries, and at least 50% of medical malpractice cases every year. One way to reduce those dosing errors is by using a good pill dispenser which has been proven to be extremely accurate.

The FDA and World Health Organization both recommend automatic pill dispensers as a safe and accurate way to dispense medication. Modern pill dispensers use a variety of technologies to give patients the exact medication they need on time, without human error.

We review the top fifteen pill dispensers available in stores today and what features to look for when making your purchase.

How Do Pill Dispensers With Alarms Work?

Regular pill boxes with alarms typically have storage space for seven days or more of medications. There are some that have medication compartments for one day. The alarm systems on them may be a sound alarm, flash alarm, may be customizable allowing patients or caregivers to record personalized messages, or the alarm may be some combination of the three types of alarm.

Caregivers and family members can load the medicine into the compartments and feel confident that forgetting to give a loved one medication on time will not be a problem. Many of the best-ranked pill dispensers with alarms can be set to go off up to six times a day.

What are the Main Differences Among Pillbox Alarms?

The main differences among pill box alarms include the available colors, sizes, and features. Colors vary by manufacturer and come in one standard color or several different colors. Most pill dispenser alarms include basic colors like black and white. The sizes of the alarms and pill box organizers vary quite a bit among the different models. Some models include alarms with large, easy-to-read displays, and some are small travel-sized units with small displays. The alarm systems vary in length and width.

Some of the alarm systems are attached to the pill organizers and some are separate units. Other features vary as well. Depending on the brand, the number of daily reminders may differ. For example, one of the pillbox alarm clocks may have four reminders, and another might have six per day. The alarms may also reset automatically for the next day.

Best Pill Boxes with Alarms

With these 15 best pill boxes with alarms on the market today, you should not be having too much trouble keeping up with your medication routine.

1. LIVEFINE Smart WiFi Automatic Pill Dispenser

​The LIVEFINE, smart Wifi automatic pill dispenser, is a medication management system that automatically dispenses medications as needed and alerts patients when it’s time to take their medicine. The system supports up to 4 straight weeks of medication and has a 28-slot capacity for medications of any size. The device includes an easy-to-use mobile app with customizable alarm reminders. Features include:

  • The system was designed to improve the daily lives of people with chronic illnesses by automating medication management, reducing costs and making medication adherence easier.
  • The LCD screen displays not only the time you are due to take your next dose but also other vital information including the amount in your device, how many doses remain in your slot and an alarm signal when it is time to take your next dose.
  • The mobile app can be used to manage your medication dispenser from anywhere in the world.
  • A user can set a personalized alarm that is delivered via text or email, as well as a secondary notification that is sent to a family member or healthcare professional.
  • A caregiver’s phone app allows them to monitor the dispenser from afar with real-time monitoring of alarms, notifications and usage data.
  • The integrated 4 hours battery backup ensures patient reminders are sent even during power outages.
  • A transparent lid for effortless visual monitoring of daily medications along with the time remaining until the next dose is due.
  • It also features a sliding retrieval window that provides greater accessibility for seniors, arthritis sufferers and more.
  • It also comes with a lockable cover with a manual key and a live feed-back screen for easy use.
  • It blocks unauthorized access and avoids accidental spills, making it perfect for storing all your medications, vitamins or supplements.

2. TABTIME Super Electronic Pill Dispenser

​TABTIME is a compact, electronic pill dispenser with 8 integrated alarms, with a precise reminder each time. It has a flashing visual reminder so you never forget to take your pills. This smart pill dispenser was uniquely designed to fit right in the palm of your hand and has an intelligent opening mechanism that also has a magnetic clasp to keep it shut tight. Once opened, the alarm stops immediately.

It’s a must-have for anyone who takes pills on a daily or even occasional basis. With the built-in 8 alarms, you know exactly when to take your medication. The truly good news is that this dispenser comes with 2 no-fail volume settings so you can switch from a low volume at home or high volume up to 50 decibels for outdoor listening.

There are three buttons on this dispenser and it’s very easy to set up. When you have all the pills out of TABTIME, just shut the flap and press the memory button; it’s that simple. You can also set your medications for different days of the week and there is enough room for 18 small tablets or 6 capsules.

3. TBSOON 7 Day AM PM Pill Organizer

​The TBSOON 7 days am/pm lighted pill organizer has a large display screen that can help you easily see the time and the medication name, so you don’t need to repeat settings every day. The lids are made in strong, transparent plastic and are safe from fading. These organizers are practical and powerful with 4 reminder alarms every day at the same time or at different times for each compartment.

