15 Best Bidet Toilet Seats For Seniors in 2021

Bidets are something that we don’t always realise we were missing in our lives until we try them on vacation. A bidet seat offers a new way to feel clean after using the toilet, thanks to the combination of water jets, air dryers and other helpful features. A bidet seat is useful for all kinds of users, but may be particularly practical for seniors. We may have elderly relatives that find themselves struggling to reach and clean adequately with paper alone. Wet wipes are an environmental disaster. So, the best approach could be to offer them a bidet seat that does the hard work for them. It can save time and energy, while also protecting against infection, illness and odour.

There are lots of different bidet seats available that aim to provide an easy clean with no fuss. Many of the best options include those that are self-cleaning, air-drying and/or heated for additional comfort. The guide below looks at a couple of popular products in these different categories, as well as some that offer remote and other features for ease of use. We have also included some of the more affordable manual options and high-end luxury models for a sense of scale. Each review is objective with clear pros and cons to consider. By the end, you should have a better idea of which type of bidet to buy for a senior relative.

Most high tech seats attache to an existing toilet and offer push button controls for washing and drying, allowing the person to wash after each toilet use. You’ll need to attach the bidet seat to the plumbing lines and have a special GFI electric outlet nearby, as these bidet seats requires electricity to operate. Some models come with wall mounted controls, which may be easier for caregiver operation, but they cost more.


  • May increase person’s hygiene
  • May reduce odor and infection risk


  • Due to the personal difference in body shapes and sizes, some sprays do not reach their target, so the user must move forward or back. A model with a “massage” function nozzle that moves back and forth automatically, spraying multiple points, is better than just two fixed nozzles.
  • Check with the manufacturer or dealer before buying to make sure the bidet seat fits on the existing toilet, as not all do. You’ll also need to order a round or elongated seat, depending on the existing toilet.
  • When using this product, let the person know what’s going to happen, step-by-step, or it’s possible that he or she could be agitated by sudden sprays of water and warm bursts of air, even when set on the lowest settings.
  • According to one nursing home study, the wash and dry toilets did have a positive effect on toileting when operated by a trained caregiver, but cleaning was not complete (sometimes toilet paper was still needed). Further, installation was more complex than anticipated. However, the study was published a while back and there have been improvements to bidet seats since then.
  • Expensive and beyond the reach of many caregivers


  • This product needs a special GFI outlet nearby as it needs electricity to operate. Using an extension cord could be hazardous if water spilled onto the floor.

Our Pick of Best Bidet Seats for Seniors

1) GenieBidet No-wiring Bidet Seat.

We will start with some of the manual options. The first model that we want to talk about in this guide is one that will seem quite basic compared to some of the advanced, multi-functional systems seen above. There aren’t as many cleaning functions or settings here, and that is because this is a built-in system with no wiring necessary. The benefit here is that it lowers the cost for carers and families on a budget. It may also make the seat less confusing for older users. The downside is the lack of heating adjustments and other convenient features that some people may be used to.

The pros and cons of this bidet seat.

1) The ease of installation
2) The soft close lid
3) The simple cleaning function
1) It isn’t the most hygienic design
2) The seat is smaller than some would like

This is a basic seat with a simple installation process. Still, the system is able to cover all the most fundamental needs. There are two nozzles for both rear and feminine cleaning. The seat is a soft close option, so no loud bangs if users drop it. Also, there is an adjustable pressure at an “ambient temperature”. The feedback is pretty good here as it offers all that is advertised. Still, some have issues with the size of the seat and the cleanliness.

Is it recommendable?

This option isn’t for everyone, but it does showcase what we can get for our money if we want a budget-friendly bidet seat. If you need more functionality, look elsewhere.

2) Kohler Manual Bidet Seat.

This next option in this trio of non-electrical bidet seats is even more affordable for those that want a simple, cost-effective solution. The main selling point here is this idea that it requires no batteries or electrical outlet at all. The benefit here becomes clear when we look at some of the installation issues with other, more high-end products. Some bathrooms just aren’t equipped to handle the electrical wiring – and are no place for extension cords. Manual models are far more compatible.

