Anti Flood Tub or Sink Valve for Overflow Prevention

Flowban is a special valve that installs on the pipes under a sink or behind a tub to automatically turn off the faucets if they are accidentally left running and to prevent overflows. The device must be installed on the pipes leading to the faucets and connected to the overflow outlet of the sink or tub. Access to the plumbing is required and it will not work on some types of sinks and tubs. The inlet pipes (hot and cold) must flow through the value and the overflow outlet must also flow (in the other direction) through the valve.

As soon as the faucets are turned off, the valve resets itself and everything returns to normal. Note that the tub or sink must already have an overflow outlet.


  • Automatically shuts off water flow if the faucets are left running
  • Requires no electricity
  • When the faucets are turned off, everything returns to normal


  • Will not work without an existing overflow outlet
  • Will not work on many types of sinks or tubs
  • The tub or sink must already have an overflow outlet.