LED Nightlights

These flat panel light emitting diode (LED) plug-in night lights offer a soft, low light level that’s easy on the eyes at nighttime. Some research has shown that LED light does not affect a person’s ability to go back to sleep the way regular incandescent light can. These nightlights are available in most local home stores; common light panel colors are green and blue, which is softer on the eyes than white light. LED nightlights are always on once you plug them into the socket. These nightlights are also cool-to the touch, enhancing safety.

Keep in mind that some people may

  • Need higher light levels at night (use two nightlights if possible)
  • Be bothered by the light at night
  • Be bothered by the light staying on all the time – the only way to turn them off is to unplug them, and then you must remember to plug them in again at night