The pros and cons of this bidet seat.

1) The lack of wiring for added safety
2) The adjustable nozzle
3) The look of the seat
1) Some seniors may struggle to use the handle
2) Basic functionality

This one has a manual handle for the water spray. Users can also adjust the nozzle into the right position and enjoy an ambient temperature. Additional advantages here include the soft-close lid, easy-installation process and the clean look of the product. Again, there are disadvantages here in the lack of options and settings. It really can only do so much to aid and clean users. There is also the potential issue that weaker, older individuals may struggle with the action of the manual arm.

Is it recommendable?

This has great potential in many households that want a cost-effective, basic solution. But, it may not have all the right features for less-able seniors.

3) Panaq P-USA106 Non-Electric Bidet Seat.

One of the problems with manual seats is that even though they don’t have any wiring to hide, they can still look unattractive and cheap. The designers of this seat tried to prevent that by focusing on the finish of the seat and the shape. It made to stay sleek, white, and clean – although it will still pay to be careful with the harsh chemicals. Again, this is a simple non-electric system with a simple retractable nozzle and three pressure settings.

1) The design of the seat
2) The soft close and retractable nozzle
3) The quality of the clean
1) The finish may not look that good with the wrong cleaning products
2) Minimal functionality

This seat can only do so much compared to some of the models below. There are few settings to play around with and not much in the way of bonus features. However, the designers did take the time to add in a soft close to the lid, a wider cleaning nozzle and one-touch manual controls.

Is it recommendable?

There isn’t much to say about this seat because it isn’t designed to do that much. Still, there are benefits to the attention to detail and there may be enough here for some seniors.

4) Smart Bidet SB-1000 Air Drying Bidet Seat.

Next, we have a series of air drying bidet seats. The cleaning function of the bidet is crucial. Users want to know that the jets and spray will clean them appropriately, without the need for paper. But, there are some that feel as though the experience isn’t complete without an air drying function in addition to this. This SmartBidet product offers just that, there are 5 temperature levels to this air dryer, which should leave users clean and dry and ready to continue with their day.

The pros and cons of this bidet seat.

1) The temperature controlled air dryer
2) The remote control
3) The options on the washer
1) The lack of pressure
2) The nozzle can be a bit fiddly

In fact, there are lots of helpful adjustments and settings on this bidet seat – all of which can be accessed via the remote control. There are multiple functions on the washer with cleansing nozzles for different parts of the male or female anatomy. There is also adjustable pressure and temperature. There are some users that feel that this isn’t as powerful – in either air or water pressure – as bidets they have used abroad. Also, a lack of automation in the nozzle positions means regular manual adjustments.

Is it recommendable?

This product offers a lot of the right features for a nice introduction to this sort of bathroom experience. However, it may not be strong or smart enough for those familiar with foreign systems.

5) Brondell Swash SE400 Air Drying Bidet Seat.

There are lots of products in this guide that claim to be packed with features. The question for many consumers is whether or not this actually means value for money. There are models at the lower end of the scale that seem like a bargain, but may lack crucial functions. Then there are those at the higher end of the scale that seem to have a lot of bonus elements, but are very expensive. This mid-range air-drying model fits nicely in the middle.

The pros and cons of this bidet seat

1) The numerous cleaning and drying functions
2) The hygienic nature of the self-cleaning wand
3) Eco-friendly modes
1) Reports of temperamental functions
2) Some durability issues with leaks developing.

There are some users that refer to this product as a TOTO clone. There are pros and cons to this. On the plus side, this model does try and replicate the best features of TOTO bidet seats. There are lots of settings, self-cleaning elements and energy-saving features. But, it seems that it may not be as reliable as TOTO. Some experience the dryer cutting out and temperature issues with the water. Leaks have also developed over time.

Is it recommendable?