It also comes with a lanyard hole design which is very useful for carrying 7-day 2 times/day pills or 14-day 1 time/day pills conveniently. You can set up a 7 days reminder on each lid. After taking medicine, you don’t need to check it again since the box will remind you.

The box is dust-proof and moisture-proof to avoid humidity and dust. Also, the screen can show you time, medication name and dosage amount by LED lights.

This pill organizer can help you to remember to take medicine at the right time and is effective and safe. You don’t need to keep checking whether or not you have taken the medicine at the correct time every day.

4. LIVEFINE 28-Day Automatic Pill Dispenser

​The LIVEFINE Automatic Pill Dispenser is an intelligent, interactive, automatic pill dispenser. With this dispenser, you can manage your medications by stacking them in 28 high-capacity slots so you can see which pills need to be taken and when.

You can record your medication schedule in the intuitive amber LCD display with 3 beeping patterns and 3 volume controls for reminders. The sleek design of the dispenser is complemented with a see-through lid that makes it easy to monitor each pill’s intake without opening it up, thereby preventing missed or double doses.

The dispenser also comes with an alarm clock to make sure you never miss a dose. It can be programmed to ring once or twice, or even 4 times if the dosage is due every 6 hours. The built-in 4-week timer can be set in 1-hour intervals to provide flexibility when scheduling your medications, vitamins or supplements. It has a manual key that can be used to prevent unauthorized access, and it locks for peace of mind when not in use.

It has 28 pill compartments in total, 9 of which are interchangeable dosage rings that are pre-set for different pills or supplements. The latch is smooth and its medication compartment is secure and spillproof. All of these features combined to make the LIVEFINE Automatic Pill Dispenser a great choice for people with long-term illnesses, the elderly, individuals that take a lot of medications or those that live alone or have limited mobility.

5. e-PILL Small Weekly Pill Organizer

​This is a small, weekly pill organizer with 7 individual compartments to keep your daily pills organized and fresh. Each compartment has a snap-tight lid that will not allow the medicine to spill out and has a waterproof grooved surface on the bottom that prevents water from leaking in. Additionally, a limited number of pill sizes are included with the e-PILL. These include Aspirin sized pills, small gel cap pills, and chewable tablets. Features include:

  • It’s designed to remind you when you need to take your daily medication by buzzing once every hour until you interact with it. Once activated it will then play a one-hour reminder of your medication times.
  • The alarm duration during which the reminder chimes is 15 seconds, this can be extended up to 3 days by silencing the alarm manually.
  • The e-PILL reminder can be set to repeat every day and will continue to remind you of your medication times until you deactivate it.
  • The volume of the alarm can be adjusted and it has a built-in snooze function.

It has a removable pill holder that can be used for the storage of aspirin or prescription pills as well as vitamins, antihistamines, etc. This feature makes it easy to see and interact with the control buttons even if it’s on top of your counter.

6. e-PILL Large Weekly Pill Organizer

​The e-PILL is a large weekly pill organizer that is perfect for those who require medication on a regular basis. Reminder beeps alert you up to 75 decibels, with an alarm duration of 15 seconds that repeats every day unless you stop it manually. It also has a friendly female voice alert. The lid of this pillbox set is easy to open and has four daily schedules – morning, noon, evening and bedtime.

Not only does this organizer contain a large screen display, you can also show the current time as well as how many alarms have been set, and which alarm tone and volume control works best. It also has an easy-to-use audible alert feature with 4 different volumes.

The Large Weekly Pill Organizer is advised for those with dexterity issues–such as arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy or spinal cord injury. Or those who have tremors or hand paralysis–especially useful for those with CP/Alzheimer’s disease.

It’s especially ideal for children and teenagers who need a reminder to take medication daily according to adult instructions. The set includes a large weekly pill container that holds up to 8 pills at a time, with 4 daily sections for easy identification of the time.

7. BLUCOIL 28-Day Automatic Pill Dispenser

​BLUCOIL is the world’s best automatic pill dispenser. It is ideal for people who want to know when to take medication, but also for those who need reminders not to exceed their prescribed dosage. This 28-day electronic pill box has 28 compartments and an LED screen with 9 different alarms per day – including a loud alarm, a red flashing LED light on the top part of the device, and an additional 60mm LCD Screen that displays what time it is.

