High-Low Adjustable Beds

The FDA has issued recommendations to help you make the right decision for keeping the person safe while in and getting out of bed. One of the recommendations is to use special high-low hospital beds. These beds can be raised for transferring and caregiving tasks and lowered close to the floor for sleeping. It’s believed that even if a person would attempt to rise independently, he or she would be unable to do so.

If the person were to roll out of bed, risk of injury is less because the bed is close to the floor – some bed frames are as low as seven inches (without the mattress) above the floor. Be sure that the wheels are locked when the person is in bed or getting in and out of bed.

Many beds are advertised as low beds even though they only lower to 14 or 18 inches above the floor. Below are the two lowest beds we know of on the market today. Keep in mind that a fully electric high-low bed is the easiest to operate.

Talk to your healthcare provider and local home health stores to see if this bed is covered under Medicare.