A recommendation can depend on your personal experience and budget. There is a lot that this model does right. Still, there are flaws compared to some of the competitors.

6) Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 Advanced Bidet.

Another air drying bidet seat with a lot going for it is this option from Bio Bidet. The BB-600 offers hands-free air drying at three different temperatures. This complements the different wash setting with the front and rear sprays, the oscillating mode and the dual action nozzles. Users can choose the desired temperatures and settings on a panel at the right-hand side of the seat. The buttons are clearly labelled with colourful icons to help users that may struggle to understand the product at first. There are also selection lights on the control panel to show users when they have made their choice.

The pros and cons of this bidet seat.

1) The different actions for washing and drying
2) The thought that went into the control panel
3) The quality of the clean
1) Problems keeping the seat clean and white
2) No internal memory in the control panel

This combination of features should prove to be of great use to many older users. There are two complaints about this product that are actually fairly common with these bidet seats more generally. There are some users that wish that the control panel on the bidet had a better memory for user preferences. If the user always has the temperature and pressure a certain way, the system should remember that. There is also the fact that we can’t use harsh chemicals when cleaning and disinfecting the seat out of a risk of damage or staining.

Is it recommendable?

The selling point here isn’t the dryer, but rather the design of the control panel. With an improved memory, this would help a lot of seniors every day. As it is, the system still has lots of potential.

7) Toto A100 Heated Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat.

The water and cleaning functions of these bidet seats are, arguably, the most important feature of any product like this. Cleanliness should come first. But, there are also products that try and provide a little more comfort for the user. One way that they can do this is with a heated seat. This Toto product has just that, with variable temperatures that are easily controlled by the user. Additional benefits with this more comfortable seat are the elongated shape and the soft close lid.

The pros and cons of this bidet seat.

1) The controls on the heated seat
2) The comfort of the elongated shape
3) The different cleaning functions
1) The installation process
2) There is no air dryer feature.

As for the water and the controls here, users can still adjust the volume and temperature to their liking, with the option of an oscillating or dual spray. The biggest drawback here comes with the installation process. This is a Japanese-style seat with fixtures for a certain type of toilet. Therefore, it won’t fit all toilets elsewhere. There are also some that wish that it had an air dry feature for extra convenience.

Is it recommendable?

This is the more minimal of the TOTO models that we have included here. It is the most affordable and can be advantageous for the right user. But, there are pricier models with more conveniences and perks.

8) TOTO C100 Self Cleaning Bidet seat.

Hygiene is everything with these bidet seats, it is part of the reason so many of us are so keen to make the switch. Most of the products in this guide tick most of the right boxes with the way that they clean the user. However, there are some devices that try and go a step further via some self-cleaning functions. This self-cleaning product from Toto does this with two important features. The first is the use of the self-cleaning wand. This means that the wand is cleaned before and after use to reduce the risk of waste, odour and contamination. There is also a pre-mist in the toilet bowl to remove any waste that may collect here after the bidet cleaning.

The pros and cons of this bidet seat

1) The self-cleaning wand
2) The pre-mist for additional hygienic cleaning
3) The range of cleaning and drying functions
1) Typical TOTO installation issues
2) Some leaks

Otherwise, the features of this TOTO bidet seat aren’t that much different to the heated seat above. There are plenty of settings via the control panel on the arm, the heated seat and the general ease of use. Additional bonuses this time include the air dryer and air deodorizer. Unfortunately, there are some of the same installation issues seen with different TOTO products, as well as some occasional leaks from the valve.

Is it recommendable?

If you have a toilet that is compatible, and install this correctly, there should be few issues here. This mid-range TOTO product offers lots of great features without going over the top.

9) SmartBidet SB-2000 Self-cleaning Bidet Seat.

We have included this bidet seat in this portion of the guide because it too is a self-cleaning model with this form of a hygienic nozzle. However, there are many elements to the specification of this bidet seat that mean that it could have slotted into any number of categories here – aside from the manual options of course. This system has a familiar series of washing functions, including that oscillation, which means that it should suit lots of different users. Then there are the 5 setting on the air dryer and the three water temperature settings.

