The 13 Best Narrow Wheelchairs for Tight Spaces in 2022

According to a research conducted by the World Health Organization, at least 65 million people around the globe require a wheelchair for mobility. This means that the demand for wheelchairs is immense and it puts pressure on manufacturers to roll out more models to the market.

While this is a positive step, it makes it rather difficult to choose the best wheelchair that will cater for the needs of a patient and their caregiver. This is especially difficult if you are a first-time buyer or user, so in this review post I will try to explain what to look for in different wheelchairs and how to make your home wheelchair accessible.

Do Wheelchairs Come in Different Sizes?

The wheelchairs come in different sizes corresponding to the body size of the user and it is advisable for the user to test a couple sizes before buying one. The most important wheelchair dimensions you should keep in mind are the seat width, seat height and hip to knee legroom.

The seat width refers to the width of the wheelchair’s upholstery, and it is the surface onto which, the patient sits. The importance of having the correct seat width is to prevent the arms of the wheelchair from painfully pressing onto the outside of the patient’s hips and thighs if the wheelchair is too narrow.

On the other hand, a very wide seat width will make it problematic for the wheelchair user to access the hand rims when they want to propel the wheelchair. The most common seat width provisions range from 18 inches to 22 inches, but most average adults use wheelchairs with a 22-inch seat width. The seat width of a wheelchair must be determined by the body size of its user as well as the width of the spaces that it is meant to pass through.

Seat height refers to how tall the wheelchair is. For the purpose of comfort and easier maneuverability, height is measured from the bottom of the wheelchair to the seating surface. Apart from this being able to properly balance the weight across your body, the seat height also determines if the wheelchair can comfortably fit under tables. Most wheelchairs have a seat height ranging from 16 inches to 19 inches, with the most common being 18 inches tall.

The wheelchair’s hip to knee legroom determines how much support and freedom of movement the wheelchair offers. The hip to knee legroom should not be too short or too tall to support the area between the user’s hips and knees. Too short, and the user will not sit comfortably, too long and the user will have to sit with their legs lifted high, which is not comfortable either. The hip to knee dimensions of wheelchairs range between 25 inches and 27 inches.

How Wide Does a Doorway Need to Be For a Wheelchair?

The width of a doorway should be wide enough to accommodate the seat width of the wheelchair while leaving an allowance for the wheels as well as the arms of the user as they propel it. This means that if a wheelchair has a total width of 20 inches, then you must ensure the doorway is more than 20 inches with ample surrounding space for the user’s arms and any unexpected wheelchair tilts or turns.

Do Wheelchairs Fit Through Standard Doorways?

As mentioned above, most standard doorways have a width ranging from 23 inches to 27 inches. Since most wheelchairs have a seat width of between 18 inches and 22 inches, they would fit through a standard doorway. However, this is only possible if the wheelchair user approaches the doorway directly.

There will be no space left for even a slight tilt or turn, and there may be no space available for the user’s arms as they propel the wheelchair, thus forcing them to be pushed through the doorway by their caregiver. Most wheelchairs will fit through a standard doorway, but they do not offer the ideal width for wheelchair access.

Door Width Recommendations for Wheelchair Access

The ADA accessibility standard recommendations for wheelchair accessible doorways requires the doorway to be at least 32 inches wide throughout its length. This ensures that at no time will a wheelchair user be stuck at the door. Instead, they can even move the wheelchair comfortably through the wheelchair without worrying about hurting their arms when propelling the wheelchair. The door height should be 80 inches and the handles or locks should be 48 inches from the floor or lower for easier accessibility. Any thresholds that are higher than a half an inch should have ramps installed to ease the wheelchair’s movement over the barrier.

How Wide is a Wheelchair Accessible Hallway?

Hallways should always offer more space as compared to doorways, especially if they lead to adjacent doors and rooms. The Americans with Disabilities Act recommends that the hallways should be at least 36 inches wide. For T-shaped turns of 180 degrees, the width should be 36 inches in all directions. For a wheelchair user and one ambulatory caregiver to pass through the hallway simultaneously, the hallway should be at least 48 inches wide. This width makes maneuverability and turning around the hallway much easier and safer for people using a wheelchair as well as their caregivers.

