Waterproof Seat Pads

These quilted waterproof pads are made out of nylon and polyester and have a vinyl waterproof backing. They are also machine washable. Read more about them here.


  • Attractive; may reduces embarrassment and shame that often occurs when regular incontinence pads are used.
  • Available in several colors. This gives you more options to choose a color that also contrasts with the floor color. This make’s the seat more visible to people with dementia, as many have problems with depth perception.
  • Protects the chair against stains and other types of damage.


  • Available in one size only – may not fit the chair you want to protect.
  • Note that not all the colors shown on the internet are accurate. For example, although one photo on the web is a soft rose color, it listed as “maroon” and the actual color is dark maroon.
  • The person may refuse to use the chair with the seat pad on it. If so, you may want to put the seat pads on all the chairs so the person doesn’t feel singled out.