10 Best Furniture Risers for Your Bed & Other Furniture in 2022

A furniture riser is a device made of wood or high strength plastic used to raise the height of low seating or beds, making it easier for a person to rise.  Although widely recommended as a solution to raise the height of furniture for increased ease of use or accessibility, there has been little or no research on whether risers are safe to use. In our limited testing, we have discovered safety issues that you need to be aware of, especially if you’re considering using risers on a chair.

What are Desk & Table Risers?

Even though risers are more commonly used on chairs, some risers can also be used to raise the height of a desk or a dinner table. For desks there are 2 options- you can either get the risers that you attach under the desk legs or you find a Varidesk type attachment you install onto an existing table. For the dinner tables, the only real safe option would be to install the table risers under each leg.

What are Bed Risers?

Bed risers are furniture accessories that are either made of metal, wood or plastic, that support the weight of the bed while elevating its height. The only real need you have for the bed risers is when you have once bought a lower bed, and now due to health or comfort reasons need to have the bed lifted higher than before. While we do recommend buying a higher bed in the first place, in some cases this is not an option and bed risers offer a much cheaper alternative than buying a new bed.

What is the Weight Limit For Bed Risers?

Some manufacturers (Standers and Richard’s Homewares) state that their risers support from 300 to 350 pounds, depending on the riser (person and furniture included). Another manufacturer, EZ Mobility Solutions, states that their products support from 1,500 to 3,000 pounds, depending on the riser.

How to Install Bed Risers?

Unless you are completely fit and healthy yourself (and strong!), we recommend finding someone to help you with this. It is best to find a male friend, husband, brother or a colleague to assist you.

The main reason is that you need to get to the bottom feet of your bed and it is much easier and safer when 2 people do this at the same time (one can lift the bed and another one can put the riser in place).

In order to make the bed as light as possible, you should first remove the mattress and box spring (if it is separate from the actual frame where the bed feet are attached to).  This makes the bed frame lighter and easier to lift.

Then one person should lift one corner of the bed up, while the other one moves the riser in place. It is not important to lift the bed up all the way, just enough so you can fit the riser in place. You should repeat that for each foot of the bed, before putting the spring box and mattress back.

Be careful when you do the heavy lifting as this can hurt your back, so do not overestimate your capabilities!

Pros of Getting Furniture Risers

  • Raising the height of a low sofa or bed may make a big difference in reducing the effort required to rise – allowing the person to transfer more independently, with less help from you, the caregiver.
  • Some risers can also be used to raise the height of a dining table, so you can get a person in a wheelchair closer to the table. But this only works if the table legs are far apart. If the table legs are close together, the risers may prevent either a wheelchair or even a dining chair from fitting between the legs. Be sure to check with the manufacturer before purchasing.
  • Risers can be used under some beds if you’re using a lift and need more space under the bed for the base of the lift.
  • Furniture risers are an inexpensive way to modify the height of a sofa, bed, or dining table and can help avoid the cost of new furniture.
  • Most risers are available in a variety of heights, from 2 to 5 inches, depending on the manufacturer, allowing for a “custom fit.”
  • Check to make sure the furniture leg can sit in the “recess” on the top of the riser – many risers accommodate a furniture leg up to 2.5 inches in diameter.

Cons and Cautions

  • Most risers are not permanently attached to the feet of the furniture and the feet may slip off. We found only one manufacturer, Mobility Transfer Systems, that recommends permanently affixing the riser to the furniture leg (they also include screws). Permanent attachment may make a riser more stable, but the attachment may not be very strong or rigid since the screw is only supported by the 1/8 inch-thick top of the riser.
  • Risers for seating may be safest to use on a couch rather than on a chair. If used on a chair, permanently attaching the riser to the chair may make it safer to use, but we haven’t tested this feature.
  • A deeper recess might reduce the possibility of the foot slipping off the riser, but both seating risers that we tested have only a shallow recess.
  • There is a trade-off between the potential trip hazard posed by the riser extending out from the furniture leg and the benefit gained from a higher seat. Manufacturers generally recommend centering the foot on the riser.
  • Follow ALL manufacturer’s instructions. In one of our tests, the tester forgot to use both the non-skid rubber strips and the foam inserts, and the chair leg slid off the riser when she adjusted her position in the chair. In this case, there were also wheels on the chair legs. In a later email, the manufacturer recommended not using risers on chair legs with wheels.
  • Risers are NOT recommended for furniture legs with wheels or casters.
  • If the risers come with pads or rubber strips, they must be used to prevent skidding (especially on a wood or vinyl floor); skidding would increase the likelihood of tipping over or the chance that the foot might skid off the riser.
  • We recommend using risers on couches and sofas rather than on chairs, as the higher center of gravity could cause the chair to get tippy. A sofa or couch, on the other hand, is so wide, that it is less likely to tip.

