9 Best Wireless Doorbells, Alarms and Monitors for 2021

Wireless electronic door monitors, some originally intended for home security use, may be helpful when a person you care for begins to leave home alone, raising the risk of wandering and getting lost. A door monitor is one way of providing a remote caregiver alert that an outside door has been opened. The remote unit may be either battery operated (for portability) or designed to plug into an electrical outlet.

How do the Wireless Doorbells & Monitors Work

These monitors consist of 2 units:

1. The transmitter- mounted on the door and door frame with double-sided tape or screws (included with the products we tested). You need to make sure the door monitor transmitter and its side magnet are placed correctly (no more than 1/4 inch apart and properly lined up) or the product will not work.

2. The remote receiver, which provides an alert to the caregiver- this is plugged into a chosen location or carried with you, depending on the model.

When a monitored door is opened, the transmitter sends a signal to the receiver which provides an alert. You can purchase extra door transmitters for areas of the home that may also need monitoring, like the basement stairs and the front and back doors. You can also use these monitors on a refrigerator door, medicine cabinet, or kitchen cabinet door.

Main differences among the models:

  • Volume control and type of alert (chime, alarm or vibration)
  • Transmission range from the door to your receiver (75 to 150 feet)
  • How the alert is turned off (automatically or manually at the door)
  • Plug-in or portable (battery-operated) receiver for caregiver alerts.

An alert may allow you to get to the person’s side in time to accompany them outside or redirect the person from leaving home to another activity. Be sure to test the limits before depending on the device!

Make sure to check the transmission range (between the door and the receiver) may be lower than stated by the manufacturer, depending on the wall thickness and other environmental interference.

Also you should be aware that the alerts take one or two seconds to sound after the door has opened, depending on the model and the type of alert chosen. If the person is in a rush to get out the door, this type of alert may not give you enough advance notice.

Often times there are no low battery warnings on the door transmitter part and the batteries may need to be changed every few months, depending on use (see manufacturer’s instructions). You’ll need to check often to make sure the unit is working and not rely solely on this device to keep a person from wandering (or other unsafe activities).

Door Alarms for Alzheimer and Dementia Patients

As we all know, keeping an eye on an Alzheimer or dementia sufferer can be a daunting task. The danger that they wander out of the door and get lost is always there. That is why it is crucial you get to know the care receiver’s habits as they are all different.

Some people like to go wandering after they read their morning newspaper, others do so after they have had their dinner. Often times those habits are so ingrained in their previous lives that they will be impossible to change.

This is where the door alarms come in. They can be helpful in keeping  the track on your loved one. You may want to use this product along others, e.g., high and/or low sliding locks or a standard chain lock installed high or low. A chain lock may give you more time to get to the door, as the alert will sound when the door is partially opened, but the chain lock must be removed before they can exit.

These systems are not fail-proof and may not always work (even with charged batteries), so use multiple strategies when trying to prevent falls or wandering.

Below you’ll find door monitors that we’ve tested along with specific Pros and Cons for each product. We only tested products that offer a remote alert option, as alerts that only sound at the door can be upsetting to individuals with dementia.

You can also use motion sensors near the door to monitor the activity of the person you care for.

1. EutDett Wireless Door Sensor Bell & Chimes

EutDett Wireless Door Sensor Bell & Chimes offers an easy-to-use and affordable security system for your home or place of work. To use this sensor, the manufacturer built it in such a way that the wireless door chime gets triggered and informs you with a volume range of 30-110 dB when two magnetic door stripe sensors are separated by more than inches.

The most amazing thing about this wireless door sensor is its working range. It can reach a distance of 600 FT in an open area. What’s more, it can enable you to give the system more outreach by pairing 20 door sensors with one receiver, or 20 receivers with one door sensor. This is convenient to cover every door and window in the house including the front door, back door, basement, kids room, man cave, play room, storage, warehouse, garage, pool door, gates, shed and more.

For diversity and preference, EutDett Wireless Door Sensor Bell & Chimes offers 58 unique loud tones and chimes to choose from. The built-in indicator makes this system favorable even for those with difficulty hearing.


  • 58 ringtones to choose from
  • Expandable with a wide coverage – you can add transmitters and receivers to cover a range of up to 1000ft in an open area
  • Low battery consumption – the plug-in receiver has a voltage of 110V while the 3V transmitter consumes less than 10mw


  • Might be a bit expensive with additional receivers or transmitters
  • Some chimes might sound obnoxious in different settings.

2. GE Personal Security Window/Door Alarm

The GE Personal Security Window and Door Alarm is a low-cost, easy-to-use security system that protects you and your loved ones against break-ins or when monitoring seniors.

This alarm device can produce 120 decibels, making it loud enough to scare away potential intruders or inform caregivers of a senior’s movement. Being easy to use, the alarm features an ergonomic design with controls and buttons that are easy to access and operate simply.

This contemporary design makes it convenient to use the GE Personal Security Alarm no matter the technological skills one might have. It can be used perfectly at homes, offices, apartments or even dorm rooms. All you have to do is mount the alarm onto permanent or temporary fixtures plates and program the device with a four-digit pin to function.


