9 Best Anti-Fatigue Cushioned Floor Mats in 2022

There are lots of simple products out there that can add a little comfort to a home and help seniors gain a little independence. Anti-fatigue mats can help seniors and disabled relatives move around the home and stand on hard floors with ease.

The FDA recommends using a special safety floor mat to cushion the impact should a person fall (along with using a special High-Low bed).

The basic principle is quite simple, and all the best products require the same basic features of a good reach, comfortable foam, and reliable surface.

Still, many vary in terms of the styles, lengths, and designs. Below we have a series of products that could prove to be helpful. Before that, let’s answer some important questions about these mats.

What are anti-fatigue floor mats?

The basic aim with these anti-fatigue mats is to reduce the risk of fatigue and strain from long periods on hard surfaces. For example, there may be people with foot and lower limb issues that struggle to stand for a long time on hard floors. This can be a problem in kitchens, where seniors may experience pain, cramp and other problems while cooking, washing dishes or doing other chores

How thick should they be?

The general rule here is for a thickness of  3/4 of an inch. This may not sound like a lot, but it does provide that fine line between too much padding and not enough. If the mats are too thick, they may have too much bounce or give. This could make them difficult to walk upon, especially for anyone with balance or coordination issues. If you go too thin, it won’t have the cushioning needed to help with those medical issues. Homes that already have some form of softer, thicker flooring may appreciate mats that are just an inch thick instead.

What is the maximum reach zone?

You also have to think about the length of the mat and the area that it covers. This isn’t a piece of flooring for the entire room, this is something to use in key areas of the home, such as around the sink, food preparation areas and/or stove. The maximum reach zone is the maximum area that this may need to reach for normal, active use. Users don’t want to find themselves stepping on or off the matt repeatedly.

Do they actually work?

The answer here depends on your aims as a carer or relative. If you want a new time of flooring that will cure or significantly reduce a medical issue, you are probably out of luck. The mats cant reverse the impact of arthritic joints or reduce varicose veins. Still, there is the chance that these mats can allow people to stand on a surface for a little longer than normal. Carers installing these mats should also remember that other factors may help, or be to blame for foot and leg pain. Make sure that your relatives have appropriate footwear on and undergo the right treatments and physiotherapy for their condition.

How long do they last?

The longevity of these products can depend on the materials used and the brand. Some cheaper option may wear out faster than thicker, carefully designed options. It is important to note when these mats do start to wear thin. The thinner they get, the less of an impact they will have on the condition in question. There is also the issue of the amount of wear they endure. Repeated use and heavy footfall will reduce the lifespan of the product. That is why it helps to look for more heavy-duty models that can last a few years in areas of frequent use.

Are they worth it?

This is a common question from relatives and carers paying out for the installation and up-front costs of these mats. Is it going to be worth all that time and effort for a little light relief? The answer here depends on the occupants of the home and the placement of the mats. A well-made mat in precisely the right place can provide great support for homeowners. This extra padding could allow them to perform tasks in the home and remain more active. This, in turn, can increase the likelihood of them retaining a sense of independence in their own home.

Best Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

1. GORILLA GRIP Original Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat

Like many of these products, this mat was built for use in the kitchen, in front of stove, sink or washing machine. It has that recommended optimal thickness of 3/4″ in within a thick, ergonomic high-grade foam. In fact, all the options chosen here conform to that thickness. There are also three different sizes for a different maximum reach – 32 by 20 inches, 39 by 20 inches and 70 by 24 inches. This means different options for different work areas.

The pros and cons of this floor mat.


  •  The different colors to suit different decors
  •  The optimal thickness with heavy duty materials
  • Different size options for different needs


  •  The grip isn’t as strong as some had expected
  •  Some issues with tough stains.

One of the benefits of this mat is that it is seen as a safe option, with a lack of phthalates and other toxic components. This sounds like something that should be a guarantee with these senior-friendly anti-fatigue products.