The settings for the alarms are customizable with an easy-to-use menu system. The automatic pill dispenser can be set to beep once (at 7 am for example) or multiple times (at 7 am, 8 am and 9 am). You can also set it to beep at random times over the course of the week. Furthermore, the volume of the alarm can be adjusted to suit your needs.

The pillbox is very easy to use – just insert your selected pill, close the cover and press the ON/OFF button. The automatic pill dispenser device has a locking system that keeps the cover closed and locked. The pillbox will turn on only when the cover is closed and locked.

This automatic pill dispenser has a motorized tray that rotates the pills at various speeds to get them out. The device can hold up to 35 adult aspirin pills. BLUCOIL Automatic Pill Dispenser is an ideal solution for the elderly. Seniors often take multiple medications, so it can be difficult for them to keep track of their medications.

8. EZY DOSE Pill, Medicine, Vitamin Organizer Box

​EZY DOSE is a medical organizer box that can plan and distribute pills in a 7-day cycle. It comes with a fully adjustable alarm system. The easy-to-use design was built to endure repeated use, and it comes with 2 AAA batteries that are needed for the digital display.

This product also has dust-proof and moisture-proof features, as well as Bluetooth capability so you can set alerts from your smartphone. The box was designed for those who have trouble remembering to take their medication on time or those who have been diagnosed with conditions that require them to take medications on a regular schedule at specific times of the day.

This product comes with customizable alarms and alerts, allowing you to set the time of day the person must take their meds, as well as how many pills they need to take per day. This product is easily adjustable for those with various sized pill pockets. Its uncomplicated design was built to endure repeated use.

9. MED-E-LERT Premium Locking Automatic Pill Dispenser

​The MED-E-LERT can be used to help improve your medication schedule. This device is able to dispense up to six times per day with the press of a button and it has an audible and visual alert system. With its high visibility, this device helps you adhere to your meds. Some features are:

  • Its unique design helps prevent theft or tampering.
  • It’s compact, durable, and very portable.
  • This is the ultimate pill dispenser for people with varying degrees of difficulty in medication management.
  • The device makes sure you don’t forget your pills and that you take them on time every day.
  •  It is very simple to use and with three alert tones, you can choose whether you want it to be a short, medium or long.
  • The device’s bright, flashing red LED light makes sure that you won’t miss your medication alerts. You can set it to any time of the day with its six daily alarms per day.

The MED-E-LERT is one of those devices that gives you peace of mind that you won’t forget your pills and won’t run out. It can hold up to 18 aspirin-sized pills.

10. NIUBUNIU Smart Weekly Pill Organizer

​NIUBUNIU is an intelligent pill organizer that has a 7-day pill box case, 4 alarm reminders, a weekly pill sorter and much more! It is an easy way to plan and distribute daily doses. Customizable with your own original stickers. It’s safe and is water-proof and dust-proof.

This item is perfectly suitable for travel because it’s small enough to fit in bags so even the smallest traveller can carry one around with them at all times. Its 360-degree tilting design makes it easy to open without any hassle. The digital display is used for displaying time, day of the week, date, month, year and alarm clock. The suction-cup base helps keep the device in place at all times.

As a perfect pill reminder and organizer, this item prevents people from forgetting their medicine or vitamins on a daily basis. It can fit all types of tablets without any problems. What you will get is a “smart pillbox” that can help you with all your daily medical needs. Its sealed mechanism makes it dry and dust-proof so it can be used in any environment.

11. ASRIO Weekly Automatic Pill Dispenser

The ​ASRIO is a weekly automatic pill dispenser for medication. It has four alarms of different strengths to remind the patient to take his or her medication on time. The alarm can be set by the user according to their individual needs, with a 7-grid design and large buttons. The container is small in size with a detachable and portable function, which makes it easy for users to take their medication when they are outside or travelling.

This pill dispenser is made of environmentally-friendly material, which is food grade plastic PP. It is easy to clean and wash too. The container has 7 massive booths, which can hold several different kinds of pills or capsules. You can store vitamin supplements, medication, food supplements or other pills in this dispenser.

The pill dispenser has a seven-grid design for your convenience. You can use it in your daily life or when you are travelling. The user doesn’t need to worry about missing their medicine when they can hear the alarm system easily.

ASRIO is free of any chemical substances, odorless, toxic and harmless. It is moisture-proof and dust-proof to keep your medicines intact. It will make life easier for you by reminding you to take medicines in a timely manner.