The Best Furniture Risers

1. Richards Homewares Wood Bed Lifter

The first two options that we want to mention here are those made from wood. Wooden furniture risers such as this can add to the look of the furniture, perhaps even hiding the fact that you have had to make adaptations to the home. This set of 4 wooden bed lifters are designed to fit a range of bed posts and increase the height of the bed by 2.75 inches. This has practical implications for those that want a little more height on their bed – such as though struggling to get up in the morning – without the need for any obvious medical apparatus.

The pros and cons of this bed riser.


  • A nice choice of colors in the wood stain
  •  A higher height than normal 2-inch lifts
  •  Reasonably priced for the material


  •  Not solid wood, so not as strong as other risers
  •  May need a permanent fixture on heavier furniture

These bed risers are stackable and come in three different colors. This helps them to blend into the current furniture even better. There is dark espresso, light honey or warm mahogany. This doesn’t cover all wood types but is more choice than other brands in this guide. The risers should be built to be durable, with a strong stain to the wood, rather than a thin veneer.

However, there are some questions about the stability because they are not solid wood all the way through. In addition to this, there have been occasional reports of heavier beds not holding the weight. There is a suggestion from some to make a permanent attachment on some furniture. Therefore, this is potentially better for sofas than beds.

Is it recommendable?

If we turn away from this original idea of a bed riser and look at this as a product for a sofa, there is a greater worth. The weight allowance and build make these feet better suited for smaller furniture. If they were solid, there might be more security here. But, that doesn’t mean that this is a bad product. Just be careful where you use it.

2. Tomokazu Northpoint Solid Wood Bed Riser

This product is sold as more a multifunctional item with a little more style. The idea here is to add a little class to the office, but this really does have great potential for the homes of the disabled or seniors. The extra height from the blocks and their shape should be fine for beds and sofas.

The build of the blocks also means that this time they really can be used on beds with greater peace of mind. An immediate difference with this product is that we have a set of 4 furniture lifters that are solid wood all the way through.

This should mean that they are a little more stable. There is the promise that the rubberwood is from an eco-friendly Thai source. These risers should lift the furniture by 2 inches.

The pros and cons of this bed riser.


  •  The nice use of rubberwood
  • The quality of the solid block
  •  It should be durable


  •  Only one style and color
  •  Only one height

There are some clear advantages in the security and the look of the product. There is a nice grain and finish in the wooden blocks. Users feel that the grain and integrity of the blocks should prevent against any cracks and splits over time.

Yet, there are downsides in that there is only one effect and type of wood here, so they may look out of place on some beds. Then there is the fact that this is 2 inches, not 2.75 inches. Still that all depends on just how much extra height or storage space you really need.

Is it recommendable?

There will be some buyers that will find something to object to with the type of wood used. Still, those that don’t like the color can paint the block and still enjoy the shape and strength. There is great potential here to raise an elderly relative’s bed just enough.

3. Headwind Consumer Products RAISE ITS Furniture Riser.

One of the alternatives to using a wooden furniture riser is to use a plastic one. There are pros and cons to this approach more generally. Plastic options tend to be cheaper to produce, and therefore cheaper to buy. Some are also surprisingly strong and molded into helpful shapes. The downside is that they don’t look as good. They don’t have the same style as wooden ones and don’t blend into the furniture in the same way. This product definitely has its benefits.

The pros and cons of this bed riser.


  • the lower price
  •  the non-slip insert for the bed leg
  •  the stackable design


  •  the look of the clear plastic
  •  potential long-term durability issues

The most interesting feature here has to be the non-slip insert where you can attach it to the furniture in question. This allows for a secure fit. The design is also stackable. This means that you can have as many of these on top of each other as you need.

A one inch high model on its own probably isn’t going to offer that much extra height for those that need a higher bed or sofa as they get older. The customizable stacking allows for greater choices. There is also a weight allowance on this particular model of 600lbs, which is more than you might expect from a product of this nature. The look is an issue, but it will be with many of these cheaper plastic options. There are also questions about the long-term durability with regular use.

Is it recommendable?

There is potential here as long as you don’t want to add too much weight for too long. This cheaper plastic option could be great with those with short-term care needs and temporary solutions. If you want a long-term, attractive set of risers, you may need to look elsewhere.

