12 Best Hospital Bed Tables for Home Use in 2022

A hospital bed table offers a handy surface for activities for persons who spend a lot of time in bed. Most hospital tables are height adjustable and can be easily moved as they have wheels (castors). However, rolling furniture can be dangerous if, for example, it gets used for support.

Hospital bed tables can be a great aid for those that find themselves bed-bound for long periods due to ill health or disabilities. These tables wheel into place with a tabletop that extends over the bed. The best models have height adjustments and large, easy-clean surfaces.

This means that they are adaptable, secure and hygiene pieces of furniture where users can eat, work, read and play in peace. It can be difficult for family members and carers to know which type of table to get. That is why we have compiled some of the best below.

In this guide, you will find some objective reviews for some of the best selling hospital bed tables that are around right now. This guide is split into three sections. We will start will some of the more standard tables. These have a similar approach in the design and function, but there are some here that have the added benefit of a tilt to the table. You will find that this is actually quite a common feature to help patients read or work at their beds.

Then there are two heavy duty hospital bed tables, which have a stronger build and frame.

Finally, we have two models that incorporate drawers. Some tables are pretty basic, but there are others that include accessories and bonus features at an added cost.

Standard Hospital Bed Tables

1. Vaunn Medical Adjustable Hospital Bed table

We want to start this guide to the more “standard” hospital tables with a model from Vaunn. Vaunn is pretty well respected when it comes to these sorts of products, and that is why we have included a second, alternative model below. This is classed as a standard model because it doesn’t really do much out of the ordinary. If you are looking for a “box ticker”, in regard to shape, build and features, this is a good starting point.

Why are we starting this guide with this table?


  • infinite table positions.
  • the premium finish.
  • portability for different locations.


  • too sensitive for some people.
  • poor instructions.

The finish on this table is important. There is no reason why these at-home hospital bed tables can’t look like nice pieces of furniture. It is no fun to have something that looks medical and sterile. This one has a nice walnut-effect laminate top that could fit in nicely with other furniture in the bedroom. An added benefit here is that carers can easily wheel this into place, or between rooms, on the swivel casters. The manoeuvrability should also be manageable for many seniors.

The term “infinite” table positions may sound a little extreme because there is only so far that this go reach on that frame. What it actually means is that the height can be adjusted anywhere at all between the lowest point of 23 inches and the highest of 40 inches.

The main problem here is that this height adjustment system is too sensitive. Users can knock the underside accidentally and cause it to rise or fall. This is bad news for those with motor function issues, or for those that may want to use this table for activities. There have also been complaints about the instructional diagrams being incorrectly labelled. This is bad enough for caregivers, let alone seniors with possible cognitive issues.

Is it recommendable?

Vaunn is usually pretty good when it comes to providing systems with the patient in mind. Here there are a couple of areas where they could definitely make some improvement. It would be good to see some new instructions. The sensitivity, meanwhile, depends on user preference. Otherwise, this is a decent, standard table for different needs.

2. Vaunn Medical Tilt-top Hospital Bed Table

This table is very similar to that above. This has many of the same characteristics on the design and build to make sure that users are secure and able to use the table with peace of mind. There is another “infinite” height adjustment – this time between 28 and 47 inches – and the same portability with the rolling casters. There is also the same use of the nice looking laminate on the top. This is not only helpful for consumers looking for consistency, but also helpful for those that want a tabletop they can rely upon.

Is this tilting model any better or worse than the more “normal” one above?


  • there is a nice segmented table top with different functions to each side
  • there are plenty of adjustments on the tilt.
  • the design is familiar and as nice as other Vaunn tables


  • the sensitivity in the movements
  • the firm feel of the rim

The main difference this time is that the strong stand of this table holds two separate tabletop areas. One of these is stationary and the other one titling. The stationary area is great for drinks and other valuable items. The tilting table has a 360-degree adjustment to help users work or read with ease. There is a strong edge around the whole surface to stop items slipping off.

