7 Best Stove Knob Covers for Households with Dementia Patients

Taking care of a patient with dementia comes with a heightened level of worry, especially for their caregiver. You never know when your patient will stray away from home or even when they will hurt themselves unknowingly.

The good news is that most of these unfortunate occurrences can be prevented earlier, thanks to technologies such as stove knob covers, which prevent the patient from turning on your gas stove and causing gas leaks or fire accidents.

While these covers are primarily designed to prevent access of the stove knobs by children, they have also been found to work great in households with dementia patients.

As much as shopping for stove knob covers may seem like a straightforward affair, it comes with its own challenges especially with more counterfeit and substandard models making their way into the market. You need not worry anymore, here are the top 7 stove knob covers that have been tried, tested and proven to be the best in the market.

1. Safety 1st Clear View Child Proof Stove Knob Covers-Set of 5

Boasting of over 30 years of experience in manufacturing home safety products, Safety 1st seeks to reduce the worries of parenting and caregiving, and these child proof stove knob covers are truly in line with this mission.

These stove knob covers fit perfectly over different types of stove knobs, thus preventing unwarranted access especially by kids and dementia patients. Whenever you want to use the stove, you will simply pop the cover’s hinged lid open and turn the knob. Since these covers are clear, there is no guessing whether the stove burner is on or off as you can clearly see its status without having to pop the cover open.

For the sake of durability, these stove knob covers are made of strong heat-resistant plastic. They can resist wear, heat and repeated use, thus will serve you for a longer period. They are however recommended for indoor use only. They come in a set of 5, thus sufficient for most stove burners.

These covers feature an oversized universal design that fits over the knobs of most modern stoves and appliances. Installation of these stove knob covers is as easy as removing the stove knobs from their control posts, opening the cover, holding the base with one hand, pressing the grey grip with the other, lifting the clean cover and placing it over the stove knob post.

You will then replace the knobs over the posts and push them down firmly to ensure they are well secured. You will then close the stove knob cover until there is a click sound.


  • Simple and fast to install.
  • Prevent access from kids and dementia patients, but allow easy access by other adults and caregivers.
  • Strong, heat resistant and durable.
  • Feature an oversized universal design that fit over a wide variety of knobs.
  • Come in a set of 5, thus enough to be used on most stove burners.
  • Very affordable.


  • Their hard plastic leaves scratches on stainless steel appliances after long periods of use.
  • The hinge pins secure the base and top weakly and break or slip out easily.

2. Safety Novelty Universal Child Proof Clear View Stove Knob Covers

Just like the Safety 1st stove knob covers reviewed above, these Safety Novelty stove knob covers come in a set of 5, thus sufficient for use on most modern stove burners. It comes in a transparent design that allows you to see if the stove knobs are in the right position at just a single glance. They are made of strong plastic material that is heat-resistant and durable, thus can stand the extreme conditions of being used on a stove burner.

These Safety Novelty stove knobs come in a universal design that allows them to fit perfectly over most stove knob designs and models. This thus ensures that you don’t have to test them on your stove burner prior to purchase.

Installation of these stove knob covers is very easy and takes just a few minutes. You will have to remove the knobs from its posts, open the covers and place the base’s opening over the stove knob posts. You will then replace the stove knobs onto the posts, press them into position and then lock the covers.

These stove knobs don’t just work great in homes with kids, but also those with people living with dementia. These stove knob covers restrict access of the knobs by kids and dementia patients, but they can be popped open with ease to allow a responsible adult to turn the stove on and cook.


  • Safer as they do not pop open when twisted, turned, pushed or pulled, they can only be opened by a responsible adult.
  • Fast and easy to install.
  • They have a universal design and size that fits over most stove knobs.
  • They come in a set of 5, which are sufficient for use on most stovetops.
  • Affordable.
  • Heat resistant and durable.


  • Its hinges do not feel sturdy enough.

3. Eudemon 6-Pack Kitchen Safety Stove Knob Mini Covers

Unlike the two models reviewed above, the Eudemon kitchen safety stove knob covers come in a set of 6, thus even more convenient for people with bigger stove burner models. They also feature a smaller design, best suited for small gas knobs. They can also be used on oven knobs.

Given their smaller diameters, it is of great importance to measure the diameter of your stove knobs before purchasing them. For a perfect fit, the distance between two stove knobs should be at least 2.8 inches, their diameter should be less than 1.65 inches and their height should not be more than 1.57 inches. Measuring these beforehand ensures that you don’t purchase covers that won’t fit over the knobs of your cooker or oven.

For easier visibility of the status of the knobs or cooker, these stove knob covers are transparent, ensuring a clear view of whether the stovetop is on or off, as well as the knob position on the temperature control markers.

As much as these stove knob covers feature a small design, they come with large openings that make installation much easier. Installation requires no tools or drilling, and they are secured onto the stovetop using their 3M tape, which can also be removed easily by heating with a hairdryer. They can actually be installed onto both removable and non-removable knobs, thus very convenient.

For the purpose of durability, they are made of PC material that is resistant to temperatures as high as 120 degrees Celsius, thus great for any kind of stovetop with small knobs. These knob covers are not only great at keeping kids safe, but also patients with dementia, thus stress relieving for parents and caregivers.


  • Easy and fast to install.
  • Strong, durable and heat resistant.
  • Transparent, thus give a clear view of the knobs’ status.
  • Hard for kids and patients to open, but easier for caregiver to open with one hand.
  • Versatile as they can also be used on oven and cooker knobs.
  • Can be installed onto both removable and non-removable knobs.
  • They have the 300 M adhesive that sticks to the oven thus better adherence.


  • Designed for only small knobs and won’t fit over bigger knobs.

