7 Best Fluorescent Floor Lamps & Torcheires for Your Home

To illuminate a room, floor lamps can do wonders. Torchieres or uplights are very effective floor lamps as they direct light upwards toward the ceiling, creating indirect, easy-on-the-eyes lighting. Make sure to only purchase a torchiere with a fluorescent bulb. Halogen bulbs can be a fire hazard as they burn at very high temperatures. We’ve tried several torchieres and encountered two problems:

  • the dimmer switch tends to malfunction
  • the pole of the lamp may get wobbly and need to be tightened into the base

Some assembly is usually required. Make sure to place the floor lamp out of the main walking path so the person does not use it as a support for walking.

1) Florencio Antique Gold Torchiere Floor Lamp

This antique style floor lamp makes a statement in a room without becoming too imposing. It has an antique gold finish with black accents, an amber effect on the shade and stands 72’’ high. This style will definitely suit a lot of older users that don’t want a run-of-the-mill, modern lamp. However, there is more to this product than it looks.

The pros and cons of this lamp


  •  a nice antique look without going too ornate
  •  a soft glow with the amber shade
  •  the full range foot dimmer for improved ease of use


  •  some flickering on that dimmer switch
  •  occasional issues with the finish and paintwork

One of the best features for seniors and disabled users here is the full range foot dimmer. This easy to use control system lets users adjust the brightness of the lamp at different levels to suit their needs.

This could be much easier to control than the usual, small switch on standard floor lamps – especially for those with joint and arthritis issues. In addition to this, the lamp is also a good looking product with the antique look.

Some would say that it could, perhaps, have a slightly better finish in some areas, but this can come down to personal preferences. There are also some users that say that the light can flicker a little as they work the dimmer switch. This raises some questions over the wiring and durability of this device long-term.

Is it recommendable?

There are lamps that have this style that may be a little cleaner or have a better finish, but you will probably have to spend more for them. This affordable lamp is great for those that want a little more control over the light source.

2) Chloe Lighting “Serenity” Tiffany-Style Torchiere Floor Lamp

This model is a lot more elegant in its style and recycles designs that many older relatives will have enjoyed in their homes over many decades. There is a timeless, classic feel to this Tiffany-Style lamp. The colorful glass shade looks beautiful with the right light shining through it. The tall black stand adds to that antique feel. This is a lamp that should look good in any bedroom or living room and add that much-needed splash of color.

The pros and cons of this lamp:


  • The attention to detail in the colored glass design
  •  The elegant look that suits many rooms and homes
  •  The use of authentic lead for a better look


  •  The potential health risks of that lead
  •  The stability of such a tall, thin product.

One of the more interesting aspects to this lamp is the use of materials. This isn’t a plastic lamp masquerading as something more stylish. This is actually made of glass with lead between the pieces. This gives the look of stained glass.

There are pros and cons to lead. Some carers may be a little wary about having this hazardous material in the home with vulnerable relatives. Others will understand that there is a minimal risk. The only other risk with this lamp is that the small base and tall pole could make this a little more unsteady than other lamps. The risk here depends on who will use the lamp.

Is it recommendable?

A recommendation here depends on the person using the lamp. Vulnerable seniors and disabled people may struggle with the materials and build. Others are sure to love the design and the attention to detail on that glass shade. This could brighten a lot of homes.

3) Jordan Brushed Steel Torchiere Light

Modern lights and standard lamps may not be all that pretty sometimes. But, they can be a more practical, helpful option for seniors with greater care needs. This lamp looks like a pretty basic, modern floor lamp with a couple of reading lamps on the side. However, it also has real glass shades, strong stable support and some nice features with disabled users in mind.

The pros and cons of this floor lamp:


  • The different configurations of the lamps
  •  The design of the knobs
  •  The sturdy base


  •  The unboxing process
  •  It may take time for some users with memory issues to learn the controls.

One of the obvious benefits for seniors and those in care here is the chance to pick a lighting option that best suits their need. There are three lamps here and different configurations. Users can have the top lamp on and not the side lamps, both of the side lamps or just one of these little reading lights.

The latter means that seniors can read by a strong light without the lamp overpowering the room. In addition to this, each knob on the light is grooved and easy to handle. There are people with hand issues and poor grip that have no problem setting this lamp to the right setting.

One of the biggest problems was actually the unboxing process. The fine packing materials get everywhere and can be difficult for disabled people to clean up. That is why it is best to install this lamp yourself.

Is it recommendable?

As long as you take the time to assemble this and clean up afterward, there is little to say against this product. The design is simple, but effective, and offers enough adaptability to suit many people.

4) Kira Home Torchiere Floor Lamp

Some carers and relatives may look at this lamp and think that it is far too modern and weird for their parents’ home. There isn’t much to the design aside from the tall 70.25-inch high stand and the pivoting head. There is a choice of colours between a pure white, an all-black or one with brushed nickel.