Unfortunately, the problems here are the same as before. It seems that the designers copied the features of the standard tables a little too closely. There is far too much sensitivity with this product again. This means that it is too easy to change the tilt while working or reading, which leads to the issues mentioned before. Others note that the lip is a little firm, which can dig into wrists after a while. This could be an issue for those with joint problems or sensitivity to pain.

Is it recommendable?

Yes, there is no reason why this table can’t prove to be of help with the right patient. Again, there is some concern over the sensitivity of the mechanisms on the height and tilt, but at least it isn’t impossible to use. The segmented design has a lot of potential. Future versions of this table could be even better.

3. Carex Overbed Table

Sometimes it is the little details that make a difference when choosing the right table for a loved one during a difficult time. Some of the products in this “standard” tables section are fine, but are run-of-the-mill options. This doesn’t bring anything interesting to the table – to excuse the pun. Tables with a small quirk, such as this one, can show elderly relatives and patients that you have noted their needs.

What does this table do differently to others in this guide?


  • The portability of the table for use at different locations
  • The quality of the table top
  • The use of the groves and recesses


  • The wheels don’t have locks on them
  • Some questions over the longevity of the product.

This table has a lot going for it when it comes to the actual tabletop part of the product. This design is a little different from some of the others in this guide because there is a recessed area that will hold a drink. This provides a little more security that we see with some tables.

There is also a grooved area that some use for pens or remotes. There are many carers that end up buying a separate cup holder and attaching it to a table, so this is a nice bonus feature. It should be easier for vulnerable patients to use, while also cutting down on the costs. This is a more cost-effective solution for those that want something more than a bare-bones table.

One of the downsides here is that the wheels don’t lock when the table has been wheeled into place. There is the risk that it might be knocked out the way accidentally while users are eating or reading. The danger here will depend on the mobility of the patient and the amount of help they receive. There are also some that wonder how durable the build and materials are here. Some have questioned if this will hold up to years of long-term use.

4. Eva Medical Hospital Overbed Table

There are also other tables that tilt, this one has a tilt on the whole table, which may be preferable for those that want a bigger working space, or a less fiddly assembly experience. This model has a large tilting table top with a lever control, there is also a height adjustment on the stand and a base that wheels into place.

Is this fully-tilting table any more beneficial?


  • The lever control on the tilting table
  • The look of the wood-effect top
  • The strong frame


  • The sensitivity of the mechanisms
  • The low weight allowance

This table does everything that most hospital bed tables can do. One of the main benefits here is the look of this product. As we mentioned before, there are some products that can look as though they came straight out of a hospital or a residential care home. This proves that you can have a product that will look nice thanks to the use of the walnut effect wood grain laminate top. There is also a moulded edge to help with the security of items on the table when it is in a tilted position.

There are two main downsides here. The first is one that has become a little too common with these tables. Designers make them so easy to adjust that the “light upward touch” needed to change the tilt could be a little too light. There has to be a middle ground where older patients aren’t treated like complete invalids when trying to use the table.

The other issue is the weight allowance. As you will see with some of the heavy duty tables in this list, it is possible to have models that can support a weight of 50 pounds or so. This one allows for just half that. This could be a problem for those using it for more than a little food and a book.

Is it recommendable?

Again, a recommendation depends on the user in question. The issues with the sensitivity could be an issue for some patients, or those looking to work on this table. The weight allowance may also eliminate that ability to work at a laptop. Still, there are plenty of adjustments and a good look that will be appreciated by the right user.

5. Coavas Medical Overbed Table

This table is marketed a little differently to some of the others here. There isn’t the same focus on hospital overbed use. Instead, this is seen as a multi-functional computer desk that can be used in different situations. The idea is that disabled users can wheel this to their bed, sofa or armchair and work with ease. There are some pros and cons that affect the ability to do so.

Why have we included this alternative table in this guide?