How to Adapt a Home for Wheelchair Accessibility

The sad fact is that most of our homes and workplaces are not wheelchair accessible. However, when you or your loved one is a wheelchair user, it becomes vital to make specific adjustments to be able to accommodate the wheelchair user’s lifestyle. I would recommend that you to focus on the following places, especially if you are working on a modest budget and trying to remodel your home for wheelchair accessibility.

  • Entrances– There is absolutely no use in making the entire home wheelchair accessible if the wheelchair user cannot even get past the front door. This is the very first place you need to think about. If there were steps previously leading to the house, replace them with a ramp. You may choose to replace just a section of the steps or all of them depending on how much space is available. Any entrances should have doorways that measure at least 32 inches in width.
  • Hallways- Hallways should also be wide enough if you want your home to be wheelchair accessible. The recommended width for such hallways is at least 36 inches. If it is T-shaped at 180 degrees, then you must make sure that it is 36 inches wide in all directions. If the wheelchair user will be pushed around by a caregiver, then make the hallways at least 48 inches wide for easier accessibility.
  • Floors- If your home has slippery floors such as polished vinyl and smooth concrete or if your floors are rough, such as high pile carpets and rough concrete, then you need to modify them for easier and safer access by wheelchair users. You can replace your floors with hardwood, tiles, non-slip mats or low pile carpeting. Not only will this leave your home looking beautiful, but it will make it safer and easily accessible for any wheelchair user.
  • Handles and Door locks– In addition to your doorways and entrances being wide enough for a wheelchair user to go through comfortably, they should also be easy to lock and unlock without needing help. All the door locks and handles must be 48 inches from the floor or lower. This means that the wheelchair user can easily access them while seated and without straining.
  • Furniture Arrangement– When it comes to furniture, you may not need to purchase others or redesign them, well, unless they are too high. The most important thing you should remember is to arrange your seats, tables, beds and cupboards in such a way that there is ample space around them for the wheelchair user to move around with ease. Just like the doorways and hallways, you have to provide wheelchair passageways that are at least 36 inches wide. You also have to remove any breakable items from the way, just in case the wheelchair bumps into them.
  • Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures– Using a wheelchair should not restrict you to your bedroom or living room. You have to be able to access the kitchen and bathroom and enjoy it. For the bathroom, the toilet seat should be 16 inches or less from the floor. The shower knobs, sinks, cabinets, and shelves should be easily accessible while seated. It is also a plus to have a handheld shower for an even better experience. For the kitchen, your countertops, cabinets, sink, refrigerator, shelves and any cooking appliances should also be at a comfortable height.
  • Read also our article about how to make your home more wheelchair accessible here. 

Best Narrow Lightweight Transport Wheelchairs

A transport wheelchair is designed to be pushed by a caregiver rather than by the user. These lightweight wheelchairs are usually used for trips outside the home, whether it’s for shopping, visiting family, or a trip to a doctor’s office. They are lighter in weight than a standard wheelchair and fold easily for placing in a car.

But these narrow transport chairs (19 to 24 inches) can also be used indoors to help the person get through narrow doorways, especially if your situation is temporary or it’s simply not possible to enlarge the doorways (a width of 34″ to 36″ is recommended, depending on the type of door and home layout).

Here are some important features to look for, especially for outdoor use:

  • 12-inch rear wheels for a smoother, less bumpy ride, especially when wheeling over mixed terrains (e.g., at an outdoor park) or up and down inclines.
  • Handbrakes on the push handles to give you better control
  • Swing-away footrests
  • Lightweight (19 to 23 pounds) – easier for you to lift in and out of the car

Most transport chairs do not come with removable arms, which can make transfers in or out of the chair more difficult, so choose carefully as this feature is available only on select models. Like regular wheelchairs, transport chairs are not made for extended sitting – so purchase a seat (and back cushion) to provide the best possible comfort.

1. Drive Medical TR37E-SV Steel Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

When looking for a wheelchair, you should go for a lightweight, yet sturdy design that will be easily portable but strong. The Drive Medical TR37E-SV wheelchair features a strong and durable steel frame that offers reliable stability. It is actually a great choice for wheelchair users who can use it independently or with assistance from a caregiver. With its 17-inch width, this wheelchair offers great maneuverability, particularly when moving through narrow indoor spaces like hallways.

This wheelchair’s armrests are cushioned for comfort and you can choose to have a model with detachable or fixed ones. Its swing-away footrests offer ample support to the feet during use and can be swung away for convenient mounting or dismounting. This chair’s seat and backrest are made of foldable nylon material for easier storage, transportation, and cleaning.