However, there are some cheaper models that have questionable coatings and give off a bit of a smell. There is also the promise of durability, easy-clean water resistant material for the kitchen.

Unfortunately, there are some limitations to the cleaning when it comes to tougher stains. There is also an issue with the grip on the bottom of the mat. There are multiple reviews from users that say it slides too easily for their liking. It may need some additional aids here with users that are more vulnerable.

Is it recommendable?

This first option has its flaws that may be off-putting to some carers trying to find the ideal product for a less-able homeowner. However, the issues with the grip aren’t that uncommon. If you are able to put up with some tough cleaning – or a few stains – this could still be a great choice. The foam, size and safe materials all prove to be helpful.

2. Kangaroo Brands Original Comfort Standing Mat

When it comes to some of the basic features of this product, there are some big similarities here between this Kangaroo model and the Gorilla Grip one above. There is the same thickness on the foam, the same choices of sizes and the same promises of an easy-clean, reliable surface. There are more color choices this time, to suit even more decors, but otherwise, it is pretty similar to that product above.

The pros and cons of this floor mat


  • the thickness of the mat
  • the quality of the materials the brand used
  •  the durability of the smaller products


  •  the risk of cracks with the larger products
  •  the way that the edges can stick up.

The similarities here mean that the benefits are also familiar and come as no surprise. There is enough comfort for most users to stand here for longer periods. The surface lives up to claims and looks pretty good. The biggest problem here comes with the way that some of these larger mats are boxed up.

They are folded to fit the package, which puts them at risk of damage. This means that they can develop creases down the middle, which later split and crack. This is especially disappointing in a product designed to be heavy-duty and long-lasting. This can also mean that the edges don’t lie flat, which can be a bit of a health hazard.

Is it recommendable?

The appeal here can vary greatly depending on whether or not you have a smaller or larger product. Those that lie flat with no damage can be a comfortable, durable mat that looks good in the kitchen. These ones are safe enough and manageable enough for many senior users. Those that need a larger mat with a wider maximum reach could be disappointed. If you only need a small mat for occasional use, this could be a good option. If there is any sign of damage on arrival, try and get a replacement asap.

3. NewLife by GelPro Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat

This is the first of these mats to treat the product as an attractive accessory for the home, not just a medical device. There is a vast range of designs available on this product, ranging from different patterns and stone effects to bolder options like camo and the Texas flag. This means that users have something nice to look and can really make more of a feature.

The pros and cons of this floor mat.


  •  The fun designs
  • The anti-curl edges
  •  The shape of the long, thin mat


  •  misconceptions over the material used
  •  a lack of grip underneath

The design of the mat also benefits from beveled edges that should never curl – unlike those above – and that makes the mat a little safer. Therefore, this should have greater appeal with carers and relatives buying this for their older relatives.

Again, there are lots of size options, with an of an inch thick foam. The 30 by 108-inch model is particularly appealing because of its long thin shape. This means a wider maximum reach so that users can move between different areas. It is designed with standing desks in mind but is just as practical for food preparation areas in a kitchen.

Unfortunately, this is another product where there isn’t much in the way of grip on the bottom. Many of these brands seem to overhype these features and give a false impression about how stable it really is. There are also some buyers that got the wrong idea about this mat because of the name of the brand. This is not a gel mat, this is a foam mat. It doesn’t contour to the feet in the same way as a gel model, but that doesn’t mean that users can’t find a level of comfort here.

Is it recommendable?

There is room for improvement with the underside of this product. Still, there is no doubt that the designers put a lot of work into the surface. The wider length, fun designs and thick foam mean that this could be an attractive and practical option for many homes.

4. Sky Mats Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat

The first thing that stands out with user reviews for this mat is the fact that it actually stays in place. The grip on the bottom of this matt is much more reliable than that of other brands we have looked at so far. This, along with those beveled edges should mean that it is a safe option for seniors as they work in the kitchen or any other area of the home.

The pros and cons of this floor mat.