The pros and cons of this floor lamp.


  •  The different angles on the lamp
  •  The ability to add a timer as needed and to dim the lights
  •  The choice of colors


  •  The design and lack of grip on the dimmer switch
  •  The unique design of the bulb.

Again, the main benefit here is all about choice for the user. The pivoting head can be angled to change the direction of the light. There is also a dimmer and compatibility with a timer. The dimmer is easy to control and create and nice, soft glow to the LEDs. This soft look is enhanced through the use of the glass diffuser.

There are some that feel that it doesn’t dim enough for their liking, but this comes down to personal preference. Also, the smooth knob here highlights the importance of those grooved ones seen above. Carers may also question what they would do if the lamp light died. The lamp has a series of LED that makes it quite unique. Is this replaceable in any way, or is it easier to just replace the whole lamp?

Is it recommendable?

There are some people with greater needs that will struggle here because of the brightness of the light and the feel of the dimmer knob. Still, many more will be able to make good use of the warm light and the pivoting head.

5) Brightech SkyLite Torchiere Lamp

This next option is sold as a modern room or office lamp with wide appeal. The simplicity in the design of the white or black pole and shade means that it will blend into lots of different rooms. The bright LED light also means that it can provide enough light to help people work or read with ease. However, there are also two additional factors with this lamp that make it suitable for people in the care industry.

The pros and cons of this floor lamp.


  • The simple look for mass appeal
  •  The sturdy base
  •  It stays cool to the touch while using the dimmer switch


  • Not the most interesting design around
  •  Some issues with the consistency of the levels on the dimmer

The first of these benefits for the elderly or disabled is the sturdy base. There are some lamps that can be a little too skinny or top heavy, which put them at risk of toppling over.

This one is just 5.5ft tall and has a strong, heavy base. This should be fine for any user with mobility or coordination issues. Then there is the added benefit that this stays cool to the touch. If users were to brush against the shade while using the dimmer switch, they would not burn themselves.

One issue with that switch, however, is that the light can have a mind of its own when it comes to the settings. There are also some that note that there is a small delay at times between flicking the switch and seeing the light come on.

Is it recommendable?

There are some flaws with the design of the bulb and switch that could be fixed in later models. However, there is no doubt that this is a sturdy, useful lamp that suits older users.

6) Brightech LED Super Bright Floor Lamp

There are lots of lamps for seniors and those with disabilities that use this LED lights instead of standard bulbs. They may be harder to replace, but they do last a long time, save energy and provide a pleasant light source for the room. Products like this one can create as much as 1,660 lumens with a smooth dimming function.

The pros and cons of this floor lamp.


  • The pivoting head with the cool LED bulb
  •  The antique brass effect for a sense of style
  •  The sturdy base


  •  Could use some more settings on the dimmer
  •  The touch button

Like the Brightech model above, this lamp has plenty of safety features for those with disabilities and coordination issues. The lamp won’t get too hot and there is the sturdy base. There are also features here that bring together other great elements from other products in this guide.

The lamp shares the pivoting head of the Kira lamp, so can be angled in different directions for various purposes. There is also a choice of colors that includes an antique brass. This meld the modern and classic looks into one product.

A downside here is that there are just three settings on the dimmer, which doesn’t give a lot of room to find the perfect level. The switch is also a touch button, not a knob, which is a little more temperamental.

Is it recommendable?

There are some limitations to this product in regard to the adaptability and the light source. But, there are also some nice details that merge the best of different styles. Once users get used to the switch, this could still be a hit. The color, pivoting head and LED lights all have great potential.

7. O’Bright Dimmable LED Torchiere Floor Lamp, 270° Tilt Head, 3-Level Adjustable Brightness

This final model is one that leans towards the practical side of these floor lamps over anything stylish. There are some that say that this minimalist design is ugly. But, there is no doubt that this is functional for different needs. It continues the idea of the basic pivoting disc, but takes it to another level. Again, it uses a series of LED for the warmer light source people expect that is kinder on the eyes. The LEDs also reduce energy costs.

The pros and cons of this floor lamp.


  • The 270-degree movement on the pivot
  •  The brightness of the bulbs
  •  The tough materials


  •  The added weight from these metal components
  •  The “ugly” nature of the design.

The most interesting thing about this pivoting lamp is the range of movement on offer. This one has a special hinge and split in the lamp so that users can rotate it 270 degrees. This means that it can be a useful uplighter but also a strong reading light.

Again, there are three brightness levels to control via the dimmer switch. Users are impressed with just how bright it can get on the highest setting and say that it fills the room with ease. It is also made to be more durable, thanks to the use of metals in the stand and base. This may make it heavier, but it can also take a knock.

Is it recommendable?

There are a number of reviews from buyers that say that this was so good that they went out and bought another one. This suggests that this could be a good choice for a residential home or those looking to upgrade the lighting throughout the house. It is bright, easy to use and has more angles that would appear possible.