4. Uping Stackable Furniture Risers.

On first impressions, these bed risers seem to be exactly the same as the plastic options above. There are many of the same promises in regard to the strength, size, and function. They are 4 by 4 by 1 inches, stackable and have that 600lb weight allowance. There are some people that have no problem with this product and are happy to use it on tables and smaller items. Those that try and use it on bigger beds and sofas may have more concerns.

The pros and cons of this bed riser.


  • a familiar shape and design
  •  stable in the right situations
  •  a reasonable weight allowance


  •  some cracking at a higher weight
  •  issues with the suction cup

There are reports of the plastic cracking with too much weight, with puts that advertised weight allowance into question. There are also users that point out the pros and cons of one of the features that make this riser a little different. Here there is a suction cup on the bottom for stability. This could have its uses for hard floors but has absolutely no worth at all on a carpeted floor. This could be an issue for those seniors that went to raise their beds in a carpeted room.

Is it recommendable?

A recommendation here depends upon the purpose of the risers. This has great potential for raising small tables and desks, but not so much with the beds and sofas. There are the same benefits to the stackable features and the suction cups could help in the right room. But, this might not be enough to appeal to all users.

5. Slipstick Padded 2’’ Furniture Support Risers

2 inches is a common height for many of these supports and risers. The stackable models give more customization, but not much lift on their own at 1 inch. Larger models may be too high for some needs. These 2-inch bed risers are appealing for a number of reasons.

The pros and cons of these bed risers.


  • A strong 2-inch height and stackable shape
  •  The memory foam pad
  •  A nice tapered design


  •  misconceptions over the weight allowance
  •  potential for damage to a hard floor

These cheaper risers may be plastic, but they are not the unattractive, clear plastic that can look a little bit weird on some items of furniture. These tapered, dark brown risers may be a little easier on the eye – although not as nice as some of those wooden ones.

The other important benefit here is the way that these lifts connect with the legs or casters of the furniture, there is a secure, recessed cup holder with a memory foam pad. That pad is a nice touch that adds a little more security in the fit. The furniture doesn’t shift and slide quite as bad as some expected it to.

One thing to be aware of here is a little misconception about the weight allowance. It is easy to assume that the 2000lb weight capacity promise applies to a single riser. Instead, the company state the combined weight allowance of the four cups. This means that these risers aren’t any stronger than some of plastic competitors. There are also the usual common concerns about the bottom of the riser scuffing or scrapping a floor.

Is it recommendable?

There is a lot to this riser that will help carers that want to improve their relative’s furniture. There is a nicer look than with other plastic lifts and it is sturdy. But, there are the usual limitations of plastic vs wood.

6. IPrimio 4 Pack Bed and Furniture Risers.

One of the concerns with the product above was that the plastic edging of the hollow riser would scratch up a hard floor. This is something that is a potential risk with many different risers because of the materials used or a lack of care in the finish.

These iPrimio 2’’ risers are different because there is a thick, solid support made from ABS plastic and a padded bottom. The idea here is that they should be able to lift over 10,000 per leg – which is significantly more than the other options here. This should bring more peace of mind for those worried about vulnerable people slipping or falling on less-sturdy sofas and bed.

The pros and cons of this bed riser.


  • The padding on the bottom
  •  The strong ABS plastic
  •  The stackable nature of the feet


  •  An upper limit on the height
  •  Just the one color choice

Additional benefits with this pack of risers include the ability to stack the feet as needed, for even more height, and the foam pad for the legs or caster wheels of the furniture. There is also a 100% crack free warranty, which leads to some high expectations about the longevity of the product.

There are some that say that there is a limit on how high they can stack these risers before the furniture gets to precarious. Some say the limit is three, but this may depend on the person using the bed or sofa.

Is it recommendable?

There are a lot of carers and relatives that will appreciate and highly recommend this product. There are limits on their use with the stacking option. Still, there is no doubt that they can hold a significant amount of weight and provide extra peace of mind thanks to all that padding.

7. Utopia Bedding Adjustable Furniture Risers

This final option takes a very different approach again. There are many standard furniture risers where the brand allows users to stack the product. Some of the options above prove just how useful this can be for many homeowners in need of a more customizable height.

However, the downside here is that you may need 3 or 4 packs to achieve the desired effect. This could get a bit costly. This option is an adjustable model that can rise to change it from 5 inches tall to 9 inches. This is a great idea in theory, even if the choices of height may not suit everyone.