4. Clear Child Safety Stove Knob Covers-Baby Proof by Jool Baby

The Clear Child Safety Stove Knob Covers by Jool Baby feature a sleek design that blends perfectly with your cooker and other kitchen appliances and décor. Their clear design not only ensure a timeless look, but also a clear view of the status of the knobs in terms of whether they are on or off, or at what temperature setting they are positioned.

Their large universal design ensures that these knobs fit over more knob types and designs as compared to other stove knob cover brands. This thus makes these Jool Baby covers very versatile and convenient.

These stove knobs are strong, heat resistant and durable, and this makes them suitable for use in high-temperature conditions. They have a strong, hinged clear lid that allows easy access by adults.

However, when it comes to kids and people living with dementia and other mental conditions, it becomes hard for them to access the knobs, thus safer for them as well as other members of the household.

They are also very easy to install and remove from the oven or cooker as you require no tools or special expertise for this. In case this product doesn’t work for you, then there is an exclusive lifetime money back guarantee for every purchase.


  • Easy to install and remove from stove.
  • Strong, durable and heat resistant.
  • Transparent, thus offer a clear view of the status of the stove knobs.
  • Feature a large universal design that allows for easier installation on a wide variety of knobs.
  • Comes with exclusive money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.
  • Child-proof, but offers easier access for parents and caregivers.


  • They don’t adhere to the oven or cooker, thus get off easily.
  • They have no rubberized button or grip.

5. Baba Mate Clear View Safety Stove & Oven Knobs

The Baba Mate stove and oven knobs are designed to fit over small knobs with a diameter less than 2 inches and height less than 1.5 inches. The distance between two consecutive knobs should be at least 2.4 inches wide.

You have to measure your stove or oven knobs to ensure that they match these dimensions, or else these knob covers will not fit over them properly. They are made of strong TPR materials that are heat resistant and durable thus ideal for use in high-temperature conditions. These knobs are designed for use on both stove knobs and oven knobs.

Their sleek design ensures that they blend into your kitchen appliances and décor perfectly. Their clear design makes it easier for you to view the position of the knobs at a quick glance. They are easy to install and they come with a strong 3M industrial tape, which adheres their base onto the stove or oven, therefore securing them strongly for increased safety.

They are also easy to remove, the 3M tape does not leave any residue on the oven or stove, and it does not scratch or destroy their surfaces. You also don’t require any special expertise or tools to install or uninstall these covers, thus really convenient and reliable even for first-time buyers.


  • Easy to install and remove from stove or oven.
  • They strongly adhere to the oven or stove, thus more child-proof, thanks to its 3M tape.
  • Transparent thus offering a clear view of the position of the stove knobs.
  • Versatile as they can be used on stoves and ovens.
  • Child-proof, yet easily accessible by responsible adults.
  • Strong, heat resistant and durable.


  • Designed only for small knobs and won’t fit over larger ones.
  • Its hinges don’t hold as strongly as expected.

6. Safety 1st Stove Knob Covers-2 Packs of 5

This is the second Safety 1st knob cover model in this list, which shows just how this brand is held in high regard. These stove covers come in two packs of 5, which makes them sufficient for most large cookers, with some covers even remaining for future use. They are made of strong and heat resistant materials that ensure durability. Their lids are hinged from their bases, thus easy for adults and other caregivers to flip open whenever they want to turn the cooker on.

These covers are very easy to install, requiring you to remove the knobs, place the covers onto the knob frames and replace the knobs back. You don’t need any special tools or skills to install these covers. They also offer and non-adhesive mounting, which is very convenient, reusable and won’t leave any residue on the oven or cooker when the covers are removed.

These covers have a large updated universal design, thus can fit perfectly over the knobs of most stoves, even the newer models. They come in a sleek design that matches any kitchen décor and appliances and they are transparent, thus offering a clear view of the position of the knobs at any time without having to flip their lids open.


  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Come in two packs of 5, thus sufficient for even the biggest cookers.
  • They have an updated universal design that is large enough to fit over most stove knobs.
  • Hard for children and dementia patients to open, but easy for responsible adults to use.
  • Strong, durable and heat resistant.
  • Have a clear design, thus easier to view the position of the knobs at a glance.


  • They do not fit over the biggest knobs, thus you need to measure and compare their sizes before purchasing.

Kids and dementia patients are always at risk of burning themselves, causing fires and suffering from gas poisoning if they are left near a cooker or oven. Fortunately, you have these stove knob covers reviewed here, so you can choose the best and childproof your cookers and ovens. This way, you will be at peace even when you leave your children or dementia patients unattended for a while.

7. Eudemon Clear Kitchen Stove Knob Covers

These safety “bubble” covers – designed for child safety – cover existing stove knobs. Once installed, if someone tries to turn the stove knob, the bubble should spin freely and the knob should not turn. To install, the base of the cover is placed behind the stove knob and the clear bubble top snaps over the knob. Use with caution, as the stove may turn on in some situations.


  • For certain individuals, the knob covers deter the person from using the stove.


  • Difficult to remove, especially for those with limited hand strength or arthritis. Taking the knob covers off and putting them back every time the stove is used can be inconvenient.
  • The knob – along with the cover – can be pulled off.


These stove knobs are designed for children and must be used with caution. They’re not recommended for people with dementia who tamper with controls and those who become easily agitated. Taking the knobs off, hiding them in a safe place and putting them back on when needed, may be easier and safer than using stove knob covers.

Knob covers can be pulled off. Some people with dementia may pull the covers off, giving them access to the stove.

Check to see if the burner can still turn on when using the knob covers. On one older stove we tested, we were able to turn the burners on when we forcefully turned the knob covers.