  •  a nice quality foam
  •  a decent range of sizes
  •  a much better grip


  • the durability of the surface
  •  the chemical smell.

For the most part, users are really happy with the comfort offered with this mat. The foam is responsive and soft enough to ease pain and fatigue, without getting too squishy and unsupportive.

These mats are a little smaller, with the largest measuring 24 by 70 inches. Still, there are a couple of problems with this mat. The first is the fact the surface color chips off with repeated wear. Users that want this in their kitchen for daily use may find that the design and look of the mat don’t hold up too well after a few months.

This may be reduced with bare feet rather than shoes, but this may not be a good idea for all those using the matt for foot and joint problems. Others have pointed out that there is quite a strong smell that emanates from the mat after it has been unboxed. This can wear off with a little airing but may be overpowering at first, especially for those with health issues.

Is it recommendable?

There is no reason why this shouldn’t prove to be a popular choice for the elderly and disabled – but only as long as you don’t expect it to have a long life. This could be a great short-term solution thanks to that grip and comfort in the material. Also, make sure to air it out before use.

5. AMCOMFY Kitchen Anti Fatigue Mat

When it comes to the design of these comfort mats, there is a focus on a more classic, antique look. There is a nice pattern reminiscent of ironwork that curls across the surface of the mat. The colors of the background also have a rustic, metallic feel. This look will suit a lot of older relatives and seniors in care that don’t want anything too modern in their home. There is also a cloverleaf pattern with a similar antique effect running through it. There are alternative patterns, but these are some of the most popular.

The pros and cons with this floor mat.


  •  The beautiful antique designs
  •  The hygienic properties
  •  A decent range of sizes.


  •  The inconsistencies in the foam across the different sizes
  •  Questions over the cost

Otherwise. There are many of the same benefits that we saw before with these products. This one promises to be especially easy to clean as it is both stain and mold resistant. It Is also meant to be vacuum friendly thanks to the texture of the surface. There are also a few different sizes to choose from, depending on your maximum reach and nice use of gel foam for reliable cushioning.

There is an interesting review from one buyer that bought a large and small and says that the consistency of the foam differs between the too. The larger is more firm, for some reason. There are also some people that wonder why this brand is a little more expensive than others when there are no special features or properties to it.

Is it recommendable?

It seems that you may have to think carefully about which size to get here. Is it better to order a smaller, squashier one or to go bigger to get the firmness? Either way, you can be sure of a great looking model that isn’t too difficult to clean.

6. Butterfly Long Kitchen Anti Fatigue Floor Mat

The antique look is clearly a popular choice with seniors looking for a kitchen mat because this Butterly model takes a similar approach. There are some interesting patterns on offer here with the Lace, Tile Spray, and Home designs. Each comes as either a light or a dark matt with a rustic country kitchen feel. Some also come in some brighter colors, just in case that dark brown is a little too dull.

The pros and cons of this floor mat.


  • The foam is thick and comfortable
  •  There are some nice choices of size for different areas
  •  The patterns are a nice idea


  •  The colors aren’t always as advertised
  •  The surface doesn’t last as long as it could

This product ticks most of the right boxes when it comes to the shape, materials and comfort features. This mat is less than an inch thick, once again, with contoured, no curl edges and a series of lengths. There are smaller 20 by 32-inch mats for small areas by sinks or longer 24 by 70-inch mats for wider work areas.

It also retains the same comfort foam and wipe clean surface. One of the potential downsides here is that this wipe-clean surface may wipe off a little too much. There are some buyers that say the finish isn’t as good as it used to be on these mats. In addition to this, some say that the colors aren’t quite as advertised.

Is it recommendable?

A recommendation here depends on the reason for buying this mat. Those that buy this for the antique look would probably be better off going for the model above. Those mats are a nice color and more authentic looking, while these seem a bit cheaper. Still, there are other practical benefits here that mean that it still has worth. If you have a relative that loves the design, and won’t wear the surface out too quickly, this could still be a good option.