With this Drive Medical wheelchair, safety is a matter of priority. It comes with a safety seat belt to secure the user in place when moving around. Its back wheels can be locked in place to prevent the wheelchair from moving, especially when using it in the bathroom. It is even better for this purpose as its nylon seat and backrest is easy to clean by wiping, and it dries faster even when exposed to water. It has a depth of 16 inches and a maximum weight limit of 250 pounds.


  • Lightweight, therefore easily portable and maneuverable.
  • Can be folded flat for easier transportation and storage.
  • Its adjustable footrests ensure ease of storage, transportation, and creation of extra legroom whenever the user wants to step onto the floor.
  • Safe to use as it comes with a lockable feature for its back wheels as well as a safety seat belt.
  • Its backrest and seat nylon upholstery are easy to clean and dry.
  • It has padded armrests that offer great comfort.
  • Its frame is made from strong and durable steel.


  • Not padded well enough for long-term use.
  • Some of its metal parts are rough and may cause abrasions to the user’s skin.

2. Drive Medical Deluxe Aluminum Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

Just like the Drive Medical wheelchair reviewed above, this Drive Medical Deluxe Aluminum wheelchair also features a narrow design. This means that it can also access really narrow interior layouts, thanks to its 17-inch width. It is made of strong Aluminum material, which makes it super lightweight at just 19 pounds, thus easily portable.

It can be folded flat to dimensions of 33 by 9 by 39.5 inches, which is much easier to store and transport. This wheelchair has a seat width of 14.5 inches, a seat depth of 16 inches and a seat height of 19 inches, which is comfortable for the average adult user.

For easier cleaning, this wheelchair is equipped with a nylon upholstery for its seat and backrest. This offers great comfort and it is also lightweight. Its wheels are non-pneumatic and require very little maintenance. These 8-inch wheels also have a lock feature for the back wheels, thus can be made stationary especially when taking a shower. Its backrest and seat fold down with ease, making the wheelchair easy to store and transport.

In addition to the wheel lock feature, another safety feature that comes with this wheelchair is its safety seat belt that helps secure the user when moving around. This wheelchair actually fits the bill of one of the best narrow wheelchairs for adults.


  • Easy to maneuver through narrow spaces.
  • Folds down for easier storage and transportation.
  • Lightweight, thus easy to store and transport.
  • Safer to use as it comes with a safety seat belt and wheel lock feature.
  • Easy to clean, thanks to its nylon upholstery.
  • Its armrests are padded to offer great comfort.
  • Its Aluminum frame is strong, yet light.


  • Hard to repair in case it breaks as Aluminum is difficult to weld.
  • Quite narrow for users with large body sizes.

3. Medline Mobility Ultralight Wheelchair

If you prefer to have a variety of colors to choose from, then you should definitely pick the Medline Mobility Ultralight wheelchair. It comes in blue, black and metallic silver colors and has a 300-pound weight limit. It is 19 inches wide, which makes it easier to move around with through narrow spaces. It weighs 15 pounds and is compact and folds flat for simpler storage and transportation.

Its stow-n-go clips are designed to lock the footrests to the side of the wheelchair when it is not in use, and can be released when in use. It also features well-padded restaurant-style armrests that are permanent and they allow you to sit comfortably closer to desks and tables. For the sake of comfort, this wheelchair has padded nylon upholstery for its backrest and seating area. This material is not only comfortable but also easy to clean. Its 8-inch front wheels can easily move forward and reverse for seamless mobility. Its rear wheels are 12 inches big and they can be locked whenever you need the wheelchair stationary.

This wheelchair’s frame is made of high-grade Aluminum, therefore strong and durable. It has a seat width of 19 inches and a seat depth of 16 inches. For wheelchair users that need aid from caregivers, this wheelchair gives the provision of a key ring, bottle holder, identification holder, cell phone pocket and a pocket for billfold. This is actually a multipurpose wheelchair with the most intuitive design.


  • Comes with multiple storage compartments for the caregiver and wheelchair user.
  • Strong and durable as it is made of high-grade Aluminum.
  • Lightweight and can fold into a compact size for easier storage and transportation.
  • Larger rear wheels for better balance and stability.
  • Has a higher user weight limit of 300 pounds.
  • Can fit perfectly at tables and desks therefore convenient to use anywhere.
  • Narrow thus can fit through narrower spaces.
  • It has padded armrests for more comfort.