  • the same basic design as many other over bed hospital tables
  • a nice, strong build with a good use of materials
  • some interesting colour choices


  • not focused enough on patient care
  • too low for many beds

Starting with the benefits, there is a lot going for this table. It is built from MDF and steel tubing for a bigger weight allowance and greater durability. There are locking casters on this model this time, which adds to the security on offer. There is also a choice of colours, which is a rarity with these products. Most offer a basic wood effect or more sterile white. Here there is the choice of either beech or black. Black is an interesting choice. It may not match the furniture, but it won’t show up the dirt quite like a hospital-grade white table.

The biggest problem is the size. This is a great example of a hospital bed table where you really need to read the small print on the measurements. There are some people that struggle with these tables because they either don’t go high or low enough for their needs. Some people will read the specification and see 67-79cm as inches, not cm, which suggests it is taller than it is. This actually converts to 25 – 31 inches, which is much lower than other tables. Here. This means it is fine for lower beds and sofas, but not so great for higher hospital beds.

Is it recommendable?

If your relative has a lower bed within these heights, there is no reason why this table shouldn’t prove to be pretty useful. The design isn’t anything special, but there is the sense of reliability that many carers need. This MDF black table could be an interesting choice for those that want to shy away from the hospital-theme entirely.

6. Silver Spring SDL102 Adjustable Tilting Overbed Table

There are some brands that like to create tables that help users get away from the typical hospital-style designs. They use those laminate tops and helpful features to add a sense of comfort and function to the table. But, we can’t forget that there is a target audience in mind with all these tables. While some are designed for the more-able, yet still bed bound disabled user, there are other tables that are a must for patients with more complex care needs. Carers need something simple and reliable that they can use with elderly people with greater care needs. That is why this table is such an interesting option.

Is this model a little too basic compared to some of the other tables here?


  • The easy-clean surface
  • The basic height and tilt adjustments
  • The design of the frame with its locking wheels


  • Issues with the sturdiness if assembled incorrectly
  • It may be harder for patients to adjust this themselves

This product may seem like a pretty basic model on first impressions. There isn’t the same design or use of accessories as seen in other products. Still, there is attention to detail where it matters the most. This table has a strong frame with locking wheels to keep in place under the bed. The height is adjustable from 28 to 43 inches, which makes it adaptable for different beds. Then there is the use of the easy-clean material on the table top.

There are some mixed comments about how sturdy the table is. Some have struggled with the assembly and hence worry about the structural integrity. Those that put it together with ease have fewer concerns. That knob does need to be tightened well for extra security. Still, there aren’t the same concerns about the sensitivity of the table that we saw with other products.

Is it recommendable?

There are some definite pros and cons here that new buyers need to be aware of. There is definitely a little more strength and a sturdy feel when assembled correctly, but this could limit the ease-of-use for frailer patients. There is no doubt that it does its job, with a true hospital feel to the design. It is up to you whether that is enough for the person you are caring for.

Best Heavy Duty Hospital Bed Tables

7. Medacure Adjustable Overbed Hospital Table

There are some tables that are classed as heavy duty. this means that they have the strength in the design and build to offer greater stability. The downside here is that they may be a little more difficult to lift or move around than lighter models. The appeal depends on the care needs of the person it is bought for. Are they expected to manage this on their own, or is there a carer on hand to move the table around. This table is a popular model with lots of happy users – but there are still some flaws to look out for.

Why is this model such a popular choice with buyers?


  • the heavy duty frame lives up to most expectations.
  • the product is easy to clean.
  • this design is nice and safe for at-risk users.


  • there are some assembly issues.
  • the lack of any edging.

This heavy-duty model covers all the basic needs pretty well. There is a steel frame that locks into different positions and is strong enough to take a load of 50 lbs. This means that it should stay secure while in use. It also has a flame resistant laminate top and is easy to clean. Users can wheel this 31.5 by 15.4 inch table into place on the casters for use wherever it is required.

It is becoming a little repetitive now to have to mention assembly problems. Still, there is no doubt that this is an area many table designers struggle with. They are keen to build a strong, stable structure that it is functional when assembled, but don’t always think about the assembly process. There have been reports of issues with the screw-holes not having the right thread, which can mean some issues with the integrity of the product. There are also those that don’t like the fact that this table doesn’t have any edging. This can lead to objects sliding off. There should be a middle ground between no edging and the harsh lips that dig into wrists.