  • Comes with a 120-decibel window/door alarm that has three adjustable levels included.
  • Installing it is simple and convenient and needs no wiring at all.
  • Features a low battery test dial that makes it simple to verify the battery life.
  • The alarm delay feature prevents false alarms.
  • Away and home modes are available.
  • Safety is ensured thanks to the presence of a low-battery indicator light.


  • It comes with a typical chime response.

3. Ring Video Doorbell

The 2020 Ring Video Doorbell is a new design of the original device released back in 2015. At least now, the video quality has been upgraded from 720p to 1080p with improved audio and some new features such as a “People Only” motion detector, making it a better upgrade of the previous version.

Ring Video Doorbell can react to Amazon Alexa’s voice commands and even connect with other smart devices through IFTTT applets. However, unlike Ring’s other more expensive versions, this one neither comes with dual-band Wi-Fi nor video pre-buffering. This can be used to capture the activities that happened before the motion sensor got triggered.

Just like the original Video Doorbell 3 Plus and Video Doorbell 2, this 2020 Ring Video Doorbell comes with the same design with a Satin Nickel coupled with glossy black finishing. You can also get one in Venetian Bronze.

The device’s black top half houses a microphone and a camera. The other silver bottom half houses the doorbell button that is encircled by a blue-flashing LED ring that lights up when pressed. A speaker is mounted on the bottom edge for two-way communication that also sounds a doorbell chime.

The device contains a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi radio under its enclosure. While other Ring doorbells come with changeable battery packs, this particular one has an in-built rechargeable battery that is non-removable and can last for 6 – 12 months depending on how one uses it.

To charge it, one must physically remove the whole device and plug in the USB cord that came with it. However, for continuous charging, one can hard-wire it easily to the existing doorbell cable.


  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Crisp and clear 1080p footage.
  • Installation is simple.
  • Can come wireless or wired
  • Integrates Amazon Alexa and IFTTT


  • Can be quite bulky
  • Has a non-removable battery
  • You have to pay for subscription to view any recorded video
  • Doesn’t integrate with Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit

4. Zmodo-Smart Greet – Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

This Zmodo Smart Greet Doorbell is all about bringing you ease. You can see your porch and visitors that approach online or on your smartphone app. With this WiFi video doorbell, you can see talk and hear whoever come to your door.

Also, this device is easy to set up and connect to your WiFi. The wide-angle HD lens allows you to get a super quality view of the whole space. Amazingly, your Smart Greet Doorbell will alert you once it sees a movement plus it records the scene too. It detects motion because it has a PIR sensor which allows it to perform that function accurately.

The motion alert clips get stored for free in the Zmodo Cloud Service for 36 hours. But, once you move to the paid plan, you will have the full recordings stored for you which you can save, share or preview anytime. This feature has also a cloud intelligence support to avoid false alerts.

Another fantastic feature of this device is that you can customize a voice message. This means you do not even have to answer the door in person. Your voice message will play after the door rings. Even when you are away from home, you can leave a message for the delivery man, and he’ll know what to do with the package.


  • Smart night vision
  • Motion detection feature
  • Limited false alerts
  • Allows for customized voice messages
  • Comes with a 60-day return policy


  • Recordings are not in HD
  • Continuous payment (7 or 30 Days subscription to access video)

5. Remo+Remo-Bell WiFi Wireless Video-Doorbell

If you are a lover of ease and comfort, then you will love this product.

This video doorbell works together with the mobile app, which enables you to hear and talk to your visitors when they ring your doorbell. All you need is your smartphone. As someone approaches your door, you will get an alert and a video feed to show you who it is.

Also, this device uses a battery to power itself. Its wireless and WiFi connection allows you to communicate with visitors from your smartphone. It gives you a live video feed of guests approaching your door which is in 720p HD video quality.

Furthermore, this video doorbell has an advanced motion sensor to detect movements around your door. This will ensure you will know what happens in your doorway. Even at night, the infrared night vision feature of this device makes sure, you will not miss anything suspicious. You can watch the recordings from your RemoBell app.

The unit is nicely built and attractive. It is easy to install and to operate.


  • Infrared night vision for a better view at night
  • Advanced motion sensor to detect movements by the doorway
  • High-quality 720p HD video live feed
  • Battery-powered device
  • Wireless and WiFi connectivity


  • Poorly built mounting bracket
  • Alerts are only on the phone, no bell or buzzer

6. Home Security Expandable-Wireless Door-Open Chime Door-Entry alarm

Here is a door entry alarm that goes off when your door is opened. This is a cost-effective alternative to providing adequate security and protection for your family. Burglars won’t go unnoticed since your door entry alarm will go off instantly.

The Home Security Expandable-Wireless Door-Open Chime-Door Entry alarm requires no wiring before you can use it. All you need to do is plug the portable receiver into a standard outlet and stick the adhesive tapes to the door or window. It is very straightforward and effortless to install. The mini contact sensor is portable enough to be connected to any indoor position.