The pros and cons to this bed riser:


  • The adjustable height mechanism
  •  The potential cost-efficiency
  •  The choice of colors


  •  The slippery support cup
  •  The lower weight allowance per leg

There are upsides and downsides to choosing one of these adjustable options, as you will have to make sure that the risers are secure and even. This product has the added bonuses of so-called “unbreakable” plastic that comes in a choice of black, white or brown. Even so, there is a weight allowance of a total of 1300 pounds, which suggests that an individual leg isn’t that strong.

There is also the issue that the cup in these risers isn’t as secure and non-slip as some of the other options mentioned here. Some people talk about having to sit down carefully with these taller lifts.

Is it recommendable?

This issue of the slippery cup raises an important question: is this secure enough for older, frailer users with mobility or balance issues. The security here depends on the item of furniture and the user. The adjustable height is great for a significant lift, but there is still room for improvement on the design.

8. Slipstick Stack-Its Adjustable Furniture Risers

Stack-it furniture risers allow you to elevate your furniture and give it a much more appropriate height.

These stackable risers, built to safely raise various types of furniture, offer 1-inch additional height to the furniture and can also be stacked together just to add 2 inches (2 stack) to it. It’s simple to pile stack-its together; just place the top of one stack-it into the bottom of the other, and they’ll safely stack together.

Flexible furniture risers from Stack-It increase on, two, or three inches of height to low desks, tables, beds, sofas, dressers, couches or other large immobile furniture. This furniture riser comes with embedded holder tops with international fit contours that firmly hold in all furniture feet ranging from 1 – 3.5 inches in diameter, furniture bases ranging from 0.5 – 1.5 inches wide, and bed wheels ranging from 0.5 to 1.5 inches in diameter.

Each furniture riser comes with a removable non-slip support at the bottom that stops furniture from sliding while still protecting the floor from damage. It is safe to use on low pile carpets as well as any hard floor surfaces. Each particular stack-it riser is built to withstand 1,000 pounds of weight capacity, making it robust enough to handle even the biggest furniture.


  • Quite easy to install
  • Good build quality
  • Good value for money
  • Provides overall convenience
  • Suitable on all floor surfaces


  • Not clear about the weight allowance

The replaceable rubber o-ring on the base of each riser prevents the floor from harm while still providing a non-slip gripping to hold the lifted furniture securely in position on all types of floor surfaces. There are eight clear stack-it bed risers in this set, each measuring about an inch round by one inch tall.

9. Ezprotekt 1.2 Inch Bed Risers – Solid Steel Bed or Furniture Post

Do you ever get pissed that your loved one’s house is not complete with sufficient storage space? Well these Ezprotekt bed risers provide an extra 1.2 inches and allow one to have additional storage below their bed or even get their home arranged.

These bed risers can help create some space beneath the bed, sofa, couch, etc. Made for strength and endurance, a set of four of these strong Ezprotekt furniture risers can hold up 20,000 pounds while the strong carbon steel design guarantees these furniture risers to never crack.

Ezprotekt 1.2 Inch Bed Risers can help sustain the best height for all your needs. If your loved one is having trouble sleeping because of a health condition, they can use these bed risers to change the height of the bed. This will effectively save you time and enable you to be more effective by feeling healthier and finally having more sleep.


  • Perfect for wooden floors thanks to the felt pads below them
  • Eliminates noise, scratches, and doesn’t leave marks
  • Easy to install
  • Increased comfort and height


  • Only comes in 3 colors – black, white and brown

10. FASONLA Bed Risers

Are you in search of robust bed risers that will add some height to your loved one’s bed or furniture that can last a long while? Fasonla Bed Risers come as a pack of 8 Bed Risers.

Each is cut from a single piece of solid Oak wood that gives each strength to accommodate bulky bed furniture risers. There are two coats of paint that give Fasonla bed risers that clean look on all your furniture.

The 1.85-inch diameter indented hole at the top and 2.6-inch diameter indented at the base coupled with global fit contours are made to help carefully support the base of all furniture and increase the it wider by 2.6 inches and stop legs or wheels from sliding off the bed riser. This bed riser is an awesome accessory used to add height to your bed, armchair, sofa, tables, desk, cabinet, or any other furniture.


  • Good value for money
  • Very solid build
  • 100% natural wood


  • Cases of it being not sturdy enough

Is it recommendable?

Fasonla Bed Risers make it easy and convenient to clean or vacuum the floor under the furniture or bed. They are excellent for increasing the height on appliances that may be too low and near the floor, therefore, make it sensible for furniture that is too low and gives your loved ones a hard time to get up.