Ovens & Cooktops with Lock Out

Most new stoves include an oven lock feature that locks the oven door and disables the oven controls. Some new stoves, both gas and electric, have an optional feature, for an additional cost, which also locks the range top.

Built-in cooktops are also available with a lockout feature. For example, some gas models have a separate knob that turns the gas on and off that goes to the all the burner. Keep in mind:

  • Remove lock out knob when using this feature on a cooktop.
  • Individuals with dementia will respond differently when access to cooking is denied. Someone accustomed to cooking on a regular basis could become upset when he/she is denied access to an appliance.To ease the transition, make sure to have:
  • Other activities available that the person enjoys
  • Healthy snacks out on the counter
  • Alternative meal sources in place if the person lives alone or spends extended time by themselves