  • Not suitable for taller users and people with larger body frames.
  • Some of its parts become defective after a very short period.

Best Narrow Wheelchairs with Removable Arms:

4. Everest & Jennings Traveler L4 Flip Back Desk Arm Wheelchair

A wheelchair with removable arms offers the convenience of increasing its seating space for people with bigger body sizes. In addition to the removable arms, the other feature that makes the Traveler L4 Flip Back wheelchair better than most brands is its adjustable and removable footrests. These footrests are well cushioned at the area where the user’s calves and feet rest. They can also be elevated up to an angle of 180 degrees, thus increasing the wheelchair user’s comfort.

This wheelchair is designed to offer maximum independence to its user. Its rear wheels have a diameter of 31.5 inches, which is large enough to make it easier for the user to propel themselves around independently rather than depending fully on their caregiver. Its front wheels are smaller and can rotate easily for easier maneuverability especially around sharp corners and narrow spaces.

When it comes to dimensions, this wheelchair has a seat depth of 16 inches, a seat height of 16 to 20 inches and a weight of 31.6 inches. Its overall dimensions when unfolded are 36 inches in height and 23 inches in width. It may also be folded flat for easier storage and transportation. Even though it is lightweight, the Traveler L4 is made of strong upholstery and frame materials that make it durable and sturdy enough to handle a higher user weight limit. In addition to being able to fit perfectly through narrow spaces, it can also fit perfectly at the table or desk, making sure that its user keeps leading a normal life throughout.


  • Compact and lightweight, thus easy to maneuver.
  • Its armrests and footrests are adjustable and removable for easier adjustment of sitting space and legroom.
  • Can fit through narrow spaces, thus perfect for the average-sized adult user.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Easier to propel as it comes with bigger rear wheels, which is different from the previously reviewed models.
  • Its footrests have extra padding at the calves’ area and can be elevated to different angles, thus offering maximum comfort.


  • Not suitable for adults with bigger body sizes.
  • You may have to reassemble some of its parts for a proper fit.

5. Karman T-2700 Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

The Karman T-2700 Lightweight Transport wheelchair features a different design as compared to the Traveler L4, but they both come with removable armrests for creation of more sitting space. It is lightweight at only 30 pounds, thus easier to maneuver and transport. Its seat width ranges from 17 inches to 19 inches depending on whether the armrests have been detached or not, and its seat depth is 16 inches. This is sizeable enough for most average-sized adult users. It also has removable footrests for creation of legroom when not in use, as well as easier folding for storage.

This wheelchair is made of a durable steel frame that can support heavier users and it has a black coat for its finishing. On the other hand, its upholstery is made of padded breathable nylon material. This material is not only comfortable to sit on but is also easy to clean and folds easily for easier storage of the wheelchair. It comes equipped with 8-inch by 1-inch solid casters, which are much smaller than the Traveler L4 wheels, thus more difficult to self-propel.

When it comes to safety features, there is a standard seat belt included for keeping the wheelchair user secured during movement or other activities. Its rear wheels also come with locks to secure the wheelchair in place in cases where you don’t need it moving around. This is really helpful for both the wheelchair user and their caregiver.


  • Lightweight and compact thus can access narrow spaces easily.
  • Folds down easily for easier transportation and storage.
  • Features detachable armrests and footrests that are handy when you need to create more space for a bigger sized user.
  • Strong and durable frame.
  • It is easy to clean and dry.
  • It is safe to use, as it is equipped with a safety seat belt and safety locks for its rear wheels.
  • Easy to maneuver and with its arms detached, it can even go under a table or desk for meals or working.


  • Not easy for the wheelchair user to propel themselves independently.
  • Some parts of the frame have protruding slags that may cause injury if not careful

Best Narrow Width Self-Propelled Wheelchairs:

6. Drive Medical Cruiser III Lightweight Wheelchair

It is usually great for a wheelchair user to be able to propel themselves around. With a self-propelled wheelchair such as this Drive Medical Cruiser III, the wheelchair user does not have to depend entirely on the caregiver. This is thanks to its Mag-style 24-inch rear wheels that are large enough and lightweight for easier propelling, and they come with a braking feature in case you want to lock the wheelchair in one place.

It also comes with 8-inch front casters that are adjustable in three different positions for easier maneuverability around corners and through narrow spaces. All its wheels have carefully sealed wheel bearings that give you long-lasting reliability and performance.