Is it recommendable?

This is another product with great potential. Carers and family members can buy this with the knowledge that it can be a strong, helpful tool. If the brand pays a little more attention to the construction process and add a rim, this is sure to be even more popular.

8. DMI Heavy-Duty Tilt-Top Overbed Table

This next heavy duty table is one of those tilting models. This proves that it is possible to have a stronger, sturdier product with a little movement and added functionality to it. There may be some carers that worry that the best tilting tables aren’t as strong or safe. This isn’t the case because this model has a good angle and all the right features, yet still has the strong build that buyers want.

Why have we included this tilting heavy-duty option?


  • the strong frame with its high weight capacity
  • the angles on the tilting table top
  • the use of the protective lip


  • the high height adjustments
  • the diagrams on the assembly instructions

The first benefit here is clearly the construction. This table has a heavy duty frame with a 30 by 15 inch table top. It has a strong weight capacity of 55 pounds, so can handle more objects on top or the pressure of users leaning upon it. That table tilts forward with a simple adjustment on the side to help users read or watch media on mobile devices. There is a choice between 15, 30 and 45 degrees. This isn’t as “infinite” as some table, but should still prove to be helpful. The protective lip on the edge means that nothing should slide off when tilting it at this steepest angle.

There could be an issue with the height here. The product description says that no matter how tall your bed it, this table can help. However, this is only adjustable between 34 and 46 inches, no lower. This is great for high hospital beds, but not as great for those with lower beds at home.

Again, there are some comments about the confusing instructions on the assembly of the table. This one is fiddly with little help from the diagrams. The added weight of the product doesn’t really help much either.

Is it recommendable?

A recommendation for this table depends on the user and their situation. If you have an elderly patient in a hospital-style bed with high care needs, this could be helpful. The build and tilt are definite plus points. However, there is no doubt that those with smaller beds, or those that want to assemble this themselves, will struggle with this product.

Best Hospital Bed Tables with Drawers

9. Amfab Company Overbed Table with Vanity Drawer

Then there are the tables that come with drawers. Drawers can be a useful feature for those that want to store items with the desk. Bedbound patients that want to write or work may choose to store pens and other stationery here. It may also be used for eyeglasses or a remote. There are two approaches to hospital bed tables with drawers. This one takes a fairly typical table and adds a drawer/compartment. Others create something a little more like a workstation.

How does this hospital bed table go beyond the other mentioned above?


  • the build and location of the drawer
  • the purpose as a vanity drawer for make-up
  • the adjustments on the table


  • mixed opinions on the price tag
  • some assembly issues

The first benefit here is that this manages to provide that extra storage space without compromising the look or the functionality of the table too much. The drawer slides out beneath a fairly typical melamine table top on a typical frame. The table is still adjustable and relatively sturdy. Then there is the added benefit that this is meant to be used as a vanity drawer the lid lifts up to provide a little mirror and there is enough room for plenty of cosmetics. This gives this table extra appeal to patients that still like to do their make-up in the morning and have that level of independence.

The first downside here is that the table isn’t that easy to assemble. We see this a lot with these hospital bed tables, and this one is no different with that added drawer. Then there is the cost. Many carers and family member won’t want to pay too much where they can help it. You have to question whether the jump in price matches the quality and function of the product.

Is it recommendable?

There is a lot of appeal here because this does offer that extra help to women that want that vanity drawer. This table is elevated to another level because of this feature. Yet, there is still work to do on the design. If you are prepared to put in the effort to assemble it correctly, you could be onto a winner.

10. AtHand Premium Overbed Table Bundle

The alternative option here is one for those consumers that actually do have the money to spend on one of these tables. Here there are lots of different accessories and extra elements to elevate this product from a more typical hospital bed table to something more grand and functional. Users can swing the tabletop over the bed to work and enjoy the benefits of the power supply, drawers and other helpful items.

Why have we added this expensive, multi-functional option to this list?