The pros and cons of this bidet seat.

1) The self-cleaning system
2) The range of washing and drying functions
3) The environmentally friendly aspects
1) The problems when cleaning the seat
2) Installation issues

Some may see this as an easy-to-use bidet seat, like those below because it has a remote control, soft closing lid and is fairly easy to install. Other would also say that this classes as an environmentally friendly option because of the skin sensor on the heated seat and other energy saving functions. There are still some typical installation issues with the valves and leaks, but also some reports of the nozzles pointing in odd directions. Then there are those that mention the poor finish and discolouration on the lid after a while. Again, the wrong chemical cleaning products may be to blame here.

Is it recommendable?

If you are prepared to take the time to take care of the cleaning and installation, you could be impressed with this option. There is a lot going on in the specification. Still, it doesn’t get overly complicated.

10) UFFU Heated Bidet Seat.

Warmth is also an important feature with this model from UFFU. The seat is heated with different settings so that user can get comfortable. That seat is also ergonomically designed with an elongated shape to provide an even better experience. There is also warmth in the air dryer, which again is adjustable to the needs of users.

The pros and cons of this bidet seat.

1) The warmth in the seat and dryer
2) A decent remote control
3) A good clean
1) Some clear functionality issues with the nightlight
2) Minimal features compared to other products

This is a bidet seat that tries to offer value for money for its users in unexpected ways. The seat is affordable compared to some of the high-end options below. Yet, it still overs the remote control, night light and other helpful details. The downside here is that the nightlight for the bidet is controlled via the remote control. It doesn’t have the sensors of other top products. As many users will keep the remote next to the bidet, this renders the light slightly useless as a safety feature. The functions and settings are also minimal by comparison.

Is it recommendable?

If the night light is a selling point in the specification, you may be disappointed. Otherwise, there should be enough here in this seat for a good clean and general ease of use.

11) TOTO K300 Remote Control Bidet Seat.

Ease of use is an essential part of these bidet seats for seniors. It is easy to look at these products from the mindset of the everyday user, but we also need to think about the needs of less able users. Most TOTO bidet seats have plenty of settings to help users achieve the best clean possible, with minimal hassle. Models like this K300 offer something of an upgrade on the A100 and C100 with the addition of a remote control. Remotes can be helpful for those that struggle to twist and reach controls on the arm of the toilet – especially those that may have reduced mobility down one side after a stroke or accident.

The pros and cons of this bidet seat.

1) A well-designed remote control
2) Some nice settings with the wash and dry functions
3) The self-cleaning features seen above
1) Not as many features as the luxury models
2) The same TOTO installation risks

A remote is far more convenient, especially when it has simple controls for the feature we expect from TOTO. This includes the Air dryer, temperature, water pressure and more. This seat retains the air deodorizer and pre-mist seen in the self-cleaning model. However, some would argue that it might be more convenient with the automatic lift and pulsating, wide cleansing functions of models higher up the range.

Is it recommendable?

Again, this is a great mid-range model that offers everything that seniors would need, with none of the thrills. This is where it is important to compare and contrast models.

12) Alpha JX Remote Control Bidet Seat.

Remote controls can make a big difference for users, especially when they are designed with the user in mind. This remote has a screen to highlight the current settings to show users that everything is as they require. There are also simple shortcut buttons to help users find what they need more easily. This includes the one-touch wash and dry buttons and the one-touch “easy wash” system. The ease of use here continues with the LED light, which has a sensor to illuminate the area around the toilet at night. Night time trips are also far more discrete with this seat thanks to the quiet operation and soft-close lid. Some products can be nosy on their highest settings and risk disturbing others in the household. I

The pros and cons of this bidet seat.