In terms of construction, this wheelchair beats most brands in the market. Its frame is made of strong carbon steel with silver vein finish for durability. It can actually accommodate users of up to 300 pounds in weight. It also features durable, attractive and lightweight nylon upholstery for its seat and backrest for reliable comfort and ease of cleaning.

The upholstery is also easily extendable over its adjustable seat rail extensions, giving you the ability to extend the seat depth from 16 inches to 19 inches with ease. To keep the wheelchair user’s arms comfortable throughout its use, this wheelchair has padded armrests for increased comfort. Speaking about adjustability, it also features a dual axle that easily and quickly transitions this wheelchair’s seat height to hemi-level.

This Drive Medical Cruiser III wheelchair strives to offer great comfort and convenience, thus its flip-back style armrests and adjustable footrests and leg rests. Apart from having cushioning for the arms, the armrests can be retracted back or removed, to create more sitting space.

The footrests also come with padding at the calves’ area, and they can also be swung away for storage or increased legroom. The footrests can also be elevated whenever the wheelchair user feels like putting their feet up whether for comfort or medical reasons. You can absolutely depend on this high-quality wheelchair whether you are the user or the caregiver.


  • Easy for the wheelchair user to propel themselves independently.
  • Lightweight and compact thus easy to maneuver it, especially in narrow spaces.
  • Strong and durable, thus its high user weight limit.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Comfortable as it comes with armrest and leg rest cushioning.
  • Safe to use as it has a lock for its wheels.
  • Its adjustable armrests and footrests are great for the creation of more sitting space and legroom.
  • Folds down easily for easier storage and transportation.


  • Some of the welded parts are not as durable as expected.
  • Sometimes, the brakes do not work properly.

7. Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair

This wheelchair is the ultimate mobility solution for any wheelchair user. Apart from giving the user a chance to be mobile, it also gives them the blessing of being independent as they can propel themselves with ease. This is thanks to its large rear wheels. Its front wheels can turn in different directions, thus easier maneuverability across different types of surfaces and around obstacles. There is also a push-to-lock braking functionality for its rear wheels, thus safe to use and easy to operate.

This wheelchair is designed for ultimate durability. It features a durable steel frame that can support up to 250 pounds in user weight. It also has nylon upholstery for its backrest and 20-inch seat, which is advantageous as it is comfortable, easy to clean, dry and fold. For easier storage and transportation, this wheelchair’s frame, seat, backrest, armrests, and footrests fold down easily, thus taking up lesser space. It weighs only 41.2 pounds and has a width of 26 inches, which is narrow enough to go through tight spaces.

To make its seat width adjustable for different user sizes, this wheelchair comes with detachable armrests. Its swing-away legrests can be pushed away when not in use, to create more legroom for the user. These two also make storage easier as mentioned above. For users who find it hard to position their legs on the footrests, there is a calf strap to help secure them in place for more comfort and safety while on the move. This Drive Medical wheelchair, just like its counterparts, is a great buy for any wheelchair user that craves some independence.


  • Can be self-propelled independently by the user, thanks to its large rear wheels.
  • Easy to clean and maintain as it comes with steel frame and nylon upholstery.
  • Comes with a push-to-lock braking functionality and calf straps for safer use.
  • Its armrests and footrests are retractable thus easier to create more space for users with bigger body sizes.
  • Easily fold-able for easier story and transportation.
  • Strong and sturdy build, thus durable and can support a higher user weight.


  • Its leg rest positioning is too short for taller users.
  • Some of its plastic parts are weak and may break within a few months of use.

Best Small Wheelchairs for Adults

8. Drive Medical TR39E-SV Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

The Drive Medical TR39E-SV wheelchair goes against the popular belief that small wheelchairs are weak and not suitable for adults. It actually has a user weight capacity of 250 pounds, which accounts for most adults. Unlike most of the wheelchairs reviewed here, this one comes with full arms that are fixed for maximum strength and well-padded to provide cushioning to the arms. Its footrests are of the swing-away design and can be pushed away to create more legroom when not in use, and also for easier storage.

This wheelchair’s frame is made of strong and durable steel, thus the higher user weight limit. Its upholstery that makes up the seat and backrest is made of nylon material that offers great comfort and is easy to clean and dry. Its wheels are made of durable rubber, therefore making them maintenance-free. This wheelchair has a seat height of 19 inches and a seat width of about 16 inches, which is narrow enough for the wheelchair to pass through narrow spaces but wide enough to accommodate an average-sized adult user.