  • the number of drawers and storage space
  • the power supply to the outlets and light
  • the sturdy feel of the table/desk as a whole


  • the cost
  • the angle of the table

The main benefit here is the convenience for users that are bed-bound, but still need a functional workspace. There are drawers that sit at the side of the bed for files, books and other essentials. There is also a beverage holder and a little trash bin for any waste. Users should also appreciate the electrical outlets. This desk has an 8ft power cord to provide power to 4 USB ports and 4 standard outlets. This means the chance to charge laptops and mobile devices. There is also power to the LED reading light.

There is a lot going on with this table, so much so that the actual table top is sometimes overlooked. There are some buyers that would like to see a greater swivel here so that it goes beyond 45 degrees to 90. This would make it a little easier to access the drawers and work. We also can’t overlook that high price tag. The massive cost is surely the result of all these electrical outlets. A lot of work went into the creation of this desk to make it so multi-functional. Still, some question if it is really worth that much more than a standard table.

Is it recommendable?

The price of this table means that this is best suited for those that are permanently bed-bound, such as those with major disabilities that want to work from home. This could end up being a good investment in the right situation if users can work from it with comfort. The amount of features on offer does mean that there isn’t really anything else like it

New Models Out This Year-

11. Seville Classics airLIFT Overbed Table

If you’re going to choose the right table for a loved one, comfort has to be one of the main considerations. Seville Classics airLift Table will definitely keep your loved one comfortable. What’s even more, if they like to move around sometimes, they can enjoy the convenience of the mobile but smooth-rolling workstation that’s perfect for use near beds, recliners or even couches.


  • The table’s portability means it can be used at different locations
  • Quite easy to set up
  • Has a stable base, making it wobble-free
  • Good quality design


  • Cases of some being slanted
  • Complaints about holes not matching the t-frame

As a hospital bed table, this one has a large woodgrain laminate top finishing made for easier cleaning and durability. You can easily change the height and adjust the top to be 27.5 inches or 43.3 inches high and conveniently secure it by just turning the twist-lock knob.

This mobile table can be perfect even in living rooms and bedrooms thanks to its unique cylinder and low height base. Your loved one can use it while they’re sitting in bed or preferably like a TV tray when they are relaxing in the living room. With smooth-sliding 1.5 inch diameter casters, this bed is easy to roll around even on carpets, hard floors and rugs. There are two locking casters that make sure the desk is in put whenever your loved one needs it.

12. Balee Overbed Table

No doubt that this is one of the most top-selling bedside tables that doctors recommend for hospitals and homes. It is made with advanced features that make it long-lasting and safe to use. Designed in a H-base frame made of good quality and durable Q235 carbon steel, this bedside table can keep your laptop, food or other equipment safe without wobbling back and forth.


  • Easy setup that can take just 10 minutes for ordinary people.
  • More stable compared to other overbed tables with its thick, wide legs.
  • The crank handle system makes it easy to heighten or lessen the table level.
  • Feels solid, easy to clean and has a decent length and width.


  • It does not come with casters – this makes it difficult to get out bed because the table will be awkward to move.
  • Can be very difficult to move due to its design.
  • Only one side is made up of antiskid pads while the other only has legs.

Want to avoid spillage at all costs? This Balee overbed table comes with an in-built cup holder that makes it stable for a mug of coffee or a cold glass of iced tea. If that wasn’t enough, it also comes with a tablet holder featuring a slot that allows some cables and charging cords to pass through. This enables one to reduce any tabletop clutter while its adjustable heavy-duty frame can go from 25.6 inches to 38.2 inches. The low base makes it easier to slide it under the frame of the bed without any difficult.

Is it recommendable?

Balee overbed table comes with two hidden rubber feet and wheels each located underneath the table, allowing you to maneuver the table away and towards yourself easily. This overbed table has a crank located on one side of the table to give it that tilting feature and enable seniors put their laptops or book by adjusting the crank according to their desired height. The overbed table is quite easy to adjust and requires 8 screws to establish. This overbed is quite versatile compared to other ordinary ones in the market.