7. Core Balance Interlocking EVA Soft Foam Floor Mats

This final product is one where the brand tries and offer something different. So far, all the mats have been fairly decorative and come in a standard range of sizes. They have the length and width that suits the area in front of the sink or oven. This one is unusual because each mat is 60cm by 60cm and they interlock to form different shapes. The idea is that you can buy packs of certain amounts to cover the space.

The pros and cons of this floor mat.


  •  The customization of the interlocking tiles
  •  The thickness of the foam
  •  The water resistance


  •  The potential that those edges may become a tripping hazard
  •  The dull, all-black design

The outer edge of this product is greatly different from that of a normal comfort mat. There is no beveled edge to the outside. While this can mean lots of configurations for different tiles, there may also be a slightly higher tripping hazard. The materials and finish are quite similar, with the thick foam and the non-slip, water-resistant surface.

This means that it should be quite durable. The downside to this surface is that it comes in one color – black. The reason for this clear lack of style is that this is sold as more of a commercial, heavy-duty model than something for the home. The core audience here is actually owners of gyms and garages – not those with medical problems in need of home-help.

Is it recommendable?

This target audience doesn’t mean that residential users can’t get a lot from this product. It all depends on where this is used and the importance of substance over style. There are limitations to using this type of interlocking tile in a home. Homeowners may prefer the beveled, antique-print options. But, these thick tiles can cover a wide, customized area in a cost-effective way.

8. HEBE Oversized Anti Fatigue Comfort Mats

This stain resistant HEBE kitchen mat works perfectly in the kitchen, gym or office. It comes as an oversized cover that features tapered edges made to prevent one from tripping. The mat is equipped with a polyurethane gel foam that can help your feet from tiring and also provide good posture.

It helps release stress especially in certain pressure points on the body such as the knees and feet ankles. HEBE provides an entirely cushioned anti-fatigue mat that helps for standing over the desk for long periods.


  • Minimalistic design
  • Waterproof, stain and oil resistant
  • Anti-slipping material
  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • A bit narrower than ordinary mats

HEBE Oversized Anti Fatigue Comfort mat comes with a minimalistic design and dimensions in measurements of 20″ x 59″ and a thickness of 0.6″. The incorporated polyurethane foam works well to remove stress and strain in the whole lower body part, making it good when standing for long hours.

What’s more, cleaning this mat is quite easy. They are perfect for kitchen use because they are oil and stain resistant. You can easily clean them with a gentle vacuum or by swiping with a damp cloth.

Is it recommendable?

The HEBE Oversized Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat is designed for seniors. It helps aid the patellar area and provide great knee support. It reduces pressure by lowering joints and muscles, alleviate pressure from the lumbar spinal area and pelvis, and eliminate lower back pain.

9. SIXHOME Kitchen Mats for Floor Anti Fatigue

Just like other anti-fatigue kitchen mats provide support and provide comfort, this SIXHOME Kitchen Mats for Floor Anti Fatigue isn’t any different.

This mat is not like other mats in the market that have a beveled edge design. It comes with narrow sides that let one enjoy a flatter levelled surface when standing. Made of 100% PVC, this eco-friendly mat is smell-free, latex-free and phathalate-free. This makes it even safer for toddlers or pets running around in the family.


  • Soft, comfortable and easy to clean
  • Eco-friendly
  • Long-lasting
  • Quite pocket friendly
  • Waterproof, scratchproof and oil-proof


  • Complaints of the memory being too long, therefore, it only moves around a bit
  • Too soft to even roll an office chair on

According to the manufacturer, this SIXHOME anti-fatigue kitchen mat is half an inch thick with non-slip features. It provides some good comfort and cushioning such that seniors cannot get fatigued while standing there for longer periods.

Is it recommendable?

Go for a mat made of premium quality material that cannot not get destroyed or flatten over time. Besides, this matt has gone through random inspections of high heels testing.