This wheelchair’s frame and upholstery fold down easily for convenient storage and transportation. It comes with a safety seat belt that secures the user in position while on the move, as well as locking levers on the rear wheels for keeping the wheelchair stationary. It truly is a very reliable wheelchair for both the user and their caregiver.


  • Narrow and easy to maneuver through narrow indoor layouts.
  • Lightweight thus easily portable and maneuverable.
  • Easy to clean as it has nylon upholstery and a steel frame that are also strong and durable.
  • Folds down easily for convenient storage and transportation.
  • Has a higher user weight capacity thus can accommodate most adult users.
  • Comes with the seat belt and wheel locks, which are very important safety features.
  • Has adjustable legrests for better comfort as well as creation of more legroom when not in use.


  • It is not self-propelling thus the user will need an assistant most of the time.
  • Some of its parts are flimsy and could break easily.

9. Medline Lightweight Adult Folding Transport Wheelchair

The Medline Lightweight Adult Folding wheelchair features a really beautiful design with the best ergonomic features for both the user and the assistant. The most outstanding feature is the fact that it comes with a handbrake for the assistant, therefore reducing any possibility of an accident. This wheelchair has a width of only 19 inches, and weighs only 23.5 pounds. However, this does not prevent it from being strong enough to accommodate users weighing up to 300 pounds. It is truly a strong machine disguised within a small frame.

Its frame is made of strong and durable Aluminum, which is coated in red or blue depending on your preference. Its seat depth is 16 inches just like the Medline Ultralight wheelchair. Its upholstery feature a strong breathable nylon material that is comfortable, easy to wash and quick drying.

Both its frame and upholstery fold easily for convenient storage and transportation. Its wheels are made of strong plastic to quell the need for maintenance. The front wheels have a diameter of 8 inches while the rear ones have a diameter of 12 inches for easier maneuverability over different types of terrain.

As much as this wheelchair’s armrests feature a fixed and full design for stability and comfort, its footrests are swing-away and can be detached for extra legroom and even storage or transportation. In addition to the handbrake, the other safety feature that comes with this wheelchair is its seat belt that secures the user in place. It surely is a beautiful and reliable wheelchair and caters for a wide variety of needs.


  • Comes with a handbrake for the assistant.
  • Strong and durable as its frame and upholstery are made of high-quality materials.
  • Easily folds down for convenient storage and transportation.
  • It offers better stability as its armrests are fixed.
  • Its smaller width enables it to be used easily in narrow indoor layouts.
  • Its adjustable legrests offer increased comfort and can be detached to create more legroom or for easier storage.
  • Has a higher user weight limit, thus can accommodate most adult users.


  • Cannot be self-propelled by the user.
  • Some of its parts are delicate and could break easily.

10. MedMobile® 2-in-1 Commode / Shower Wheelchair with Drop-down Armrests

Getting a person into the bathroom for a shower or bath can be daunting if the person uses a wheelchair and the doorways are narrow. If your situation is temporary, or it’s simply not possible to change the doorway width, you may be able to use a special type of wheelchair that will fit through narrow bathroom doorways.

This combo wheelchair/sliding tub chair allows you to wheel the person from the bedroom into the bathroom and use it also as a shower chair and a commode. It is  good size for walk in showers and sturdy enough for regular size adults. The drop-down armrest makes it easier to transfer the patients, but you need to be careful with the front wheels as they tend to spend into the heels so keep the feet further on the footpads.


  • Can make a bathroom accessible without renovation
  • Can fit through narrow doorways (chair is only 18 inches)
  • Padded seat and back for comfort
  • Detachable footrest
  • Affordable
  • Small wheels


  • Fits only over toilets narrower than 15 inches.
  • Back is made of vinyl not mesh
  • No seat belt

You should be careful when lifting the person’s legs so you clear the tub wall; otherwise, you will bump the person’s foot on the wall, which can be jarring.

If the person in care is a dementia sufferer tell the person what is going to happen each step of the way, so they’re not taken by surprise.

Keep in mind that the chair still requires considerable caregiver strength to move it with a person sitting on, especially it if the person cannot help and the chair must be attached securely each time you use it.