12. MEDCENTER 70265 – 31 Day Pill Organizer

The MEDCENTER 70265 is designed with safety in mind and will not only remind you when it’s time for your next dose but also give you an option of talking alerts and many more settings like alarms and date and time. This pill organizer is made of tough plastic material, ensuring its durability and longevity.

It has a 4-daily alarm feature and a daily dose compartment for individual doses, a tri-date verification feature and the frame measures 12″ x 1.75″ x 3/4″ deep. The alarm alerts can be heard by you at your desired volume level and tone settings. More importantly, the alarms are pre-set to notify you when it’s time to take your next medication. There are 31 identical daily dose compartments where you can easily insert several pills at one go.

The product is not only designed to help you remember when to take your medications but also where you put them. It has a large display that shows the day and time as well as the medication date and time, and the amount of medication dispensed at any one time, red and green color-coding, and a talking alert with date and time.

The talking alert feature will give an oral reading of the current date and time every time you open the lid on one of the daily pill compartments. The audible instructions are clear. There are three individually adjustable volume settings for the talking alert. The pill organizer is ideal for people who take 2 or more medications daily without losing track of what they’re taking and when they should take them.

13. ASRIO Electronic Pill Box

The ASRIO is a pill dispenser with reminder alarms. The dispenser has a keychain attachment for easier carrying and can be used to remind yourself to take your medicine, vitamins or supplements. It helps you to remember the time for taking the pills.

Features include:

  • The pillbox alarm keeps track of how many times it rings before it stops so that you know when all doses are taken for the day.
  • It is an ideal tool for anyone who has trouble remembering to take their medicine at prescribed intervals.
  • It’s an ideal tool for parents who can use it to help remind their children to take their vitamins, supplements or other types of medication.
  • This pill dispenser is made out of food-grade PP material, which is BPA-free, moisture-proof and dust-proof.
  • The yellow outer lid keeps the pills inside safe and secure.
  • It has 4 alarm buttons that can be programmed for customized frequency of reminders.
  • The transparent inner lid makes it easy to recognize your drugs –  you can easily recognize them by their color markings, pictures or symbols on the lids.
  • This pillbox works well with any medicine or supplement that requires you to take them at a specific time each day.

14. SPOLEHLI Electronic Reminder Pill Organizer

Never forget your medications again with the SPOLEHLI, Electronic Pill Organizer. It is an APP design with 8 functional buttons that includes a LED display screen. It has 7 alarm reminders so that you take your medication on schedule. The movable partitions can be used to organize your pills. You can set the function of each button, which you choose yourself. The pills are arranged in 6 compartments so you can easily see where they are.

This is a portable solution that is made of environmentally friendly food-grade silicone, and it comes with a carry case that allows you to keep your medication safe. It has passed the standard FDA certification test and is moisture-proof and dust-proof. Its compact design is easy to take with you when you travel. This is a great choice if you want an electronic pill organizer that can help you organize your medications and keep track of them.

The SPOLEHLI is an electronic pill organizer that provides multiple functions and is easy to use and set up so that it can manage or organize the daily intake of medications for an individual. It is compact and portable with a size of 5.9″ x 3″ x 1.2″ and weighs only 0.5 lbs. Make better use of your time, and always remember your medications with this portable electronic pill organizer.

15. POINTELLS Automated Pill Dispenser

POINTELLS, a new automated pill dispenser, is an easy way to dispense your medication at the right time of day. The POINTELLS system includes a pill tray that holds 28 slots. Each slot contains 18 tablets for a total of 504 tablets per tray. Some features are:

  • There are six different dosage rings that can be inserted into the slots from 4 to 8 rings. These dosage rings allow you to customize how many pills are dispensed in each slot from one up to eight pills per day.
  • The dispenser turns and releases the desired amount of medication when you press down on it and it will always be locked so there is no chance for accidental overdose or misuse.
  • The automated dispenser also includes visual and audio alerts that are activated when the correct amount of medication has been dispensed.
  • The red flashing light alerts you when too few pills have been dispensed.
  • A one-time set-up is required where you choose the number of doses per day. It will then automatically dispense these doses every day at your preset times.
  • The pill dispenser can be set for either am or pm, 2 times or more, twice a day for up to 3 days or locked at all times.
  • Avoiding accidental overdose and medication errors is always a concern and the visual and audio alerts help ensure that this doesn’t happen.

The pill dispenser also includes a mini magnifying glass so you can see your pills in the tray more clearly, non-slip grids to keep the cups from moving around and a delivery window to check that the correct amount of medications have been dispensed.