Additionally, its wireless receiver has a full working range in an open area of up to 600 feet. Once the device is separated due to the door or window being opened, the magnetic door sensor will instantly prompt the receiver, and an alarm will go off immediately.

This device comes with 52 rare chimes with LED light indicator plus four volume levels. The volume range is between 30 and 130 dB. You may set your volume as high as you may need. With the unique ringtones, LED light indicator and its volume range, you can personalize your doorbell to suit your taste.

Furthermore, every one of the wireless receivers can work with a maximum of twenty transmitters while the transmitters can add more receivers. The remote control of the device has a working power of 10mw. The product package comes with two door sensor; the magnetic stripe and the transmitting part, two button battery and a user manual.


  • Requires a wireless installation
  • Features unique chimes and LED light indicator
  • Four volume alarm level
  • Comes with a manual
  • Easy to install


  • Ringtones might not be pleasant enough for you

7. CROSSPOINT! Expandable Wireless Doorbell Alert-System

Do you want a doorbell you can rely on? With Crosspoint Expandable Wireless Doorbell Alert System, you will get exactly that. This is an extremely popular and well-reviewed product that comes with over 50 unique and loud ringtones for you to choose from. Apart from its reliable performance, it is attractive and easy to install. It comes in beautiful black, white and beige color with a gloss finish.

The doorbell system is expandable. Thus, you can design your system to meet your needs. The home-alert network comes with over 20 additional transmitters, receivers and motion/door sensors.

The product package comes with two remote transmitter buttons (waterproof), two plugin receivers, two button brackets, A23 battery, some screws, anchors and two-sided stickers. With the waterproof nature of the buttons, this product is also perfect for outdoor use.

With its unique ringtones, you can assign different tones for each transmitter. Hence, when any one is triggered, you will know exactly which one it is. This feature makes this product perfect for multi-entry homes. The volume of the alarm has four levels, ranging from 25db to 110db.

Installation requires no new wiring. All you need to do is to plug the receiver into a standard outlet. It comes with mounting hardware and tools to make the installation as easy as possible. The range of operation for this device is 500 feet (1000 feet in open area).


  • Waterproof buttons perfect for outdoor use
  • Attractive design and color
  • Comes with basic tools for easy installation
  • Suitable for multi-entry structures
  • Over 50 unique and loud chimes


  • Lacking in sound quality
  • The manual is a bit complicated

8. Cal-To-U Wireless-Door OpenChime

If you want a door open chime for your home, store, dorm, office or whatever building you wish to secure cost-effectively, Call-To-U Wireless-Door OpenChime is the product for you. This door entry alarm will alert you when intruders are getting into your home through door or window, thanks to the door/window contact sensors.

The plugin receiver works in any standard outlet.  Furthermore, you have up to 55 chimes to select from. You can choose different ringtones for different doors or windows in the house. As for its volume, you can adjust it as it comes in five different levels. The range of the volume starts from 1db up to 110db. Additionally, the operating range of the device can reach up to 500 feet in an open area.

Also, another fantastic thing about this product is how easy it is to change the ringtone. All you need to do is use the receiver’s forward and backward buttons to select your favorite Chime. After that, you need to hold down the volume button to get a ding sound while you watch out for a flash from the receiver-indicator, and voila! You are done!


  • Easy to install and set up
  • Consumes minimal power
  • Comes it more than 50 ringtones
  • Operation range of 500 plus feet
  • Comes with five levels of adjustable volume


  • The product comes with no manual

9. Proteus-DXDX – WiFi Door-Sensor

If  you are unable to go for the high end and expensive security systems Proteus-DXDX – WiFi Door-Sensor is one of the options that does not come with a crazy price tag. Yet, this it is packed with good features that will ensure your safety at all times.

You can simply connect the sensor to your WiFi and input your email address. Whenever your door status changes, you will receive alert notifications from Proteus. It also can send text notifications and local audible alerts which can go to different contacts of your choice.

The base unit and the door switch sensor connects with a 2t feet cable which comes with the product and the interface makes it quite straightforward to install and set up.


  • Requires no monthly payments
  • Requires no hubs or gateways
  • Effortless installation
  • Allows for alerts on multiple emails and contacts
  • Requires no app installation


  • Hardwired from door to WiFi base unit, i.e., it is not wireless


The listing of these products is for informational purposes and individuals must use their own caution and judgment when using these resources. Functional levels and changes in judgment and reasoning are highly variable in people with dementia. Interventions must be individualized and continually assessed because those that are effective for some individuals may only work briefly and may not work at all for others.

Product Selection Criteria

Our goal is to teach you how to be a good consumer and to help you learn about specific products and unique product features that may enhance your safety and the safety and function of the person with dementia. The products shown in This Caring Home serve as examples only. Manufacturers continually change product specifications and the products represented may be different from those now on the market.

We realize this is not an all-inclusive list. Products featured in This Caring Home were chosen for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Affordability
  • Attractiveness
  • Availability
  • Color selection
  • Quality
  • Safety

We encourage you to discuss product selection with other caregivers and healthcare professionals.