New Models for This Year

11. Drive Medical Lightweight Aluminum Transport Chair

Weighing in at only 19 pounds, the Drive Medical Lightweight Transport wheelchair is among the lightest transport chairs you can find on the market.

With four amazing colors to select from, you can transport your loved ones in style. The frame is durable aluminum material and comes available in black, red, silver or blue. This chair comes with amazing features such as a seat belt and removable swing-away footrests that come straight out of the box to make it easy for your loved one to sit on and get out of the chair. What’s more, if you want to store something, you will find a fold-down back that provides additional storage and you also get to enjoy the padded armrests for some extra comfort.

First glance at the transport wheelchair and you will not notice how it is surprisingly comfortable. The seat height makes it ideal to transport any senior no matter the height. The padded seat and backrest are thick and quite supportive such that one can sit there for hours without feeling restless or back pain.

The aluminum frame comes in a minimal design. The armrests are quite short, while the backrest is just as simple. Therefore, the folded wheelchair comes as a small package that makes it easy for any senior to handle.


  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Stable aluminum frame
  • Good price and good workmanship quality
  • Easy and narrow to move in small bathrooms
  • Provides good mobility


  • Arms cannot be removed for transport
  • No big wheel

12. Graham-Field Everest and Jennings L4 Manual Folding Wheelchair

The Graham-Field Everest & Jennings Traveler L4 wheelchair is a lightweight but high-strength wheelchair that is suitable in both homes and rehab centers. It comes with a plethora of features and options that make it the ideal solution for any hospital, home, long-term care institution or rehab center.

This folding wheelchair weighs in at less than 34 pounds without the footrest but has a remarkable weight capacity of 250 pounds with a flexible back height that suits patients of different heights and weights. The seat height may be modified to 18 or 20 inches thanks to the dual axles and adjustable caster forks. To keep the patient safe, this lightweight wheelchair is made mainly composing of latex-free materials.

Graham-Field Everest and Jennings Traveler Wheelchair comes with many features that are made to provide comfort, protection, and support. The upholstery on this folding wheelchair is comprised of a traditional black nylon with a chart pocket at the back of the backrest. The huge, locking polyurethane tires won’t scratch or mark your floors. Anti-tippers will keep patients and residents from leaning backwards too much. Its front wheel casters can easily be adjusted to a variety of positions.


  • Fits through tight areas, making it ideal for the average adult user.
  • Height adjustable back, footrest and armrest that make it easier to adjust the legroom and sitting space.
  • Standard anti-tippers and compact makes it easy to maneuver.
  • Lightweight, but the Carbon steel frame provides strength and durability.
  • Weight capacity of 250 pounds and even 300 pounds on other models.


  • Adults with larger bodies may find it uncomfortable.
  • To make it fit properly, one may need to reassemble some of the parts.

13. The NOVA Medical Products Transport Chair and Commode

If you’re concerned about how your loved one will move around, the NOVA Drop Arm Transport Chair and Commode was made to make transportation more convenient for caregivers and seniors.

With its adjustable drop arms, the product’s armrest can be easily released to create some space and make it convenient to lift and move loved ones on the chair. Coupled with the straightforward detachable swing-away footrests and lockable rear wheels, security and reliability are clearly the top objectives.

Although the chair is designed for portability, it also includes a commode bucket and cover for quicker toilet access. The bucket can be easily removed, and a padded seat cover quickly and discreetly transforms the chair from a toilet to a means of conveyance. Both caregivers and seniors will find it simple to empty the bucket without interruptions.

This chair is dependable and powerful, thanks to its durable steel structure. It also has a seat height of 21 inches and can accommodate up to 250 pounds of weight capacity.


  • Multi-purpose commode and comfortable transport chair
  • Features drop arms that are easy to release
  • Easy navigation thanks to the swivel wheels
  • Lockable four wheels
  • Easy to roll on the carpet
  • Footrests are easy to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Seat cover is comfortable
  • Strong and sturdy make


  • Not convenient for shower use as it can rust
  • Can be hard to give directions to some
  • It’s hard to lock and unlock the wheels
  • Seat height makes the commode hard to use over a toilet

Final Words

The best way to choose the perfect wheelchair is by searching for one that will cater for both of your needs effectively. The chair needs to be comfortable for the person who sits in it and easy to maneuver/move/lift/fix for the caregiver. It is very important to go through online reviews and ratings for each, ask for recommendations from friends and family, and then choose one that falls within your budget.