1) One-touch controls on the remote
2) A helpful nightlight
3) A great clean
1) Installation issue
2) Some valve leaks

In addition to these helpful features, this seat also benefits from a great cleansing system with the aluminium nozzles for the front and back. Some users have struggled with the water pressure on this system, which suggests that the lowest settings may not always get the job done. There have also been some installation issues with the valves and some leaks. However, this is the case for a small minority, and most are impressed with what they receive.

Is it recommendable?

There are some great feature here that can be of great help to seniors that need some help in the bathroom. The controls and functions promote independence and are highly recommendable.

13) TOTO S550e Automatic Self-cleaning Bidet Seat.

Finally, we want to mention some of the products that go all out to impress with the number of features and options available to users. These luxury systems may be more complex, and often more expensive, but they can be worth it for the extra conveniences and the quality of the product and experience. Before, we spoke about the pros and cons of TOTO K300. This TOTO S550e is at the top of the range and provides features and benefits not seen in the other models covered so far.

The pros and cons of this bidet seat

1) Lots of cleaning and drying functions
2) A helpful night light
3) Lots of features for added hygiene
1) Perhaps too many gimmicks this far up the scale?
2) The same installation issues

The cleaning functions are high end, with the wide front cleanse, the pulsating system, the air dryer and all the adjustable settings. There is also the same use of the remote control, air deodorizer and self-cleaning functions. There are also key differences here with the use of the automatic seat lid and the night light. The former means that older users don’t have to bend, grip or lift the seat. The latter is helpful for any late night trips. As this is a TOTO product, there will be some of the same issues and concerns with the installation product and compatibility. While some of these extras may seem gimmicky to the average user, they can make a big difference in the right setting.

Is it recommendable?

A recommendation here all depends on exactly what you expect from these bidets. There is a bit of everything here for cleanliness, hygiene and user safety. But, it does all come at a price.

14) Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Seat.

Next, we turn a different brand for a product that they themselves claim is “loaded with features. The feature that stands out the most here is the idea of a customizable wash. There are many products in this guide that don’t remember preferred settings, which makes them a little annoying for seniors that want the most simple experience possible. Here we have a seat with user settings and one-touch controls.

The pros and cons of this bidet seat.

1) The customizable settings for different users
2) The simplicity of the controls
3) The details in the nightlight, hose storage and more
1) The weakness of the air dryer
2) Issues with the temperature of the water

In addition to this, it comes with all the same functions and settings that we would expect from a high-end system at this price point. It has different temperature settings, an oscillation function and dual stainless steel nozzles. There is also the blue nightlight, deodorizer and storage for the hose and electrical cord. There are lots of nice little details in this design. However, the product isn’t without its flaws. Some find that the water always starts cold before reaching the required temperature, which isn’t that pleasant for a smart, customizable model. There are also some that feel that the weakness of the dryer isn’t compatible with the over-enthusiastic jets on the higher settings.

Is it recommendable?

If Brondell was able to adjust the air pressure and fix the temperature issue, there would be few complaints about this product. The specification is impressive and sure to help many seniors.

15) BioBidet Bliss Premier Class Bidet seat.

This final option is one that also tries to tick off every single requirement that buyers may have from their bidet seat. Starting with the cleaning process, there is a 3-in-1 system with a posterior, feminine and vortex wash, this also has the potential for a bubble-infused pulsating wash.

The pros and cons of this bidet seat.

1) The amount of thought that went into all the different options
2) The environmental features
3) The design of the remote control
1) Too many manual adjustments for a luxury option
2) Questions over value for money

At this point, this can start to seem a little over the top for a bidet. Some users may wonder how much difference the bubble can make, especially when this seat costs so much more for the privilege. However, there are other benefits that help to justify the cost. There is a remote control with an LCD display, for greater ease of use. There is also an energy-saving mode to reduce the impact on the environment even further. Some feel that there are too many manual adjustments to make for something designed to be so user-friendly and functional. There is also talk of the amount of noise produced.

Is it recommendable?

There is no doubt that the designers here went all out to please users. There are lots of features here to test out, but some may seem a little pointless and a waste of money. This is a luxury option, but is it the most practical solution.